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    1. Wicked Amoeba

      That mustache....Click is slowly transforming into the guy in silent films who ties people to the train tracks.

      1. Kevin Paulson

        My 14 yr old brain knew exactly what Andy's girlfriend was as soon as I saw it

      2. VixieDoesRandomStuff

        You need to stop.

      3. Gabrial Sperka

        He's slowly transforming into Waluigi 😂😂

      4. Enigmastorm Mephisto Eoxdus

        I just hit the weird side of youtube agin but thanks for the jokes they were hallrouius so ethier way you get a subscription and a like

      5. My neck my back My crippling anxiety Attack

        Charlie Chaplin?? PFFT

    2. Cinterz

      Andy’s “girl friend” lowkey kinda bad tho 😳

    3. hello i exist

      4:14 as an american, I can agree that how we write dates is messed up

    4. Claircendre 999 XIX

      love your voice ... and mustache ^v^

    5. Metroplex

      15:25 shh, no witnesses **silenced gunshot**

    6. Metroplex

      14:15 anime, *is nice*

    7. Metroplex

      13:42 we are smelly tho

    8. Metroplex

      9:37 yes, futa

    9. Jaded Mist

      The thumbnail is at 14:04 I don't know about you but I didn't want to wait for 14 minutes to see the promised post.

    10. Alastair Comins

      Why do you sound like my English teacher

    11. Kokichi Ouma

      *evil ducks*

    12. VR duck

      Where is Jimmy?

    13. Michelle Davis

      for some reason i feel like you have an accent... but i can't decide what accent....

    14. 【twilight time】

      After he said "woo!" about the family dying, I got a commercial with a cat that sounded the same

    15. The dog loving Gamer

      Who made the andy’s girlfriend image?

    16. Not Applicable


    17. random gamer77

      After watching your videos I get recommended so much markiplier, is there something you aren't telling us?

    18. TheAngryTurtle 6288

      the harry potter clip... WTF is this?!?!?!!

    19. CloudCherry uwu

      8:24 I am scared...

    20. Lord Starscream

      0:06 I'm George

    21. Henry Rollins


      1. bitch


    22. Astera Nightshade

      The amount of homosexual tension in these videos is slowly breaking me

    23. Alfio Ferris

      14:15 i saw a sex doll that looks exactly like that while searching google

    24. Loona HellHound

      1:17 i dont rage after i lose AND i dont ragequit

    25. Loona HellHound

      If you dont wear socks. What do put over your ears? Your crocks thats what i can do

    26. Yest

      15:17 I believe it was explained in an episode when the girls get time traveled to the professor in the past and the professor got obsessed with seeing them again for "I want to thank them for saving me" reasons. Likely realizing too late that what he was doing was not a summoning ritual.

    27. Yest

      I have a theory for the reason why theres a difference between kids and adults in gaming norms. The norm of kids like games similar to COD because since they lack life experience and thus, only their evolutionary competitive instinct to occupy their minds makes a world of constant destructive conflict seem ideal. The norm of adults enjoy peaceful games, because the understanding of society, already being a massive conflict haven makes breaks and peace seem more ideal.

    28. Random Retards

      Jokes also are made on purpose

    29. CertiFRIED_Potato

      i actually have a cousin who is color blind and almost everyone asks "wHaT cOlOr Is ThIs."

    30. Aleksandra Laisk

      9:51 Yo that guy looks like a homeless slightly yonger Voldemort!

    31. Lebrokeanimatator

      6:44 When a homeless man looks better then you:

    32. cliche yt

      3:21 "be polite be efficient and have a plan to nut everyone you meet

    33. broo2450 broo2450

      my brother wants to know what hentai that was on the Alabama meme should i be scared?

    34. sharon belue

      Title: **exists** Me: that looks like an appropriate video

    35. Ben Morrison

      Aye, I'm a new here and damn that's one fine mustache 👌Please keep it👍

    36. frog

      what ya came here for 14:03

    37. Josh M

      Month wise, it's cause we usually say november 9th or along those lines, But 4th of July is a callback to our original English heritage. So because of our Dialect that's why we do month/day/year


      is this guy hunter from limenaid

    39. Aether Stultz

      8:55 capsule tech is here!

    40. Dillan Fourie

      I love dnd I'm a dragonborn paladin

    41. cyber the animatronic fox


    42. Nora BK

      (9:23) Ok

    43. Mike Litoris

      That Japanese homeless person looks like he got Isekai'd into the post apocalypse.

    44. SCP explained

      12:02 wh- what have you done to Rick?

    45. Hayden Robitaille

      New sub!

    46. Shit Dang

      7:52 no lives matter... *all brains splatter.*

    47. Sirotakusan

      This means flashlights Are alive

    48. daboy pogi

      I love his sexy and funny voice I love it

      1. daboy pogi

        And his mustache

      2. daboy pogi

        I love his jokes as well

    49. jon Chase

      That's a goose.... not a duck

    50. the Beast in darkness

      At the time of posting this comment the video has 69k likes

    51. Gentle

      TFW ik that model

    52. Infj-t guy

      Honestly as long as she doesn't get pregnant I dont see it as wrong

    53. Infj-t guy

      Oh my god, flattening the curve, my guy, that. Is. A. Beautiful. Idea!! If I was ritch I'd host that show with u

    54. Infj-t guy

      Yes, the thumbnail, yes, that's my gf no shame

    55. Crypts_ World

      I jus watvhed a horror short about a monster maaking duck sounds or a duck monster, plz I have this phobia now-

    56. Kadence Eley

      8:24 this part made me genuinely laugh 😂

    57. Boop Doop

      Clearly Andy’s gf is just something that makes him happy too

      1. GhostPlayz

        r/holup Lol That Comment Made My Day

    58. Doctor Professor Sai

      Yo, someone tell him that we only get like 4 days till shit hits the fan. The future timeline is WIILLLLLD!

    59. Nicolas Mendoula

      Sorry but ... what a handsome devil with the mustache. 🧐

    60. Mike G

      I just got this randomly suggested to me, but the fact that you actually, like, voice act this stuff instead of using a TTS voice, so instant subscribe from me.

    61. Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming

      Plot twist the pages are all sticky

    62. thora rubybelly

      wat comic is tha toy story? Andy fuk doll.

    63. AbysmalAce139

      7:45 butcher is the perfect icon for no lives matter.

    64. the random show

      Yus were lassos

    65. DocWolph

      "The warning shot is not supposed to go to the face, CARL!" "I don't know how to miss!"

    66. just a random guy with a mask


    67. Swin Dela

      Wtf ... was the Harry Potter thing... I have been highly disturbed

    68. Greg Jayonnaise

      I like to think that if sex toys were alive in the Toy Story Universe, they’d be really friendly but have a dirty sense of humor. After all,the regular toys act like what they were made to look like (Woody acts like a sheriff because he’s a cowboy, Buzz acted like a space ranger, and so on) so why would it be any different with adult toys? They’ve seen it all.

    69. Allison Griffin

      Nobody. Not a single person: The click: O Minus Blood

    70. The Spooky King

      I deeply love you too click

    71. Hayden Dodson

      Now the fish can have an efishcient relationship lol!

    72. Underd0g 562

      (Me who uses VPN) *laughs*

    73. Tyler BERTING

      this guys voice is great i really like it for some reason.

    74. MadHatterCiesus

      Me seeing The Click know facecam for the first time: DAMN that moustache is epic.

    75. MRMEMER

      I too cannot tell if cyan or white vented

    76. XxBeatSlapperXx

      0:15 dude I think he's trying to F

      1. XxBeatSlapperXx


    77. Dragontamer9021

      Quarantine has me acting up over that thumbnail

    78. EpicGamingBoi 820

      I now have Anatidaephobia

    79. Donny J.S Carmina

      6:03-6:10 Bro...who thought of this XD

    80. Kim Curgenven

      *You doing a nice intro* *Me who hasn't showered in like three months* : Wow thx-

    81. Lane Langlois

      At 1:24 the way he said reeeee maid me laugh too hard

    82. Sikkersoq Jensen

      I subscribed for your voice.

    83. Ash Bee

      I clicked for funnies and I found Doc Holiday's brother

    84. Ost Osten

      Btw thay kinda did that flat Earth thing lol

    85. MadManiac360

      What's sad is the colorblind wheel thing had the 2 blues right but the green portion of the pie chart had a yellow indicator in the graph key...

    86. Livi & raylan

      uwu dat mustache is amazing you look wonderful

    87. Suicide Mnk3y

      I don't think I smell nice right now, I'm on the shitter

    88. RuthlessASMR

      You are one very charismatic individual.

    89. blacksann01

      And thats how you get subscribers

    90. ESAnimations

      I don't get the camera one at 10:00 can someone explain?

    91. Rockfall 214

      Fun fact: 15:51 that actually happened once.

    92. FoLiPoNiC

      8:25 Name?

    93. Axolotl_Gaming !

      The first clip was my thought process

    94. N0rdlys_

      Remember when the word "naughty" was still innocent?

      1. Jessie Strenke


    95. Thomas Higgins

      PRO TIP: The click is even more cursed at 2x speed

    96. Squirrel Studios

      I think this is the alst video im gonna watch before i kill myself and my corpse rots away in a small room while no one care or notices

    97. Andrés Duarte Ortiz


    98. Michael


    99. Mister Milo Mix

      George no

    100. robin olsson

      clean your headset!