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    1. Lotte Trijssenaar

      hold lt is? i never knew even tho i live in the netherlands qwq

    2. Zach Matthews

      I showed my boyfriend this video I'm single now thanks Click 😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

    3. Tea Talk

      Click be lookin like the villain from lazy town

    4. The Plaguebringer

      4:55 "What do those ones do?" "Those are daisies, I find them cheerful"

    5. evel does gacha

      Tf2 fans sees golden van Me: Australiam gold van unlocked by kidnapping enough robot kids

    6. Creative Carrie

      Man, you really should have said Tyranasaurus-wrecked

    7. Jasmine Quayle

      I dont see why they mention nightshade like cool I go to my local forest and find enough to kill a blue whale.

    8. DefaultFlame

      There is also a poison garden at Blarney Castle in Ireland. I was there on vacation a few years ago. They've got cannabis inside a metal dome with bars as thick as a grown man's finger. Things that will kill you if ingested have nothing preventing you from getting close. Poison ivy only has a sign telling you not to touch it. And yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone. Good thing corona wasn't a thing back then. Edit: "Dove chocolate tastes way better than their soap." Not really related, but this reminds me of the one time I bought a Hershey bar. It was expensive because I live in Sweden and it had to cross the Atlantic to get here. It tasted a bit worse than ICA's (a swedish supermarket chain) budget version of their store brand milk chocolate. To reiterate, they have a store brand and an even cheaper, budget version of their store brand made with even cheaper, lower quality ingredients, and "The Great American Chocolate Bar" tastes like a budget version of the budget version of the store brand. I pity people who think that this cheap, chalk-tasting crap is how chocolate should taste. If you can get it in the US, try Marabou milk chocolate. IKEA probably sells it.

    9. HL2 Zombie Westendorf

      Jokes on u, I'm laying down!👁👅👁

    10. Coldfusionstorm Gaming

      "i turned out okay" -The least trustable person you will ever meet.

    11. Emily Campion

      Psst, disclaimer. Don't eat Easter eggs while watching The Click my chocolate is now cursed 🥰

    12. Tazerlizard Bananas

      I will save clicky cat

    13. Asher Dodd

      0:57 baba BA Da Da da da dadada (MEGALOVANIA)

    14. PNMS 24.06

      That Master Roshi voice 🔥

    15. Patrik Bezdek

      0:53 listens to darude sandstorm


      i live in the netherlands and i did not know that 5:23

    17. Mike Baas

      5:25 ADHD is a disability right? guess its to to see some hookers

    18. lilman Alford

      Him: but I turned out okay. Everyone: Are you sure about that 5:11

    19. Moon Song/Phantom Eater/Urim

      tyrannosaurus rex? more like tyrannosaurus rekt

    20. Rebeka Flowers

      Damn I hope they didn't actually sell Stevens weelchair, it belongs in a museum dedicated to science and learning.

    21. Ashmander

      On double speed the click sounds like seth mac farlane. In my opinion.

    22. Draino124 Gaming

      More like “Tyrannosaurus Get Wrecked


      2:00 instead of saying coke, the second cup says c*ck

    24. •Fiinnhammie•

      YaaaaaY psst...disclaimer..

    25. may Hand

      So click if your a cat furry.. and cats chase foxes.. Should I run?

    26. James Legault

      6:12 I’m putting a lot of effort

    27. shac2010

      did anyone laught at 10:37 - 10:42 to me its funny

    28. Guy Cat

      4:55 the garden is in alnwick and it is a great place

    29. ᅌωᅌCassidyDemomᅌωᅌ

      Psst....He is a furry...shhhhh

    30. Andreas Smed

      Tyrannosaurus REKT!

    31. Jacksin Heart

      I'm actually from the Netherlands

    32. Lucky Cat_4

      For whole second that there was an entire bed in that closet because of those pillows at 3:53.

    33. Fuhhybanana Playz

      2:06 one of the glasses says cock and yes I get the joke ha...ha

    34. SociopathSora

      Click: 50 ccs of ccc Me: clicks cursed cabana wait i thought this r/holup Click: clicks cozy corner

    35. Nik Furlan

      10:22 Speedrunners be like.

    36. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ.ɪᴠʏ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs

      what if ur name was the snap instead of the click

    37. Skye Vaughn

      At 8:06 just like the Randolph the raindeer creepypasta.

    38. Itz_alex_weirdo

      Did you know netherlands meens down lands

    39. avocado chips mccosco

      2:31 well it was meant to be quick meant to have offspring and not meant for pleasure but humans gota be that way

    40. Anele Gumede

      The word u were looking for was tyranasuares wrecked

    41. Edgar Cisneros

      Santa:hoe hoe hoe Me:did santa call me a hoe

    42. Am Fish

      1:42 Couldda said tyrannosaurus rect

    43. AlexVA

      No, control yourself Don’t make the joke W-Waluigi

    44. Evangeline Athanasia

      0:24 *SNIFF*

    45. Mr. Houdini

      funny thing is that after 2020, surviving the year is an accomplishment

    46. Otako

      8:06 my ELA teacher showed this in class and fucking *laughed* at it.

    47. 505 Booker 2049384

      I'm pretty sure we're some how related

    48. Ice Vanilla Flavor

      I enjoy seeing the mustache

    49. Delilah Valentine

      📃🖋 don't mind me im guess righting you and your fans in hell :D see you there :D

    50. JoJo reference Finder

      Life is like a box of chocolates you never know who took one without you knowing And you probably never will

    51. Consumed Bike

      5:30 fun fact, that isn't true!

    52. RUSSIAN F R O G G I E

      Forget the gifts i'll just jump in the gardan!

    53. Tjorgen 500

      In order to be a serial killer you must kill 3 people in one month BUT WHO COUNTS ?!?

    54. rhyon linger

      Lol, look what the millenial brought in

    55. Dr. Doggo

      Fortunately I can not pat myself on the back for not being a serial killer.

    56. Feb Fist

      OT: the crimson chin Click: The nega-chin

    57. Alexander Mac Duff

      Dad jokes are really good

    58. oaky505

      ``thats pretty bacon`` ha damn right ha

    59. pmchad

      my momma said "life's like a box of shit, you always gonna get shit"

    60. Sjarley

      Q: What happens when the click takes drugs? A: He becomes the auto-clicker!

    61. rmt3589

      You're the furry I've watched the most this week! Be happy, it won't last long.

    62. WeebGod Gaming

      3:30 lowkey sounds like master roshi

    63. No

      He missed an opportunity to say "Terranosaurus Rekt"

    64. Shadow Tails


    65. Ronon Lee


    66. The Uncunning Fox


    67. Pastel Edits

      try to say dutch name places *i dare you*

    68. canada ball memes and trains

      5:54 they had us in the first half not gonna lie

    69. Moonstone

      "I'm literally [...] in the closet" ... Clicky ?


      Him: T-rex more like deadrex Me: T-Rex? More like T-REKT! Everyone: OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    71. tume gerely

      He should have said tyrannosaurus rekt

    72. Akiva Rotenberg

      1:45 T Rekt you dummkopf

    73. a-person

      me, watching this: *interested and disappointed sip from cup of cyanide*

    74. Tommy Host

      Dude. You should've said Tyrannosaurus Rekt.

    75. the eaten bread

      The thumbnail XD

    76. Glitchtrap '

      Tyrannosaurus rex more like tyrannosaurus rekt

    77. JackP1C

      Should've gone Tyrannosaurus Recked

    78. Lizzybeth

      1:59 anyone else notice that the cup says c*ck instead of coke on it?

    79. Guest

      He looks like a villain who allways has a top hat and a tuxedo and spins in his chair and says well well well with a cat on his lap

    80. Yviemation Studios

      I like your mostash Edit: I can’t spell

    81. Doggo Thesavior

      Tryannasouras REKT

    82. Roy Gamer

      Me: I have a bright future ahead of me! Also Me: *Watches this video* My doctor: You have 2 seconds to live, I'm sorry.

    83. David Thibodeaux

      If you punch yourself and you get hurt are you weak or strong?

    84. Bubblestarbunny The dorkiest semi-weeb


    85. o0Dread0o

      7:46 Sounds like Master Roshi from the dubbed version of dragonball xP

    86. Spitfire PR Mk XIX

      I dunno which one is worse losing your virginity to a wax model or the guy molding the thing onto the wax model

    87. Junta Momonari

      "Gift shop" in a garden full of poisenous plants... Makes it even more funny when you know that "gift" is the german word for "poison" (for "venom" and "toxin" as well btw)

    88. Lind Phoenix

      6:30 The Boss : this coffee taste like ejaculatte

    89. Saar van der Wal

      I live in the Netherlands and I’am .... LMOA

    90. Joseph Burkhart

      Come inside my car, I have candy! I don’t need candy to live! I also have oxygen! I don’t need oxygen to live! Wait wha- ( kidnapper gets killed) N O O N E W I L L S T O P M E

    91. YT Demon God

      So THATS Steven hawking

    92. Matthew Mayston

      2:13 they are from princess connect redive

    93. Cameron Rodzon

      10:45 meesta steal your girl

    94. Mila Toškov

      Click: "I tuned out ok!..." *looks straight into the camera* Me/all of his long-time subscribers: " Yeah, we know that look very well, its the look of pure despair. We would recognize it from 2.000.000 km away, we see it 10 times a day." PS. you make me so happy every time you post, because i know that i will have some time to laugh that day.

    95. ashley gerbert

      my head hurts.

    96. Deku Midorya


      1. Deku Midorya


    97. Rare Wubbox Gaming

      Click in beginning: YEAAA

    98. Wheat Wagon

      2:01 RIP random guy XXXX-2020

    99. Leland Smith

      i can FEEL that 1:58

    100. Akuma Orihara

      Hi Click :)