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    1. The Click

      we are live on twitch right now! come vibe with me UwU OwO

      1. Michael G

        vore can be wholsome

      2. Jiro But my humour is weird

        @Matheus CC nobthere are just furries god damn

      3. Matheus CC

        @Jiro But my humour is weird that’s the click community for ya

      4. Jiro But my humour is weird

        Ew this replies are painful to read

      5. Chuckwalla / Coyo

        8:05 THE LICENSE PLATE!!!!!!!

    2. Brady Starosta

      I need to get leg surgery, because I can't stand you.

    3. sakoryi with no brim

      Can I get an E

    4. Miku Nozomu Hogo-Sha

      8:22-8:29 ok I see hinting at V O R E

    5. xxx Dre

      Click acts like he's not in that sub-reddit all day every day

    6. The Knoight


      1. Michael G

        i agree

    7. des mendoza


    8. may Hand

      you get off your PC, wondering how the click knows how you are looking. To help yourself think you look out the window and into the dark night, out of the corner of your eye you see him, waiting to see you so he can tell you this. You freeze in shock, darting away from your window and closing the curtain. The you hear him say in the smoothest voice after he breaks your window. "Hello laddies lassies and lassos you are all looking dandy finealicios today" As he approaches you he uses some sort of voodoo powers and you transform into your fursona. I have nothing to do with my life ;-;

    9. natere123

      these videos are just The Click quickly descending into insanity and becoming a furry.

    10. *-green apple tea Studios-*

      10:36 NO THATS WRONG

    11. Joker The prince of crime

      Please tell me what is a furry

    12. Lady Coyote

      Click needs to watch Telephone and Radio. They're adorable.

    13. Professional Lolicon

      Is this a secret messege? FurryIRL? Without _ ?

    14. Cole Waters

      The fact that he knew what a femboy fox is

    15. The Alchemist

      13:29 I can't believe he didn't say "going bark"


      This was posted on my birthday best birthday yet

    17. Cornelius Cheese

      11:17 why does that face describe my very existence?

    18. Eyetress _

      Ayo man you be wearing the same tie as me

    19. The Knight with a bad pic, totally not Nosk

      Gotta love that Danganronpa reference

    20. Liggliluff

      (8:10) Click should have pointed out that they're wash-bears in Swedish too.

    21. Jero Kiwin

      i was wathcing the video when an add starts, IT WAS FOR A CHRISTIAN BOOK CALLED "JESUS IS THE PATH TO HEAVEN"

    22. dakota tramell

      I know what I was looking at that was big and throbbing and oh god UwU it so big

    23. Scratchy Editz

      11:19 And that's when I started regretting being a fox.

    24. Michael Vich

      I like the Gordon Ramsai as furry (i cant spell his name sorry)

    25. EggWhisper

      12:20 is a fucking call out and goddamnit the only reason I'm on here watching this video is because I'm waiting for them to wake up and- UGH.

    26. Korryn the Fox

      I found the actual image for Zeraora and Umbreon in a bed together 5/10, hot but not gay enough

    27. forgettika

      My classmate dressed as a cow but it was camouflage and my teacher said it was “Cowmooflage” Cause It’s a Cow and it says moo-

    28. Beans Mcbeans

      they did it. they made b e a n s a furry thing

    29. Elijah Tucker

      At 1:04 my headset glitched and all I heard for the next 5 second was AHHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and then silence.

    30. L Low

      Oh oh he thinks we're better than him, oh

    31. Alexandre Leão

      Lego chima is a name I haven't heard in a long time now

    32. Jomichan

      14:14 that's what I've been doing ever since quarantine started, just buying my childhood toys from Finn and eBay

    33. Jomichan

      I make Minecraft skins for furries...

    34. Galactic Extras HD

      Help me.. Please.. I think I'm going a bit to deep in this kind of stuff

      1. Galactic Extras HD

        @franky boy ahh

      2. franky boy

        u r never in too deep ;)

    35. Veronica Taylor

      I don't get the shake part

    36. Sleepy Slums

      Why do you sometimes turn into Brian Griffin?

    37. Unoriginal

      5:15 that feeling when youve seen the unedited version too

    38. Oblivion the back beaking demon

      I was drawing bricc gurls but I think I'm going to start drawing bricc furry gurls.

    39. Frisk but they're Canadian

      Johnny Bravowo





    42. Keoahi Frost

      I call a white girl having a seizure a vanilla shake


      To every single person watching this, You can't hide your fursona for long, we all know we like this

    44. Gyro Zeppeli

      I know im new here but... Did quarantine get to u or you act like this all the time?

    45. Snakeparty 2012

      time for a story. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone. edit: also yes, this is a JoJo reference

    46. still here

      Everytime I watch your videos, I get to see you slip into insanity just a tiny bit more.

    47. Ominous Tulip

      wtf that like/dislike ratio

    48. Casen Ashworth

      I'm not sure why, but this channel gives me a "nighttime" feeling Maybe it's the smoothness of your voice and dark background or something

    49. Potato Kun1223

      I’m a potato uwu

    50. Captain Stroon

      Turns out furries only exist because hands, feet and faces are the most difficult body parts to draw.

    51. Whise Calif

      Facepaws trying to hold in laughter through the whole video.

    52. Whise Calif

      Well... I'm definitely a furry.

    53. • S l e e p y •

      Am I the only one that doesn’t get the joke at 8:22 - like what’s the joke help

      1. tpodole

        Click's interpretation: "love goo" has a lot of proteins... they are gonna do some naughties. Astist's intentions: meat have a lot of proteins... Vore is a fetish... they are gonna have some weird time and they are gonna enjoy it.

    54. ShadowAbosl 84

      Am i the only who realized at 10:40 that was Fox and Wolf from Star Fox?

      1. ShadowAbosl 84

        Almost forgot about 9:12 with sylveon and lucario

      2. ShadowAbosl 84

        Also around 14:10 that’s a shiny Umbreon and Zeraora from Pokemon

    55. Fluffy

      8:26 I don’t get it please tell me

      1. tpodole

        Click's interpretation: "love goo" has a lot of proteins... they are gonna do some naughties. Astist's intentions: meat have a lot of proteins... Vore is a fetish... they are gonna have some weird time and they are gonna enjoy it.

    56. spiny and friends

      Thumbnail:doesn’t show the predator eating the prey Channels about animals:shows a bit vore

    57. Skitty_Plays


    58. Emily Nowicki


    59. Alan Wit Laide

      10:36 Is that DANGANRONPA?

    60. the wolf studio

      9:08 ohhhhh *BLOODY YES.* Time to mod a boat load of flammenwerfers into CP77.

    61. the wolf studio

      3:06 Hold up a second, I recognize that character. XD

      1. the wolf studio

        @Giovanni Mendoza always hope for the best and remember there are so many people in the world that care for you

      2. Giovanni Mendoza

        @the wolf studio yep I just hope that those who do wrong should seek redemption to do right and have a positive impact on others

      3. the wolf studio

        @Giovanni Mendoza ya' know what they say, every day is a new day. Maybe those who have done wrong will seek redemption to do right later. Until then, just gotta stay safe and stay positive.

      4. Giovanni Mendoza

        @the wolf studio yes all or most should see things that make them happy because the world should be more happy and I feel bad for those doing wrong to upset others because there would be a reason as to why they do that.

      5. the wolf studio

        @Giovanni Mendoza No problem, Comrade. All artists are worth searching for because the culture and beauty they bring into everyone's lives is something we as humans are naturally inclined to seek. It's why some people cry to sunsets and sun rises or why we take so much joy in the companionship of animals. May ye have much joy of it.

    62. Nicholas Schnee

      I liked because of the puppies and bunnies at the beginning but I do not know how to like and dislike at the same time

    63. Ivory Gacha

      Click when he’s grumpy during quarantine; *IDEAL FOX GF*

    64. Horror Sans

      The thumbnail was from r/vore_irl, right?

      1. Horror Sans

        @Chelimix Oh thanks

      2. Chelimix


    65. Don Royster

      So how are we going to cook her?

    66. MrMustachio33 TheBest Is Mustachio

      Me after watching furry_irl for 32 hours straight: Maybe I am furry.

    67. Manuel Garcia

      9:20 in Pokemon lucardio and the Eevee evolutions are all in the same egg group so it's possible that makes little Eevee

    68. Gio

      i took a shower

    69. Jonathan Moura

      After curing myself of furriness, I've come here to *fuel my aversion.* *And the fuel powers *THE AUTOMATA.*

    70. Null

      8:04 big thonk

    71. Plazmafighter

      Am I the only one who imagines the dragon having the spy from tf2s voice as he shouts seduce me

    72. Ziggy Skills

      Cwiccy is a fuwwy, ConFURmed!


      The fact that I can watch any video by the click and just, "Oh you think THATS bad? Oh hun..." And go on about my day.


        I could ruin someone's life in 13 seconds.

    74. Gacha life Lilly

      2:43 well I guess I found my fursona

      1. Giovanni Mendoza


    75. the random show

      Clishy cliccy

    76. the random show

      I like how you're no longer denying it...

    77. FluffTheCat

      We all know that Click is a furry but have y'all wondered what his fursona is? 🤔

    78. Blake Chandler

      he's going to turn into a furry any time soon just a matter of time UwU

    79. BunBunVR

      please do a video making a pizza

    80. Amalgamor the fallen king

      You are right I don't know why I keep coming back

    81. MrBlank24

      Pause at 13:52

    82. Crusader On A Bike

      I got an ad for a cutesy mobile game on this. Excusez moi?

    83. 陳冠維

      Nile red made them.

    84. Pineapple productions

      Shave the stash dammit!

    85. Stinkyman Gacha, weapons, and cosplay

      I still hate myself

    86. Red Has A Computer


    87. Cohen Gary

      The Click:a hyena’s laugh is not actually laughter,but a signal of pain. Me:welcome to the yiff field

    88. Arctic!

      click is a furry OwO bottom text

    89. Honey Bee

      Person: "how did you realise your kink?" Me: "I willingly took so much psychic damage from cursed click videos that I became masochistic"

    90. Chain's Trash

      Click, its ok. You can admit your a furry, we'll understand, we promise. Please don't be afraid to admit something like this

    91. Hmm Yes The Floor Here Is Made Out Of Floor

      Sips tea, "you guys ever heard of Rainfurrest?"

      1. tpodole

        A grim reminder that there always be some weird extremists that just like to watch te world burn...

    92. Knights Templar

      7:48 NOOOOOOOOOO

    93. That One Kid UwU

      "You also smell lovely today" Do you have a script? Or are you going off the top of your head bc that's what it looked like when you said this- lol

    94. Dawnsnout Smootheye

      8:05 I like the number plate UwU

    95. Owen Foy

      *V O R E*

    96. Міша Карпенко

      Cursed ksp

    97. Owen Foy

      Where is the sauce?

    98. Owen Foy

      What would you do if Puro was real.

    99. bêár dög

      0:37 who else says that is soooo cute I wish I can have a dog like that