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    In this video we dig into r/WowThanksImCured
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    1. cro 13

      Life to good? Subscribe to click!

    2. Creative Carrie

      7 cups of tea is actually a really good site/app. It's just that anyone can volunteer as a free mentor chat person. I was lucky and the worst volunteer I came across wanted help themself

    3. amy pieterse

      Please tell me the person posting about the glasses was kidding😑

    4. Kardinaalilintu

      Yeah.... it would be easier to try to tone down getting anxious and stressing about things if the things I stress about weren't things like; going to sleep, waking up, sleeping, leaving the house, taking care of myself, having a job, not having a job, sunlight, hot weather, getting anything at all started, hearing other people live their life in our apartmentbuilding..... I seriously want to die.

    5. Sweetness

      “People who where glasses should just see better“ wow I can see (ik that’s not the sentence but it somewhere along those lines)

    6. Mrs Shewolf

      what a lot of those people don't get is that while "just think positive" is the very basic and easy put idea of therapy, it just isn't that easy! It takes hard work to change the thinking pattern you practiced for your whole life. Learning to recognize your negative thoughts as soon as they occur and trying to change it into a positive or at least neutral thought is something you have to practice for the rest of your life. For that reason I personally actually like those cheesy signs that remind you to smile and be positive because it reminds me to think about the good things in my life. However I really despise this toxic positivity that a lot of people like to present those statements with.

    7. Lore Story

      6:03 same vibes from my post teacher stress disorder when they thought they could cure my illness where sounds physically hurt me by encouraging the bullies. my mom noticed how bad it was but we didnt have enough money to sue and i still live with my mom

    8. Skyla Gaming

      You would be surprised as to how many people would want to 'swallow a horse'..

    9. •TeaMuffin•

      *y a a a*

    10. Q

      When your life is more fucked up than a click video

    11. Archer 007

      I've only experienced sleep paralysis once. I actually pulled a muscle in my neck trying to turn my head during the paralysis. Long story short, it didn't work.

    12. Davit David

      "Smile is the most effective medicine" The joker:

    13. Amellia Kober

      i gotta say something about this~ Suicide attempts dropping to 0%? if we take a dark turn here then that's because they're already dead and out of the equasion~ so yeah~ Think about it

    14. Emilio Mateo

      Well I didn't expect the title to be so.... Accurate

    15. Rverse Pegasister2013

      The thumbnail is sooooooooooooo america

    16. mirmirma 5

      Drake disapproves: Going on a walk will cheer you up! Drake approves: Do you want to go on a walk with me? Walking and human interaction can help people who are feeling down, but they aren’t cure-all’s. Putting in enough to help a friend will show how much they mean to you. Still not a cure-all but might restore some faith in humanity

    17. Stopper Frye

      No one is telling you to swallow the whole horse. The IMPORTANT dangling part is enough😉

    18. TheAnimeNewb YT

      But I wear I'm cured?

    19. Painfulldarksoul

      I think we should start using these people for lab tests. It's not like someone, who tells a depressed person to "just be happy", is smart enough to caunt as sapient. So it's still an animal test.

    20. a a

      "just grow a mustache" Women: guess I'll die

    21. silvesterkinnie

      That first one really caught me off guard considering i lost my glasses and can't use my eyes properly

    22. Ainjyl Wyings

      I'm going through a rough moment so listening it this cheers me up.

    23. Canadian WaffenWaffle

      me: being held hostage guy about to shoot me: "any last words???" me: hold on *eats 5 dates guy: times up boi *shots bullet bounces off

    24. Liliara Watson

      From the first post my answer to that is why don't people with as much as breathe it's not that hard I'm just going to assume he has asthma because he sounds like he's going insane from lack of oxygen so I'm just going to say he has asthma and nobody give him an inhaler because breathing isn't that hard

    25. Hiyoko_Drawings

      @ all the people who tell us to go for a walk or whatever: where on earth do you get the motivation and reasons to get out of bed, say get dressed from?! /hj

    26. Documenter haha

      i was wondering what the subreddit was and then i read the description

    27. Sakaki

      My smiles are a reflex to the point I smile and laugh in any situation.

    28. Annabel Tydd

      The bus analogy is really not valid in more ways than one. 1. You can’t just look over to the other side and be happy again and 2. You may not get a good view for a part of the trip but eventually you will get to see a great view again. You can choose to get help to get to the other side of the bus or you can stay put and wait for another view, although that view may not be what you were looking for keep in mind that I’m not a therapist, this is just my point of view and understanding of the broken analogy. Feel free to add on any points or criticism.

    29. Andy Smith

      Ah yes. I just told myself my eyes worked and the migraines went away.

    30. Natalie

      I try avoiding temptations but my papa was a rolling stone

    31. Noriaki Kakyoin

      With these types of people I would absolutely make some delicious Humanade™

    32. ThatGuy2523

      Won't say it cured it, but it did help... thanks

    33. TON 618

      I have the exact fortune cookie thing with the "the best way to overcome temptation is to avoid the tempting situation" lol, and I have it taped on a shelf over my desk. This quote may be the only thing from this sub that I don't find ridiculous. Actually this way of thinking has improved some aspects in my life. Big example is food. There are things that if I start eating, I can't stop until I finish the whole thing, like junk food, soda, or many carb-heavy things. I can't just drink a glass of coke, I have to down the whole bottle. So (my take on this) because most of those things are carb-heavy, I did keto for about 3 years, until recently. That automatically cut out all coke, pasta, doritos, etc etc, and I lost weight and got healthier. Now that I've stopped keto (for mostly economic reasons), this mindset has stuck with me and while I still have trouble stopping, I have at least learned the self control to avoid most unhealthy stuff and I haven't gone back to my previous eating habits. Also the "diets don't work because when you stop you'll gain all the weight back" thing is pure BS. I've been off keto for more than a year and my weight fluctuates only by 2 or 3 pounds over or under baseline weight. In my case it was keto but it can be any diet. The point is to learn better eating habits. So yeah this turned out very long. So basically I just completely avoid soda, junk food and other stuff now and it was a great decision. And please spare me the "everything in moderation" bs. I can't do it.

    34. e t h e r e a l

      Look, idk how to help people, but telling them I've had it worse def won't help them, specially because people feel things differently, so even if you think you had it worse, it doesn't matter, it still hurts them It's like saying "only people that went to war can have ptsd" Please do not compare people's suffering. And I know that a lot of depressed people actually compare their problems to other's and think "oh i actually do not have it bad why am i depressed? am i ungrateful?" and this makes them even more depressed, so please, do not do that to yourself, depression is a illness, not something that should be compared. I know that because i used to compare my problems with other people's and I felt like "gee i am an ungrateful piece of shit i really should die huh". No. You all deserve treatment and to get better, doesn't matter if you think you don't have it "bad enough" okay? take care

    35. Mr.Sharles

      I can see this video getting LOTS of views

    36. Spider Boi

      Click is like a drug, really bad for you but can’t stop using/watching

    37. Marching Flute

      The Click is the magical cure, every video of his that I watch makes me smile :)

    38. Mystiqal

      People talking about glasses being imaginary, and I can hear myself shouting in my head: “SUSAN MY EYES ARE BROKEN.”

    39. SandroKook

      All I could think about is my first therapist, who told me about my sociophobia "You need to be more open and stop thinking".... Guess who got a new therapist after that :D

    40. Child_of_Fear

      So, you could say when you face a problem from that Box, you do it one topic at the time? I'm sorry, ofcourse this is a serious topic but i just had to do it.

    41. KaiPon Visp

      I mean... Swimmimg underwater with a monkey riding on my back would makd me a lot happier.

    42. Johana Struve

      SPD is a Power Rangers season...

    43. Stressed Out

      I wear Glasses-

    44. LazyArtz

      18:20 Komaeda is that you?

    45. Konniptionz

      110 year old: " Don't die, fucking loser. " *dabs*

    46. Lavender Lime

      I enjoy the chaos that is The Click’s channel, but sometimes it’s really nice to see a video like this, and it’s nice to hear this topic of toxic positivity being talked about :)

    47. Kelly Bandia

      the picure in the back ....oop

    48. Ghillie M.G.

      A blonde californian telling me not to be S A D ? Nah But a digital recreation of a biblically accurate angel tellinge me " I forgive you" tho? Now THAT hit me

    49. Derpy Carrot Jones - ʖ̫ -

      Who else like just vented to themselves while watching this video 🖐️😃

    50. rada rada

      While I will agree that just straight-up medicating isn't an answer just therapy can also be something that doesn't work or doesn't work to the extent that it might for others while doing just therapy can help quite a bit there are certain baselines that a person sometimes can't reach without medical help so therapy and medication would be the best combination instead of just medication which can obviously lead to addiction as well as other very big problems, I'm speaking in terms of depression and anxiety specifically

    51. Universal Gaming

      If we're being completely honest people who are depressed really need more in their life it's not always that their life is so hard it's just some of the bigger things that they wish they could do. or they could seriously be having a crappy life and again need more so that they can enjoy their life. in my opinion I could be completely wrong

    52. may Hand

      1:10 he a what now?

    53. Blue Son of Man

      There is Lead and Aluminum in the Vaccines.

    54. Icarius Maximus

      Bro I hate peoples who use people like me with depression and anxiety. I’m not some style I have a mental illness. I’m tired of it making depression look like a joke. It not cool or kerk I’m tired of it’s so annoying

    55. Lucka Lucka

      I genuinely thought he said 4 dates no weekends 😂😂😂

    56. Astoria Ashton

      "Why don't people who wear glasses just use their eyes? Like, it's not that hard" Me Who Wears Glasses: blinks "Excuse me what-"

    57. Anon Ymous

      Dunning Kruger effect

    58. demon r slender

      bro i have adhd which basically means that my brain goes a mile a second and its the best thing ever sometimes if i go somewhere away from the thing pi**ing me off then i forgot everything after a little bit cuz my brain focuses on the thing that im thinking of and only that only problem is 1 can't remember sh** that someone said 2 can't remember what I was thinking of if im in school and the teachers saying something 3 can't ever remember what had happened so it's hard to tell the doctor what im feeling or what had happened with in a span of 2 months

    59. Mika is epic

      I use 7cups and it in fact kinda sucks-

    60. David Durrett

      Welcome to 7 Cups for free emotional support: well, you get what you pay for. (at 3:11)

    61. RoseDoodles

      As. a person who lives near Shreveport why havent I heard of this before

    62. Sha

      "5 almonds a day" : 6 almonds showing, "4 dates" : 5 dates showing. WHYYYYYYYYY ;_;

    63. probably a god complex

      This all being said, practice safe coping mechanisms y'all!

    64. Cute Proxy Tobylover

      The Click: *a literal walking shitpost generator* also The Click: *has a better understanding of mental illness than anyone else in my life, save for my ACTUAL PSYCHIATRIST.*

    65. Death •

      5:56 they probably heard something about the psychology test where people were told that they were going to drink alcohol and then were only given water. Their mind immediately thought it was alcohol and started acting drunk after a few glasses. Then they were told that it had been just water they snapped out of it and felt perfectly fine. Then they used the information wrong.

    66. FabledGalaxies


    67. Alien in disguise

      7:50 doesn't work, I've walked longer times than 10 Minutes and Guess what!? Still depressed!!!

    68. TheRoland19111

      Adhd denialism= anivaxx. I hate people who deny adhd

    69. Josiah Robertson

      I extremely hate this video because it reminds of the idiots we have on this planet

    70. The Gateway Productions

      Huge thanks for this video! Depression is devastating but we can crush it!

    71. A beautiful just wonderful mango

      i am bready to die

    72. KatsBlob

      let the anti-vaxxers do what the want they will die off quickly

    73. castiel_the_smol_nugget boop

      Okay but actually, even fake smiling releases serotonin, and add someone who has mental health issues, doing this has helped a lot when I need a quick pick-me-up

    74. Lunaris Asier

      I love everyone's like: look at all this stuff you have! While you may have a lot of people in your life that's DEAD...

    75. Daksh Doshi

      8:20 I agree taking a walk might lessen stress from your problems but... "Oh your dog died, your childhood best friend died and your wife just had a miscarriage? Just take a walk you'll be laughing when you get back."

    76. turublade

      I want to see him in a green arrow costume

    77. bad at gaming

      Eating 4 dates makes you Demigod. But what of you eat 40 a day?

    78. Max KELAHER

      Yes “extrovert” totally

    79. Yaroslav Divin

      5.54, thats some real Ork logic.

    80. Abigail Mashburn

      And here we see the rare wholesome Click 👀 👀

    81. gusterele paco

      7:50 spoiler warning:dosent work

    82. Lauren Lowe

      I know this is supposed to be a funny video, but I started crying half way though

    83. Sarp Güldağ

      you just become Sheer Heart Attack if you eat 4 dates


      The only depression cure is clicks jammin outro... Then again its sad that the click video is over so nvm

    85. omega


    86. The Slayer

      12:07 not everyone can help a mentally ill person althought sometimes its just lazyness

    87. Jynxedlove

      Okay the last one is a Buddhist joke.

    88. Jynxedlove

      My service dog is missing. Neighbor says he's probably dead. Me: I NEED CLICK SO I DON'T CLI-CLICK BANG THIS MAN.

    89. Ghostlie Kittie

      Me: *Crying and hyperventilating on the floor* Dad: "Just don't be stressed" :)))))) This actually happened

    90. Ahmed Essam

      you just need to man up and think positive lol !!!! [insert quirky emoji] [insert quirky emoji]

    91. Xx_Ember Flames_xX

      does saying things like "it will get better" come off as insensitive sometimes? this video just made me wonder if i accidentally do things like this--

      1. Shadow_bright_shine

        Depends on the situation. The key is, make sure you understand the best you can the other persons situation, assure them you do care, say something in your words to help you process. Then you can add in the encouragement. Most people want to be understood, then comforted, and if you skip over everything and hit them with "tomorrow is a new day" then yes it can come off insensitive.

    92. Ocean Man

      Me: has ADHD and can’t focus on class Teacher: JuST FoCuS iN CLaSs ItS NoT ThAt HaRD

    93. Delilah Porter

      This subreddit is like someone walking in front of a murder putting their hand out and saying “Stop”

    94. Laurens Van den Broeck

      5 almonds will indeed make sure i won't have cancer because i'd be dead. I'm allergic

    95. enbyunus

      Why does click give out better mental advice than I could get from a therapist, from school or from my actual mother who has gone through the same things I'm going through? I've felt really numb lately and I believe that I'm faking it, and I'm stressed too but I never look at what I have that's good. My (somewhat) artistic talent, my fiances, my pets, I've never seen it before. It's a good strategy. Thanks click.

    96. enbyunus

      Me: hasn't experienced any of this before Also me: feeling very numb atm Also me: going to see my very extroverted grandma next week Me: preperation 100

    97. een persoon

      9:20 that's why i read mein kamf.

      1. turublade

        I Kanda want to make a nazi joke here

    98. Dream Wolf

      I actually just got back from a late shift (i am an NP) where one of the patients that came into the ER (i dont usually work there, but was called down) was a 14 year old girl, who had attempted suicide. I got down there, and her mother was screaming at her for being 'retarded' and a 'disgrace to god'. Kicker is, the mother is a frequently flier to our suicide watch room. After a lot of pushing, her reason for her obvious double standard was 'shes 14, what reason does she have to be that depressed. It was only a F*cking dog.' and thats how i discovered that the reason this girl tried to end her life, was because her puppy died from distemper, because her mother said vaccines dont work. Child is currently in care of our mental health worker, and the appropriate authorities have been contacted. I stayed almost 5 hours late from my 12 hour shift, only making one short trip home to get my certified therapy dog (10 year old GSD) and my 1 year old psychiatric service dog who is still in training. I feel for the kid, losing a dog, when your mental state is already jacked up from a crackpot antivaxx karen of a mom, sucks.

    99. James Armstrong IV

      They have the cheat go out sped thousands on travel and vacation going all around the world. Then just die so you have no debt!

    100. Darkest Lune

      If someone says these things to you, just be a sarcastic dillweed. "Wow, really??? I never would've guessed! You have single handedly changed the entire course of history by sharing your insightful wisdom. Thank you. Now I shall spread this knowledge in your name!"