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    1. FuzyCatFries

      I love seeing Night In The Woods memes

    2. the space fox

      The click: I’m not a furry Also the click: I shall break at thee

    3. Asarie_ playz

      I like furries but not all are furries disturbing.

    4. dark beast

      9:44 pfp from comic 609

    5. pharris morgan


    6. Ambrosia Thorn

      Mushtasio Warrior click

    7. FireEmboar

      No one: The Click: hippity hoppity gunna lick your property

    8. tiny salty pebble chan uwu

      click you should've said 'owone cup' uwu


      Come for the cursed memes, stay for the wholesome moments.

    10. LeoXholic

      15:37 that's uhhhhh.... That's actually a title

    11. Mac the GreenFox

      Im scared, cause how Click knew im fluffy (furry).

    12. Zenno Shugunou

      The Click: When I was a kid, I gave Santa a present. I was a very wholesome kid. What happened?!

    13. B R U H M O M E N T

      Jesus fucking christ click calm down

    14. platapusdemon


    15. Ferrari Arts

      I always have wanted to he Gordon freeman and be a furry at the same time on 15:06

    16. Stefan vulevic

      8:00 i can think of 4 great reasons 😏😏😏

    17. multi.

      10:28 Is it just me or is that Ravenpaw amd Barley from Warrior Cats-?

    18. The light of the forest

      When he said: "You little fluffy rascal" I was holding my ori plush to the camera cause i can (And ori is floofy) Can... Can he see through my camera-

    19. Alexis Lloyd Alinan

      Participating in beat a furry day but also having to participate in hug a furry day Ive won but at what cost

    20. Alexis Lloyd Alinan

      Our Father, who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done, As it is in heaven on earth Give us today our daily bread And forgive us our debts -the carolean's prayer english version by Sabaton Edit: i couldn't copy the swedish version

    21. Amelia the Ninetales

      I’ve never met another person of the same species...

    22. Chuckwalla / Coyo

      positive energy, if you will

    23. Dounut Clan Tm

      I dont care what gender you are Raymond, GET IN THE MAID OUTFIT.

    24. EvanStarGames

      if i had a fursona it would be FNaF's trash rabbit

    25. Kupono Bueltmann

      11:44 nergi when i pull-up with my crit draw iai slash build

    26. the fuzzy dragon OwO

      the click:i see youthe you furry rascal me:how did you know.

    27. Brady Starosta

      When is World War 3 going to happen? Feel like I'm already being tortured by Russian KGB operatives for working for the Bundewehr.

    28. Jaded SilverLining

      15:53 Why does that make me think of SAO and also why does that reply sound familiar??

    29. the wolf studio

      11:21 that'd be a hard mood if I was a father. lol

    30. DeMHAsimp

      There is no escaping the boops.

    31. TigerRod

      1:11 should name it Jawbone.

    32. KidKaster KK

      I hope in like a century that Furryism isn't a religion

    33. Camden Alvarez

      Hippity hoppity plz don’t lick my property

      1. franky boy


    34. Kamike Serpantail

      I didn't know if this was going to be stupid or hilarious. And now I know it's hilarious.

    35. Tobin Finkenstein

      He called me fluffy! UwU

    36. SaberStreamXXX Entertainment

      Hey guys, feel like torturing yourself today? Well this channel can help you with that!

    37. Jason Curtis

      11:42 spikey boi is back and nobody can stop him

    38. Mini marshmallow 45

      4:17 nice

    39. Lunaris Asier

      Click: Take care of yourself! Me: Watching this at 2am after drinking coffee...

    40. PinHead Larry

      I wish he stayed how he was in the begining of 2020

    41. truck boi


    42. PawskiePanzerFox

      Furry cuteness exceeding safety levels at 5:35

    43. Mags Playz

      I think I’m the only furry here 😹

      1. Mags Playz

        @PawskiePanzerFox hi I am obsessed with cats in maid dresses TvT

      2. PawskiePanzerFox

        I didn't think so, Hi I'm Pawsky Fox.

    44. Zuri Faber-smith

      *cute creature exists* The click:IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BEEAAAAAANSSSS

    45. Smol Pikachu


    46. the random show

      You kinda look like Freddie Mercury x Adolph Hitler lul

      1. franky boy

        In an alternate universe where hitler is bisexual and is not rejected from art school:

    47. Skelebone Inquisition

      Im not a furry, Im just Sniper Hampster

      1. Skelebone Inquisition

        @franky boy yes

      2. franky boy

        But are you a hampster sniper?

    48. SernoxSergal


    49. Daniel

      is no one gonna talk about the thumbnail? :/

    50. Xaptus_4 Living Mice∞

      𝐻𝒾𝓅𝓅𝑒𝓉𝓎 𝒽𝑜𝓅𝓅𝑒𝓉𝓎, 𝑔𝑜𝓃𝓃𝒶 𝓁𝒾𝒸𝓀 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓅𝑒𝓇𝓉𝓎.

    51. Reap Bound

      Me: the only person how wants to yiff is the click The fbi: ....what

    52. animegirl .W.

      this video: **exists** click: WHOLESOME MOMENT!!!

    53. Mr Cum Cum

      I will fist fight anyone who says he isn’t the doctor from the Simpsons 😂

    54. Wolfskrieger Jäger der Verdammten

      I swear man...no matter how hard and how bad my life gets, you always make my day, even after I watch the same episode. And I'm sure others feel the same.

    55. kirbo

      This being in my recommended scares me

    56. Benjamin Lasses

      Nice cup...

    57. Fundação SCP

      why did i click this it gonna be in my recommended

    58. FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

      Also, I want a land shark

    59. FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

      Hippity hoppity, where the f**k is my property?

    60. Rory The G4mer


    61. That one guy

      With how nice furries can be, and more accepting they usually are....I might wanna date a furry just because

    62. German gunga the caveman

      Me seeing more nitw content on these videos “Its all coming together”

    63. Hrbi

      i dont watch your videos for like half a year and you fully embrace furrys

    64. RB the dumbass I suppose.

      so i watched this video then i realised one of my discord servers got raided while i was asleep. FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

    65. Lennon Carpentier

      Death is an illusion, and so are pants

    66. CakeTheCat

      Click: I see you there you fluffy basterd Me: *Scraches head with paw*

    67. Daviddaviddaviddav

      Please don't lick my property

    68. Andrew The skeleton

      Clicks hair is literally me in the morning

    69. Annie M. Aviso

      [Screams in agony]

    70. Lizzy QwQ

      This has nothing to do with the video besides the 2 times he has shown up in the video but GREGGOOOORRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY-

    71. BlueberryDragon13

      Can someone answer me a question... why are furries never cats? I've only seen canine furries so far.

      1. frogwizzard

        i honestly don't know, not a furry myself so i have no idea maybe you can try and deep dive to find them although i don't think that'd be a great thing to do

    72. Alduin Hearth

      Furries keep everyone in check by being the worse example to be compared to. 😆

    73. Gamer Guy69

      It’s a matter of years

    74. TheNeonWolves TheFirst

      am i the only one who watches this for the furry memes while being a furry

    75. balidodi 2000

      12:42 Jokes on you I'm already a furry.

    76. Panyema

      should probably raise that crop at bit higher there buddy 7:38

    77. The Missing Fragment

      Hug a furry day is on my birthday.

    78. King Shirt

      My older sis wouldn't let me come to pride with her last year bc she said there might be shirtless women... Well now its corona virus and I'm bi and a demi boy so I would've been pretty gay either way ;w;

    79. Sophia Frenaij

      Things I like: Watching HUgets all bay, being productive, getting things done, playing Minecraft on my laptop Things I don't like: Watching HUgets all day, playing Minecraft on my laptop with 5 fps, working to get things done Things I do: Watching HUgets all day, sometimes play video games on my phone with 20 fps, being annoyed bc I didn't finish anything today, being angry about having to finish stuff Anybody have suggestions for what I could do?

    80. Kayla SNEEK

      Hug a furry day is the day I was born

    81. Markus Scheidt

      This video has 2222 comments! Remove one 2 and then multiply it by 3. 666 Click = Satan confirmed?!?

    82. Nala the Lolf


    83. Hiroshi YitamA

      We need a vid where click reads a story about a forest, I’d sleep to that beautiful voice if I could

    84. grown up dora


    85. kiwi the tuber


    86. Lillian Atkins

      My son gives Santa presents when we do Santa Photos. I did it as a kid too haha 😂

    87. athenacool102

      I think I want to become a furry cause I already read something x neko/wolf reader on wattpad.

    88. Itachi Uchiha

      The cost to watch a this video is 200 brain cells

    89. Itachi Uchiha

      I have lost my hope in the human race

    90. Itachi Uchiha

      Why did I click on this video

    91. David ZJ D'Alelio

      1) please ask consent before dousing in spaghetti. 2) lol, gen z wasn't anywhere NEAR the first of us. It all started in the year 1980 at a sci-fi convention called LosCon. A couple of guys realized they weren't alone in their fandom of humanoid animals, and it was to be the spark of the furry fandom being BORN.

      1. David ZJ D'Alelio

        Side note: watch "the Fandom" by Ash Coyote.

    92. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

      Being familiar enough with Protogen to get the USB joke - that's a furry.

      1. Another random furry

        @Medrash my theory is that The Click has an alternate personality that is a furry.

      2. Medrash

        Or he’s done too much of this shit

    93. Girly Skullz

      Gotta love when papa click comes out to be wholesome about taking care of yourself lol. I know personally a "me day" is just baking all day.

    94. Sen Beth

      The best part about the click is that he includes everyone.

      1. Kenji Fox

        Yes he does

    95. UnknownError

      Click... What did you do to me

    96. Gadget Gabe

      What is the game that the black cat is in?

    97. pupgaming

      I have actually plugged in a thing onto a computer first try