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    1. i swear i'm not a demon

      What everyone sees: r/bad ads What i see: r/ba dads

    2. Powell NiloJ

      Ngl i think I got clickbaited

    3. Kyle Finn

      7:28 I'm 99% sure that ad was made by The company that MAKES south park

    4. Itsaminicop 2007

      I have seen that among us ad a few times lmao

    5. Strawberry The Chimeeko

      on this video... I saw another among us bad thirst trap ad thingy

    6. The Real Dr. Clef

      At 12:21 I was watching this video in small-screen and I saw "Rope" as something MUCH different.

    7. Karsen Manning

      Ive seen the among us booty ad too many times ;-;

    8. sapphicjester

      1:48 that's just Killua tf

      1. Raisa Tanase

        I know right?

    9. Discord’s Apple

      I don’t think people know that there’s an always imposter option on the free play in AU.

    10. Gineger157

      "Train your brain," it would be more accurate to say "Age your brain."

    11. bohne bohne

      "Cha cha real smooth"

    12. IceCream Dragon

      I played game of sultans before. I can verify none of the ads relate to the gameplay. At all. Its literally like every empire game except you give gifts to ur sex slaves to please them to pump out somehow more royal and smarter babies. That you thwn proceed to marry off for some weird power points.

    13. An Idiot on Youtube

      i like downloading games with stupid ads to see if they are real gameplay. they never are but on that one game of sultans one, you can actually have a harem and make children

    14. Umbrie

      MY EYES!!!!!

    15. 2 ideots with a phone

      I downloaded game of sultans its a strategy game thats pretty fun but they ruined it with adds

    16. Gacha T0kyO

      Hi people

    17. Northside Cannibal

      my wife excessively plays game of sultans(tm)

    18. Lucia Soósová

      Im just staring at that shit with slight amusement. Click's face is conveniently here to save me

    19. axolotl95

      the cheezit onedoesnt belong on r/badads. it shold be on r/fellowkids lol

    20. Melodygacha Wolf

      It's fairymon you use fairy squares and try to catch as little as possible or else they will haunt you and murderer your family ^w^

    21. spheal man

      Mewtwo should not be a evolution from mew because Mewtwo is a mew clone

    22. Horror Towne

      *i love how you also say the person who posted the ads name, like its supposed to make it less cursed*

    23. Mr. BlackyFish

      Orang : people Baik : good Werewolf : Werewolf Pemain : player Malam : Night Dan : And Setiap : Everyday Atau : or Ok thats my transtale

    24. Horror Sans

      15:46 The woman to the very left (their right) looks like she vored somebody-

    25. CakeTheCat

      Badadds sounds like bad dads Which I have a bad dad- Like if you have a bad dad

    26. Kyli's Vantasy


    27. Dib Dab

      Why does the click look like YuB but with a mustache?

    28. Pika Chu

      clickbaity ads = Click bait

    29. Child


    30. Disp

      I saw that thumbnail as an actual ad before on youtube, it was showing some bootleg among us app/game

    31. Hiro Inuzuka

      I like how super gene is just killua

    32. army skuller

      7:36 that's the name of the episode? Lmao

    33. Jared K

      2:02 Isn’t that just Killua from HunterxHunter?

    34. Ned flanders

      I've seen the thumbnail ad so many times and I just don't get what they were trying to do

    35. Xyrüs

      1:44 that's Killua... from HunterxHunter... not no Super Gene, bruh.

    36. EleCaru

      i laughed so hard when he spelled "installa" like installala lmao

    37. Yeeteus The mighty

      I literally saw the ad from the thumbnail

    38. Matthew Scott

      There’s an ad that goes “I’m a kid so you’ll like this” like bitch you eat your boogers and piss your bed I highly doubt it

    39. Some Random Things !

      me: * looks at thubnail * also me: Ohhhhh, so that's what a random person meant when saying " Stop fucking with the emergency buttons " Based on 10 mins of my life lost to hackers and people who wont stop clicking the damn button.

    40. CloudiiMeltz

      6:26 I- I'm s-sowwy senpai I think they'd wike dat (I'm sorry, for I have sinned)

    41. Honey Dew


    42. Aurora Z Playz aka Jay

      super genes ad is with Killua from Hunter Hunter

      1. Chrollo Lucilfer

        Ikr, i knew i recognized our smol assasin boi XD

    43. ꧁just your avarege idiot꧂

      You're too fckn chaotic. _I love it_ .

    44. jch-06 Hixson

      I have downloaded ish like this

    45. Youcrafter XD.Trader

      Come because clickbait Stay because his voice

    46. Agáta Štefániková

      me: wating clicks vid- that one add with killua: hi Me: Kjbdshmvewkvfcwgth OMGGG

    47. Chica the chicken

      The thumbnail I got a pic of it and posted it on PicsArt (I ment that before this vid)

    48. * Angel Summer *

      1:47 am i the only one who noticed thats killua from hxh

    49. Doc Holiday

      omelette du framadge

    50. Avisa Cordelia

      The among us ad at 13:00 where it's a purple character with the purple character with 'Boba' on the sticky note is just a ripped Yogscast thumbnail. This actually upsets me, I really hate when people rip thumbnails and videos for ads Wonderful to see that HUgets protects creator's property

    51. Rose Wolfe

      as a person who had bought into the sultan of thrones or some crap, i can confirm the game isnt all its cracked up to be.

    52. Anime Weeb

      Yes. My cousin is wierd

    53. SaraAnne Koveski

      I've downloaded one of those game of sultan adds just too see if it was clickbait, and it was lmao

    54. Legosi

      5:04 to those who are not italian: installa means download

    55. GothicBunny 2005

      the one that shows the wolf and pregnant woman reminds me of the anime movie called wolf children

    56. Icestar MlpWcandD

      I usually try the bad games just because

    57. Omar Faz

      For the people who don't watch videos in spanish the among us one is actually the thumbnail of a video that is really funny

    58. Ellec B

      I downloaded one once and it had nothing to do with the ad lol

    59. Just another goth

      1:16 They stole that image from the youtuber Sujes.

    60. Addison Keigans

      Super gene- *THE GUY LOOKS LIKE KILLUA*

    61. Andy Andersson

      Gamekit is actualy real but you dont get that mutch so easely

    62. PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman

      oh, i saw the thumbnail before.

    63. Mighty Creator

      8:28 Orang sama dengan guy Orang is guy

    64. Mighty Creator

      8:14 Every night, he can make a real identity of the player, and the result is a "werewolf" or "good guy" I know this beacuse im indonesian

    65. Lunara 3923

      I’ve downloaded one of them before out of curiosity long story short they suck

    66. Mary-Jane

      I fuckin got that among us add The one in the thumbnail

    67. Liss Sig

      Pink kinda sus

    68. sans skeleton

      I play solo kill among us that was pretty good honestly the problem is just the ads that all

    69. Teal Rose

      What's a real name, though, Cliccy? The name a few hundred locals know you by, or the name the half a million subscribers call you?

    70. Haley Bowen

      1:43 isnt that killua O.o

    71. Berdan Sarıgöl

      Is it just me that I love "If you loVe this video subscroob channel because subscroob" bits of The Click?

    72. Killer Queen

      ( *has the click played mc* )

    73. WeeShmentalJo

      I know this is an old video but I saw a woman with a completely seethrough shirt and nothing else as an ad like 2 days ago

    74. Wafflest Waffle

      9:00 Yeah, uh, Among Us created the rainbow, so yeah

    75. Sophia Oc's

      He literally losing his last grip of sanity from these things-

    76. Lia Savola

      Bruh just before I watched this video, I saw the thumbnail ad. i then pressed "don't see ad again..." I wish I could press irrelevant, repetitive, and inappropriate....

    77. Dealous

      1:43 Killua is that you :0

    78. [GD] AngerSmiles

      That is not free robux. None of us think it is free robux. You tried. There is a way, but that will not use it.

    79. Carrot Louise

      Why would I stop the dad joke energy? Absolutely red socks with black sandals. Best dad energy.

    80. Coastal_ Breeze

      Hey the click, The language in the cartoon is korean.😑 At 14:07

    81. Coastal_ Breeze

      When the click says " bad ads"😫, it sounds like he's saying "bad ass" .😎

    82. A n n a G a c h a

      Super gene feels love vampire diaries

    83. Pixelz !

      1:44 is that killua

    84. Manny Padron

      Not ganno lie, I just receive 5 hours long ads about the Lego movie sequel on loop .... I've watched an hour and 36 minutes

    85. DR WEAST

      0+ means you have to be born to listen/watch the vid

    86. Kai Jpg

      at 14:05 the red ones are Mafia, Mafia game, and citizen the blue one is simply Among Us but phonetically written in Korean

    87. Muel 1989

      Pretty sure ‘orang’ just means ‘person’ or ‘man’ in Malay. Orang utan just means ‘jungle man’.

    88. BroomGaming

      the click:and what if i... Sabtoage the lights Me: *Somethings wrong here I can feel it*

    89. RoCaBa

      Your starting to look like the eggman from the movie sonic

    90. Willby15

      bruh he called the dude that made the minecraft ad a boomer he doesn't even know what naming something dinnerbone does ;w;

    91. Certified_Pinapple_Cookie

      it is crassmes time -the click

    92. Ball Cockfiend

      Are we just going to collectively ignore the fact that the ad at 1:41 stole fanart of Killua from HxH?

    93. Souratri Ahmed

      1:46 aint that killua-

    94. DirtangelOFFICIAL

      2:37 you can find the background on google images when you search "throne" really shows how much effort they put into this ad, unless they drew it, but i doubt that since the artstyle is really diffrent.

    95. Boba Tea

      Bro if the Click doesn’t do a play through of ddlc and voice all the characters I will shave off his mustache

    96. Just a Lame Weeb

      "Caesar And Joseph Look Hot"

      1. Narancia Orange boi

        I mean, Its not wrong 😳

    97. Ruby Bites

      There was a really good Pokémon 3D game on the AppStore that had to go by different names. It IS literally Pokémon but like a game made with actual love and care. I was a player years ago but lost track of them, don’t know if they changed apps again or not. Last time it was a an app that had a façade of a notebook or reminders kinda app. When they were about to change apps, they would always put it in the news section and constantly remind the player and giving them a direct link to the next dummy app or façade. Sounds really shady but was always worth it. (They obviously constantly changed apps because someone was about to take them out for copyright)

    98. micah


    99. yo bye DIO

      1:49 that's killua from hunterxhunter WTH

    100. Pokechaoz

      3:55 how did they know? Am I being watched, I’m home alone, at least I think I am...