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    1. εμψυχωτής

      9:15 I almost had a seizure

    2. εμψυχωτής

      5:55 Upload it to oonsta-groom mm He knew what he was saying

    3. e t h e r e a l

      4:45 reminders for people that work at shelters: try to convince the shelter owner or boss not to try and get pets adopted on christmas eve. A lot of pets that are adopted on christmas eve get the risk of being returned, or worse, abandoned (even killed). Because a lot of people just adopt them on christmas eve to give as a gift to the child, and most children do not have the responsibility to take care of the pet, nor do the parents that decided to adopt a pet as a gift. Also if you know any parent that wants to adopt a pet as a "gift" for their children talk to them about how raising a pet needs a lot of responsibility and make sure they wouldn't just abandon it after some time. Please. There are enough animals that live in streets. They deserve a loving home, not to be treated as a toy for a kid. If you adopt a pet, please make it part of your family, not only a "pet".

    4. e t h e r e a l

      idk why timmy got an F for drawing balls on a tree. It isn't what the teacher meant BUT THOSE ARE STILL BALLS HE SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN AN F

    5. Conner Carter

      You never fail to make me laugh!


      13:55 Eminem be like

    7. Lil'Autistie

      Simba isn't sad that his dad is dead. He's sad that he wasn't the one to kill him.

    8. Jessica

      missed a chance to call it "ho ho hold up". Disappointed in you click...disappointed

    9. Walter Kovacs

      4:46 thats not holup, thats just sad 😔

    10. Oliver I guess

      This is a great relief after a horror show. I’ve gotten to the point where Clicky’s videos help me sleep. Everything is kinky. There’s no escape.

    11. Cloey Mosley

      you are not a real simmer unless you kill your sims. have fun!

    12. Ari Michael Schneider

      9:05 "inhales microphone"

    13. tommykazoo

      I Giorno Giovanna am not gay. The Click: I'm gonna change that.

    14. A1Fr3nzy

      Im just thinking that other planets used to be habitable by us humans billions of years ago and they made it inhabitable and they went to a new planet to restart but they made the same mistake over and over and over again and all the things we kearned were cover ups for the reality that we may end up moving to a new planet ( if we find a new one) since they all became inhabitable by us Thanks for attending my ted talk

    15. Some Gem

      Sub cribe

    16. king light

      happy meal toys have only gone down hill remember when you could be a plush stuffed animal as the toy now god only knows

    17. Silvery Blue

      10:21 Possibly will do this mistakes in the near future.. _Sigh.._ need to strengthen my memory.. smh..

    18. Hungry Bear

      Wait if it's all a lie does that mean that click I'd a cake

    19. Dulio

      I don't not have an IPhone can someone explain this? 6:37

    20. shac2010

      "I made a roomba that's shoots anything it bumps into" I imagine a guy getting shot in the leg by this roomba and gets shot in the head by this roomba

      1. shac2010

        It happen in 10:38

    21. Bentheherbert

      That Moon landing photo was clearly taken in Amerika. Es wunderbar!

    22. yo bye DIO

      4:09 dude best time for a dad joke like EXECUTING my plan

    23. Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn

      I'm messing w/ my pocket knife whilst watching this. No reason to tell you this, but yeah

    24. Elsie stuff

      Ho Ho HoLUp

    25. TheNoGamer 112

      9:04 T w I s T

    26. Pleb Plays

      I am an atheist and believe that religion is the cause of All Current Conflict in the world Islam israel(palestine) vs Jewish Israel, sunni vs shia, Hindus vs muslim(beef ) You see. Now Believe on the Word Of The universe that Religion is Overrated And useless

    27. Pleb Plays

      What's the D moustache

    28. Zarina Peña

      3:07 Once during the Pride in Madrid, Spain, a journalist interviewed an old man who had a sign glued into his forehead that said "GAY. OK.". The man started talking about that being gay was a good thing because overpopulation was a real problem and that gay people could help stopping the problem. The reporter said "Are you gay?". He said "no, I'm a demographer (a person that studies population movements and quantity)".

    29. Glarpol Blop

      5:55 I believe that’s from Amerika from Rammstein

    30. blue yoshi NL

      0:17 But you are looking at the camera, right? I'm scared.

    31. Tony M

      Thats a soothing voice ya got there

    32. SilverFlight01

      I just watched Oz Media's Holup vid. Honestly, twists are funny.

    33. good grief

      With all these dad jokes I'm beginning to wonder

    34. ꧁ L 0 0 N E Y꧂

      Wow. Im deaf, and what you said at the start of the video was very offensive. If you get it, you get it.

    35. Chill Timelord

      7:21 From the Sun Baby of course.

    36. SophieTheWeirdo

      turn on c a p t i o n s

    37. Emerald VI

      Now I'm motivated to become a boot legged click

    38. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ.ɪᴠʏ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs

      what if ur name was the snap instead of the click

    39. Call Me Trash

      0:17 seconds in I called the police because I don't fell safe around him. He said that I look dandy fine delicious and idk if he's going to eat me or is just trying to hit on a 10yo...

    40. Jorge Munoz

      3:43 the kid didn't received just an F they got an F+, the teacher must've thought it was funny enough to get a +

    41. Mr. Devil ???

      [Far away] hey

    42. Vortigan 73

      I'm your 900 comment

    43. Dylan Bundren

      Watching Click while having a low blood sugar is certainly an interesting experience.

    44. the OneZsquad

      I cried watching this

    45. Jojerames

      Unlike Mumbo Jumbo, your mustache is real.

    46. Technicality

      I feel like Ho Ho Holup would’ve been better but otherwise it was a great video!

    47. LadyOfThedas

      Me at the club: Did you know very wealthy ancient Romans would put earrings on fish to show off their wealth.

    48. spicy satan

      7:22 You know how fireflies have those glowing butts or whatever? It's like that, except it's not chemicals and/or bioluminescence, it's the souls of children combined with the unholy husk of the tellitubbie's physical form which brings never-ending anguish! While the souls are in a dormant, almost trance-like state, sometimes the child will awake from the eternal icy-hot flames of the tellitubbie, which causes them to scream in agony from the inhuman torment, which wakes up the other souls and causes an echo of suffering, and that's what causes the glow. The brighter the glow, the more souls reside within the tellitubbie. So, given the brightness, and the fact that these are elderly tellitubbies, I'd say that there's at the very least a couple thousand children crammed in them, especially the one that goes by the allias of "Po". Their mother tongue is no different than gibberish to us, but it's actually a language so complicated and indecipherable that no one except for those born within the circles of tellitubbies may even begin to understand the language. There have been proven cases of children of this race, and given all evidence that we know of, along with the bodily structure of tellitubbies, experts believe that tellitubbies reproduce either through some form of mitosis, or spreading spores that overtake hosts and feed until they gain the proper nutrients to be given life from a death. And, since there are different colored tellitubbies, some suggest that tellitubbies are all slightly different colors. Given that the average human can perceive approximately 255³ colors, which is only over 16.5 million, and the fact that tellitubbies have a struggle to survive given their very specific diet implies that there are only at most one million tellitubbies alive at one time. It is unknown what happens when a tellitubbie dies, and no mass graves or other remains have ever been recorded and/or found. But, of course, with the danger that surrounds the species and their homeland, proper testing, research and observation is very limited. So many secrets lie beneath these supposedly fluffy creatures, so we may never know the full truth.

    49. Numbskull888

      I’m just here for the Office quality jokes lmao

    50. FoxHound

      I actually laugh at his jokes

    51. Dona Maria Gemayel

      I Love you vode

    52. Crystal Austin

      The Teletubbies one was funny because Lala is a girl lol

    53. mohamed elsheikh

      7:57 I think this confirms the click knows what a vtuber is and that is very cursed.

    54. Max M

      Ahhh the wonderful blursed bliss that is The Click... Maybe don't make jokes about eating disorders tho ^^'

    55. Ryland Fowler

      I always forget that Click is Swedish, but then I hear his accent come through at times like 7:20 and it always makes me happy

    56. PugTime01

      "sub to channel then you get video from channel" HUgets disagrees

    57. Quirol, Julian

      9:02 i opened netflix on a different tab, and it took minutes to load so i opened youtube. then Click said "pornhub music" then it synched with the drum sounds.

    58. Ignorance Is Amiss

      i don't get the joke at 6:29 can someone pls explain????

    59. danilo kavanagh

      69 dislike.Nice.

    60. LessDoge Plays

      Click, I don’t think you’re ok. Go pick some flowers

    61. 保津 》sucrose ギ

      69 dislikes I-

    62. Anonymous 5

      Me waiting for the end of the video to get complements: :) me relizing it was directed towered me :,)

    63. Dinky Carne

      about the star saying it hurt to be on the christmas tree. But think of the angel, shes smiling with a tree up her skirt. XD

      1. Dinky Carne

        as i was watching this, there was 69 dislikes

    64. Chernila the Demon

      I just watched like 15 seconds of this and immedietly liked it cuz of the small 'hey'

    65. Just a Clown

      Click: * gasp* I want a happy meal! Me,a 13 year old female: Mom can I get a happy meal? Mom: No,you're not a child.

    66. Christy Arre

      Click, a youtuber I know wants to be in r/gachacringe so plz make their wish come true, their vid is called "Day 1 of trying to get onto r/gachalifecringe"

    67. Evan Kascinde

      Guy: T'imahr ramadan Ma'i: Truche mi'kah Ramadan kalina Guy: Iyek nadir kafal ba'inda hijul afazi safur

    68. Idk anymore

      11:21 wait but Nescafe is a coffee brand-

    69. RipperSpade-3 The Hunter

      I don’t get the point of those sword jokes

    70. SyborgCat

      The cat one made me cry cuz there’s people that actually do that, now im snuggeling my kitty cat

      1. Rr Bb

        Currently crying at that one.

    71. Adrian Sweitzer

      The fake taxi one is Rae lil black

    72. Aaron Sam

      The telly tubbies get their electricity from the childrens joy. Just kidding they are shrunk and put on treadmills to run and power the tvs from within till they die

    73. Cartooname 0w0

      "You get a PS5 and Little Timmy's in the package too!" Finally! Some toy to play with and a PS5 : D

    74. Izuku Midoriya

      The profile pic looks like a handsome teen But in reality he looks like those handsome evil guys from old videos :v

    75. Phantom Slayer

      Alternate title: Ho ho HOLY SHIT

    76. Ned Hunter

      2:41 My mom has a cast iron pan that looks exactly like that. It makes really good cornbread, but it's super crumbly.

    77. Cellezx Dev

      9:15 ASMR with The Click

    78. Grass Af

      this is the second video i see of this man and I've already subscribed. the good vibes he gives are amazing.

    79. HermitCrabGang H

      Shave the monster of a mustache or dont I cant control you but please try to shave

    80. Ziz The First

      9:20 You have awoken the ancient ones

    81. Radical-Playz

      Hey man sry but I disliked, this vid awesome but it is now closer to 69 dislikes. I had to do it

    82. Leodex

      That’s not even Trumps dog. He’s the first president in a century to it have one in the White House

    83. Samson Blands

      Hay man your fucking funny so i invite you again to join us thare is good things in here it's not all death and suffering i can get a woman or two or girl or two ;) isis is not all bad shave the mustache and grow the beard live life to the fullest And it's getting kind of depressing we could use a man with a sense of humor Ps. I am doing if for the money not the politics so technically i am a mercenary not a terrorist

    84. q u i n n

      i love mister clicky

    85. MonkeyMan 2077

      Did you do more wholesome memes I love those

    86. Wamuu the pole person

      The click looks like he invented the word "m'lady" with that moustache and beard

    87. Amandad

      Fun fact, people get pets during Christmas a lot without realizing they actually need to care for them which leads to a lot of pets either taken back to the shelter or they just drive a distance from there house and drop them off

      1. 7 1

        Yeah it's pretty sad fact

    88. Starlight Fox

      This hits home so hard 13:27

    89. Adaceia Figueira


    90. Lossie Helior

      Not fun fact: a surprising number of people either throw out, get rid of, or put their cats/dogs in the pound so they can get a kitten or puppy for christmas

    91. Izalemon

      I can’t tell if his mustache makes him look more classy or creepy

    92. Zkye

      What is that beard

    93. ElyriaxMoon

      You could make the title r/hohohol' up

    94. Lizzy Troy

      6:29 can someone please explain this joke to me? I've been staring at it for about 5 minutes and my empty potato brain can't figure it out

      1. Ignorance Is Amiss

        Okay so the blue message means the boyfriend has an iPhone meaning the boyfriend slept with his girlfriends ex boyfriend for the iPhone

      2. Rr Bb

        She's tipping it on an iphone.

      3. Ignorance Is Amiss

        same like wtf

    95. Canal Re-Morto VOLTEI EM OUTRA CONTA

      Ho Ho Holy Shit

    96. Bro what How

      Well, this take things to whole other levels

    97. Eric Liang

      Me: *uses auto translate to english* Subtitles: Fortuner you too like channel channel then you get rid of function and

    98. Vivi is Cool beans

      Santa:𝕝𝕒𝕦𝕘𝕙𝕤 𝕚𝕟 𝕤𝕝𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪

    99. Liam Anderson

      No cap he looks like mumbo jumbo's minecraft skin irl.