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      didn't think Jennie would be in r/holup but in reddit anything happens

    2. Shoto Todoroki

      I was 🅿💦 a ✝😼 girl in the 👑⌛ village doing 😉🏃 alright ❗ Then 🏿⏰ I 👁 became ✝😳 a 💯 princess 🏿💁 overnight 👏👏 Now 👌👌 I gotta 💥😭 figure out 🤷🏙 how 🅱🤷 to do 👌🔧 it right 🏿 So 😂 much 🙀 to learn 👨📚 and 💡🗣 see Up in 🐩 the 🖇👑 castle with my 👨 new 🎆 family 👧🤼 In 🛌 a school 👩📚 that's just for 🎅 royalty A whole enchanted world is waiting for 🏔 me I'm ⏮ so 💯 excited 👀 to ⏬ be 🐝 (Sofia the 👏 First) ☝🏻 I'm finding 🕵 out what 😦 being royal's all about (Sofia the 🚟 First) 😢😌 Making 🛠👆 my 😂 way 🅱 it's an adventure everyday 🏾 (Sofia) It's 💦😞 gonna ♂🔥 be my time 🕰 (Sofia) To 👏 show 📺🎤 them 🙊😂 all 👏 that 😐 I'm 👀💖 Sofia the 👌🍃 First!

    3. •Eric_DeRu •

      6:31 I don't get it-

    4. GeekyBastard

      11:06 "Men's best friend with benefits". That's a comic's name only a furry would mention.😏

    5. RetroWave Visuals

      Basically an omelet without the extra steps.

    6. Nanou Amey

      9:25 LMAO THE WAY I GASPED 💀

    7. DerpyHime

      2:31 Me: 'looks at three trucks of unsee juice' Me again: 'gets massive straw' *BIG SIP*

    8. usman nur

      AY! My name 13:12

    9. 4g3nt 0


    10. Bunny U-U

      The Click: Jennie Kim me: wha-

    11. Cliccy Kitty

      Nyaaah~ UwU OwO _Nuzzle Wuzzle_

    12. jolene hampton

      About the Santa one that would be a great way to tell your kids santa doesn't exist just tell them that Santa died and some how find a way to blame it on ur kid and tell them they would go to jail if they told anyone,they won't tell anyone santa doesn't exsits and you could stop giving them a bunch of presents

    13. M I L K S H A K E

      Theory: the click is a dog with less mustache than the average dog.

    14. Archamedies616

      3:17 i love how putin is having a fucking existential crisis

    15. YAAABoi

      3:42 i know some gay people that would charge straight people extra and 4:01 i know that one

    16. BlackPrince YT

      His humor sucks so bad... ha ha

    17. The Land Of The Freaks

      Lol you have hotten caught



    19. Syncringe


    20. Lea Heeseung


    21. Commander Black heart

      10:01 unborn children are kinda like the infection’s from the resident evil game’s, if you don’t get it removed you’re flesh’n bones will warp and grow more limbs and eyes and god knows what else

    22. Jaldabouth Azazel

      Do u know i take the click's intro "yeeeeeaaaayy" and loop it.......is it just me?

    23. Lucid AL


    24. Valentin Caballero

      Oh por dios! Quino aparecio en el minuto 9:30

    25. Chubbz

      3:53 whas du sos for de heentye. Exlaimed gandalf calmly

    26. Gaias Rebirth

      The power ranger one is so dumb... they skipped the pink and yellow ranger... and also the BLACK one... the white and green ranger is actually the same person...

    27. Jimin's little_ Army mochi

      The Click: i have a humor like a six year old Me: same buddy same your funny btw uwu

    28. Nora Iconiq

      What I learned from this video is create the problem then sell people the cure.

    29. Slimdwarf

      I'm going to hell

    30. Kim Seungmin

      9:25 :0 Jennie

    31. Andy Andersson

      5:48 that laugh gets the every time

    32. Kappa K

      3:52 sauce is JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai, or however you spell it

    33. Michelle Bickerstaff

      I would like to know if you have a P.O. box cuz either you do and I don't know or you don't and are probably no going to. I'm asking because if you did, you'd get a LOT of fan mail and we could express our love by sending it to you personally.

    34. Chan Wilcox

      The likes vs dislikes tho. :o

    35. Jax's Sin

      No offence but.. I would love if you did a video in Waluigi cosplay- The flawless mustache is very fitting for everyday and cosplay

    36. Jonathan Suitch

      How did I end up here again...

    37. Myth Mage

      10:27 I have a possible explaination for this: Step 1: get a random photo that looks like a bunch of people posing (it doesn't matter. The pixels are gonna be too small anyway) Step 2: pose for a picture with a book with that cover Step 3: Put the image from step 2 onto the cover and pose with in Step 4: Stonks

    38. Japhethy

      4:00 I literally just got done watching that hentai, what a coincidence lol

    39. Woerm 1699

      “you smell amazing” *i haven’t showered in 3 days because i’ve been crying and watching youtube in bed- all i’ve eaten is a bag of chips and all i’ve drinken were 5 orange soda mini cans-* *_i need help_*

    40. Christine Bouzas

      0:51 apparently Grndr has also banned him

    41. Dragonlord the king of dragons

      Click your mustache Is almost like Salvador Dali

    42. Atlas191

      Question: Why is Click?

    43. Jack Gibson

      You know the egg wasn’t them right? (Unless they’re talking about their kids)

    44. Call me Silver

      haha funny story Simba is Nala's brother being nala calls scar by his name and not dad and being that only one lion is allowed to have kids with the lionesses so that mean nala's dad is mufasa and simba and nala had a KID together at the end of the movie so uh-

    45. Kylee D

      When I seen the word crabs ME there parasites (for real)

    46. ItzKirbyGaming

      Soooo whats the video on the mcdonalds screen

    47. butt wipe


    48. makeup brushes

      Sir, I’m begging you to sing photo id. I need to prove a point.

    49. CloudAtlas


    50. narc_potato

      He more masculine than EVERY trump supporter. Especially The Mustache

    51. Archer 007

      10:13 "She's my emotional Support Human" 😀

    52. Foof Cat


    53. Foof Cat

      Get a pursuit for a video

    54. sans the god

      This is me I am sooooooooooooooooooo bad at maths 6:38 hey fun fact; did you know that maths Is a acronym the word math's stands for MENTAL ABUSE TOWARDS HUMANS

    55. Blue Son of Man

      America has yet to become a Empire, we are a Republic thats on it's last legs. Either America will be the fourth Rome or we will become Ancapistan

    56. Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug


    57. CatyWolf -Chan

      All the BLINKS when The Click talks about Kim Jennie: OMGOMGOMG WOOOOOOOOOOOO HE IS ONE OF USSSSSS!

    58. US Papyrus

      11:43 oh god NO

    59. Dagget Shaffer

      If I had twitter I would follow out of spite XD 💚

    60. Drishti Das

      He didn't notice Kim Jennie from BlackPink...

    61. whery killme

      11:38 246

    62. Pyro the Bonehead

      8;01 "In certain circles, it would be socially- Heh, Heh.... No" Almost died there

    63. Bill Cipher

      love how he ended it with himself

    64. warsha roy

      i always watch the click when im sleep deprived, in the middle of the night, with existensial crisis 😌😌 Seems like i fever dream 👌

    65. MattJohno2

      Oh my god you used the YEAEAAAAAAA twice

    66. Mikko Generation

      "my twitter is...not worth following" ha, same.

    67. HauntedDragonGaming

      I just noticed the picture of OneTopic and TheClick in the background

    68. Charlemagne

      6:37 Is it Mein Kampf ?

    69. Crims0n

      4:00 Sauce?

    70. Grayson McIlvaine

      nice stache

    71. Jeff Nell

      3:51 I’ve seen that hentai before.

    72. Exam Mole

      Click is the textbook definition of the straightest gay person and the gayest straight person separately and simultaneously. This is both relevant and irrelevant.

    73. Lonk :3

      "You smell nice" people on the toilet watching this have been complimented,

    74. the potato gamer

      click:would you do any thing diffrent Me: eat them both

    75. Mx Bice

      6:35 I'm German and this is way funnier to me than it should be

    76. Mx Bice

      Fun fact: Xi Jinping, the president of China, *HATES* being compared to Winnie The Pooh. It's a whole _thing_. So, you know, keep doing it. A lot. 6:00 There's more meat on longpig than on the puppy...

    77. Fox Love

      *Grabs scalpel*

    78. Fredrik Lønnkvist

      *Smells armpit* Eeh, don't know bout' that

    79. lxnce_mcclain

      In a sort of a way, you're kinda funny, and if I say "in a sort for away", take it as a compliment

    80. Gavin Downs

      looking like a discount Dr Eggman from the sonic movie

    81. FireFox_Gaming

      First time listening to clicks voice with over-ear headphones.. That voice jump scared me...loved it.

    82. Starsoullove

      who made that jennie edit i-

    83. Micheal Persicko

      @2:36 i can think of at least 10 different drugs that are not LSD that are shaped like that. It looks more like the base molecule for an opiate than LSD honestly since the top shelf doesn't connect to it's hydrogen bond at an angle its straight up and down. The shelves in this scene looks like an opiate not LSD god this person is dumb.

    84. Felix Argyros

      Pause at 10:38 and look at top right corner I think it’s adorable

    85. Baby_Trans_Angel


    86. BaconifiedOwO


    87. Lunar Games

      Yo why is the click looking like the pringles man?

    88. Ori The lightbringer

      That mustache looks great on you!

    89. FoxMarcello

      Your mustache game is en pointe tho

    90. PokeMinecraftGaming

      3:49 I'm disappointed in myself for knowing where that's from

    91. Nathaniel Foreman

      0:55 so he is just getting banned from everything

    92. gordan ram me

      4:00 SAUCE IS JK BITCH Your welcome

    93. April Amaryllis

      Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that that Jennie Kim looks like Kim Jennie from BlackPink-?

      1. April Amaryllis

        @HoseoksWaifu XDDD

      2. HoseoksWaifu

        I was looking for someone to point that out, pretty sure it's an edit with her xD

    94. Star the wolf

      I remember both of the vans.

    95. Michael Flores

      The click the click the click the click the click

    96. R Schoonackers

      9:25 JAIL!

    97. pinxkblack

      Who is here by of Jennie kim

    98. Ink Dotts

      Hey, hey, on a wholesome alterative, Goldilocks said mama Bear's bed is too soft, and Papa bears bed is too hard, so maybe they have separate beds 'cause mama bear has back problems. Meaning, their relationship is so strong they can stand sleeping on different beds and they've talked it out that mama bear has different needs

    99. Idk

      3:51 im gonna go to mcdonald's and get everyone there rickrolled