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    1. Andrew Findlay

      Born to late to explore the earth Born to early to explore the stars So let's just explore ourselves -The click 2021 THAT QUOTE IS SO WHOLESOME THAT JUST IMPROVED MY DAY AND ITS ALREADY MY BDAY AAAAA

    2. Davy Stain

      Wait so I'm legally allowed to commit arson

    3. TheGuySellingNoodles

      Now that, my friend is a real mans mustache

    4. the ultimate Shadowgun mercenary

      11:49 super cursed

    5. Memerboi69

      þ ( þ

    6. dark wolf36

      Bad dragon is a line of products for the naughties

    7. Sapphire The Husky

      A little FYI, the image at 1:29 is the album cover of the EP called “Unblessing the Purity”, made by a Swedish Death Metal band called Bloodbath. It’s a Jackal (demonic figure) baptizing a human baby in blood

    8. Маркос Вартович

      Lol i am Russian

    9. Dyusch The Prot Narrator

      5:52 Send this to someone without context and tell me how it goes lol

    10. wolfy rako

      i just noticed everyone in kung fu panda is a furry

    11. Galaxy Chan

      Video about furries. 10:32: Fundy appears Me: “seems about right”

    12. moon fire

      You have corrupted a poor innocent mind of a child LMAO HA YOU THOUGHT I WAS CORRUPTED BEFORE THIS HA

      1. franky boy

        The only thing thats a thought is you.

    13. ICE HUSKY237

      9:14 thank you I needed the huggy wuggies today UwU

    14. ꧁just your avarege idiot꧂

      "ending on gay Micheal Jackson" _oh okay_

    15. Chxracxtr

      " beep beep beep comerade " haunts my dreams.

    16. Abbie Morris

      I dare the click when he gets to 1 million subs to dress up as furry ON CAMERA IT POST IT TO HUgets AS PUBLIC TO THE CLICK THIS ONE SPECIFICALLY (there, now there are no loopholes)

    17. Amellia Kober

      when he mentioned "hooking up spotify with your body" i was like "Bodify" ._. bruh i hate myself

    18. Endblaze Gaming

      1:54 Me: *Laughs in Nonbinary* You fools...

    19. Hayden Brooks

      Is it bad that after watching this I want to get a hunting license?

      1. franky boy

        Depends on what ur hunting.

    20. Rophia

      everytime I see a furry: gae

      1. franky boy


    21. transfactory

      10:42 the notes said he already owns it too

    22. Drimblu

      thx for hug

    23. Mags Playz


    24. the wolf studio


    25. the wolf studio

      2:36 No, that is, in fact, *A wolf, boi.*

    26. Galactic Extras HD

      3:43 Idk if its bad if I can relate to this or not..

    27. AmiableInquistion Otter

      "Otters are rascals". Me: *has an identity crisis*

    28. Evil Child

      “Besides I already own this one” - Fundy

    29. Vintage_ fløwer

      13:03 i did it and it went like- SHAWTY LIKE A MELODY-

    30. Glitch The Fox

      2:00 Teh sound of someone slowly going insane

    31. Maybe I am a Furry?

      Who Else Is A Furry Here???

      1. franky boy

        @bitch yeah I would totally never buy art commissions of my fursona and then collect them. Because that's just dumb. And furry both of which I totally am not. 100% furry'nt

      2. bitch

        @franky boy yeah haha, fursuits are cringy af lol, totally will never get one when I'm older.

      3. franky boy

        @bitch yeah lol. Like fursuit? Wtf even is that? Like I would totally never buy one no sir ree. Perfectly non furry me.

      4. bitch

        @franky boy yeah lol, there so weird, thankfully I'm totally not a furry, no sir...

      5. franky boy

        @bitch yeah totally agree. Furries are so weird. Which is why I am totally. Not a furry.

    32. Jakub Sarniak

      10:36 did no one realize that Fundy wrote "besides I already own this one"

    33. Guttas Forstevalg The Meme

      Bruh I love the Scott the Woz reference lmao

    34. Shawn Hornick

      How are you NOT a voice actor?


      Click is the person to say “I’m not a furry you are UwU”. this is not gonna go the way it’s supposed to go

    36. kira TM

      My religious strict parent walking in @ 6:30 (Realizing headphones aren't plugged in) **Hehe I'm in danger**

    37. Furry Hate Watch

      This is foxtrot 11 There onto him

      1. PawskiePanzerFox

        *Loads panzergwerhr with ap round*

    38. Speedy Boi

      Whenever i hear something about furries but instantly click it: why are we here just to suffer

    39. Benjamin Lasses

      Yes i have ADHD and it is not so fun 2:49 and det han nuthing to do whit det omg way am i doning dis # sweden forever

    40. NebelKan

      The Click isnt Cursed... Cursed is the Click

    41. CRAZFO!!! SHLAM

      Your like a father figure with that mustache. (The kind in western bank robberies but also apologizes after robbing everyone.)

    42. Skitticey

      Your a genius you made a great saying

    43. Skitticey

      Dude... Imma show my school this for the saying of the day "Born to late to explore the earth Born to early to explore the stars So let's just explore ourselves."

    44. DiamondNose

      screw this I’m gonna watch aot

    45. Twice Chicoine

      I appreciate how the clicks videos helped me realize I’m a furry

    46. Isabel

      Me: what a nice day! I hope there's no furr- Furry:Nya Me: time to end this madness. Die filthy being *Yeets a nuke at it*

    47. just a normal yter

      i feel like i'\m 2% of the population of furries who are STRAIGHT (im 1 percent gay if u think im lying so im officially straight)

    48. Metal Tails Aleksandar Debeljacki V3

      3:30 wait....thats mewtwo

    49. IkedaTheFurry


    50. Jose Sebastian Manahan

      hey furries, don't touch 2021 or else your furry house will planted with beartraps

    51. Sophia Smith


    52. Zeraora Shiny

      I can't see the entire video my guy

    53. Josiah OTK

      12:46 Two things, one, how did I get here? 2: It’s you. It’s still you. Despite everything, it’s still you. Still you, Frisk. Anyone get that reference? No? Ok, I’ll just return to the corner. Don’t mind me.

    54. E


    55. BlizzBall

      Click at the start of the video: let me show you clueless I am! Click at 2:08: knows what the e621 mascot is

    56. -iza -


    57. Neko Senpai

      That meme where its like: good girl. By but I'm not a girl. I looked so hard but can't find that meme anywhere. Can someone plz help me out?

    58. Preston Garvey

      10:06 War. War never changes.

    59. Proud Mom

      Oh well I know he’s evil by his moustash

    60. houlang chow rosania

      what its the name of the comic in the minute 6:46

    61. Creative Soul

      the click: says a lot of shit that came out wrong me: same the click: welp imma goin to hell me: S A M E T H O (srsly click hi i freaking love your content)

    62. Aaron Dekker

      Where is the shark plush?

    63. bEpIs mAn

      8:20 what is this called?

    64. Owen Carroll

      so you make/read furry memes for a living but claim you're not a furry. Doubt

    65. Zain Clark

      Why am I watching this

      1. Michael G

        you will become a furry in 1-4 months

    66. Zech Christopherson

      I'm going to hell

    67. Leafelle Squad

      Okay I sound dumb but...not all fury’s are bad-

      1. Michael G

        yea, most people here think that.

    68. ItzMichaelPhillips

      He insists he's not a furry, yet he knows what e621 is, has called several of the pictures cute, and called toes "beans". Coincidence?

      1. Shadow Jedi

        I think not

    69. ItzMichaelPhillips

      That shark should have stopped swimming instead, that would have killed them.

      1. ItzMichaelPhillips

        @Sparky :V commenting

      2. Sparky :V

        What are you doing here

    70. Lazaro Richards

      Da fuk am i watching

    71. xcbjyd

      is this the gayest video you've made?

    72. Minibotnicke

      Furies:we are the worst thing on earth 2020: *HOLD MY BEER*

    73. wilinson Lantigua

      Shakespeare can drown

    74. Nala the Lolf

      OwO 👍

      1. Nala the Lolf

        Sorry about that

      2. Nala the Lolf

        I’m a straight furry

      3. Nala the Lolf

        And I’m not gay

    75. Officer Clops

      7:39 tell me the artist or else the orphanage is next

      1. Officer Clops

        @Michael G Thank you so much

      2. Michael G

        Fleurfurr on twitter and reddit.

    76. Falon Kissee


    77. Falon Kissee


    78. Hello Studios

      FUNDY XD


      The voice act is mazingly uncomfy

    80. Gesidin

      Thanks i hate it

    81. {•Frøg•} •_• Frog is life

      uwu evwyone hwere is a bwootiful owo

    82. Tezra Barnes

      Don't make fun of fundy

    83. Wheatley


      1. PawskiePanzerFox

        You about too get yiffed.

    84. Monkey Booger

      Not totally sure but I think the girl wolf and the human were Mowly and his mother from The jungle book, and The click didn't realized

    85. random ass duck

      This guy a furry

    86. Subwoofer Games

      7:33 the furry fandom will accept anyone A strength but also a curse..

    87. A6M5 Zero

      8:11 This Represents the Good Side Of the Furry Fandom.

    88. Fundy but Furry

      2:44 yes the ramen looks very spicy

    89. Bad


    90. Hunter Burchett

      3:18 she looks like a Pokémon

    91. Emeraldism

      the click looks like he would be in hollywood

    92. 12th Archknight

      ninja baseball batman you're welcome

    93. horror world

      Am I the only one furry who is hetero and asexual?

    94. Sir fluff pup Fluffy


    95. Midnight Breeze

      5:52 found my new discord profile pic

    96. _ NagEatsToes _

      My day afternoon went from a 4 to an 8 after you gave me virtual hug ^_^

    97. Kellan Odell

      i hate what humanity has become

    98. M4A3E8 Sherman

      10:00 Terraria Wall Of Flesh furry edition

    99. I am Dog

      Why do people hide that they are furrys

    100. gayforcolinchanged

      why is no one talking about 1:45 I’d drink that potion so fucking fast