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    1. HauntedDragonGaming


    2. CloudCherry uwu

      this is kinda sad

    3. Odriew Tsedriew

      9:03 Santa is also and anagram for Satan!

    4. Emily Campion

      3:00 honestly being single during a pandemic this is EXACTLY how it is, and I'm not mad at it

    5. Maple Leaf

      the 1st strip make all whose innocence has taken away cower in fear

    6. HauntedShadowsLegacy

      That one about the HOA isn't even a joke, tbh. Real HOAs are just like that half the time. It ain't worth the risk. Don't move into an HOA neighborhood. They'll bleed you dry.

    7. Mad Wolf Man

      I forgot what I was gonna say

    8. Luka Mosić

      This guy is definition of funny/comedy

    9. Zyia Williams

      10:17 Ummm, Santa! I don't think you should have been there. The demons!

    10. Shit Dang

      2:53 Relatable sadly.

    11. Freshly Cooked Bacon

      I headcannon this Subreddit that it's an au where Garfield died, and Jon when crazy.

    12. Alia DeVous


    13. Caidalee

      Honestly, that "mugged" joke was pretty good. I'm a sucker for puns.

    14. Cutie Duckie

      He is the best narcissist I will ever see

    15. Jose Do Carmo

      R/Garfieldminusjon Part 1:Where's Jon? R/Garfieldminusjon Part 2:The Garfield Day R/Garfieldminusjon Part 3:Is Garfield Okay? R/Garfieldminusjon Part 4:Jon Gets Missing R/Garfieldminusjon Part 5:Night Time R/Garfieldminusjon Part 6:The Final Showdown

    16. Kenzo

      Du är en fantastisk youtuber Som jag nyligen har börjat kolla på, som gör fantastiska videor Tack för att du får mig att le sedan några månader sedan!

    17. brandon day

      John has ordered 15000 pizzas? If he had a whole pizza for each meal of the day, it would take him 13 years, 8 months 2 weeks to have that many pizzas. Dude try some vegitables. On second thought, tell me how you kept the weight off.

    18. Niki2001 Shadowcreature

      1:10 This is just me, doing everything I do unnecessarily complicated

    19. Dark

      1 thing are you a furry?

    20. Tangu02

      10:18 is just writing college essays.

    21. IDoVoicesIg

      Been watching you for nearly a year and *ONLY NOW* realized i wasnt subscribed because all this time i thought I was...

    22. dawnmccarthy1

      11:08 Am I the only one that got "My Pet Monster" vibes there?

    23. The Dank Dev

      I made the ones at 8:06 and 8:23

    24. RussiatheDoggo

      This needs to be said, I’m sorry. But Click legitimately looks like every single... ‘human’ art piece of satan that I’ve ever seen, and I am living for it. Plus, the fact that he makes so many Hell jokes makes it better. Anyways, thanks for existing Click, you’re awesome-

    25. HatKidSoldTheirSoul

      0:45 looks like a garfield fanfiction in the making

    26. Elisabeth Fulwood

      nobody: me: 【y】【e】【e】【t】

    27. Bored Skittle Animates

      Garfield but John has Schizophrenia

    28. ZippingPrince

      Am i even allowed here?

    29. Lana DH


    30. Hopeless Raccoon

      My dog's head is stuck in the wall 😭😭😭😭

    31. Barren-eth

      tbh its funnier if garfield is just under the table

    32. no_name_for_no_one

      I swear that's the mosy sexy tie I've *EVER* seen

    33. Star Chu


    34. Christopher D'Oyen

      0:55 Jon do be packing that truck tho...

    35. Ümläüt Äbüsër

      10:38 i think they made one. How it was called? Light grub? Smite shrub?

    36. a

      the weirded thing is that, as someone who doesn't read garfield comics regularly, i often can't figure out where garfield was supposed to be in the original comic

    37. Crystalian Bepis

      Socal distancing has been lasting longer than a week?

    38. Alyssa Baney

      That thumbnail made me spit out my drink.

    39. Oliver Gantz

      I just found out i can scroll while in fullscreen. My Life has no meaning now.

    40. CmcAnimation

      I think a particular SCP will be mad now

    41. Shingechi Yangu

      This is easily the best subreddit

    42. Clownery Cosplay

      2:13 is it just me or does click sound like Gundham Tanaka here

    43. Work and Stuff

      Funny thing: Santa is an anagram for Satan.

    44. Barry B. Benson

      I dwive a soobuwu

    45. Eren Jaeger • 2,000 years ago

      7:47 THIS HAD NO RIGHT TO MAKE ME LAUGH AS MUCH AS IT DID 9:11 THIS TOO 10:29 me @ my fbi agent

    46. Shroom Ish


    47. Rey Rex

      Why is he wearing a tie over a hoodie

    48. Sighing For Fun

      3:13 Damn, I thought he was complimenting me.

    49. Sassy Banana

      5:02 I really thought that was The Click for a moment

    50. Stephanie Hawver


    51. Eria .S

      Alright but can we agree that Click absolutely rocked the ribbon/bow choker look that the spun-around tie gave him?

    52. Mikey Pierce

      Jon’s on the stuff

    53. Zin TM

      A tie with a hoodie? Absolutely dashing Mr. Click.

    54. _TheGaeBoi _

      ah my childhood.

    55. gigiaimt7128 ._.

      Its Monday I hate it

    56. inot funny

      Where is the click minus the click?

    57. Katherine Showalter

      Little kids laughing at the thumbnail because they are thinking of yucky medicine: loool

    58. Queer Blue

      is it bad that i talk to myself just like jon does

    59. Komaru

      That is a BEAUTIFUL stache

    60. Joshua Moody

      It’s ok to get help John...your schizophrenia is tearing your life apart man.

    61. Casey Paiva

      is that OT's hoodie?

    62. Shrimpster

      strange lack of garfields in this video

    63. Trash Panda :3

      that tie is forever on this man's neck.

    64. yzzy

      jon in most of these is 1. anti-simp 2. simp

    65. Tortle

      "You can't do anything but nothing" -The Click, 2021

    66. pain

      Hes literally wearing a tie with a hoodie while making dad jokes and reading from a subreddit about a schitzophrenic man and his 'cat', this man is my aesthetic

    67. Derpy Man745

      You can use the same letters in Santa to spell Satan, the world is a lie

    68. XxGachaxX XxRandomxX

      The screeching furry in the beginning made my day

    69. Zach Cat

      4:43 they apparently went to watch a really good monster movie. It seems the only roll Garfield played was to provide that context at the end.

    70. KayJayEff

      Fun fact: Santa is just one letter misplaced from Satan ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    71. Alexander Steel

      The click has the general sense of a snake oil salesman

    72. Card

      I looked at the thumbnail when Jon said: "Will you swallow?!" I cannot describe what I thought in my mind

    73. Croaklikeatoad

      “They both start with S!” Ah, yes, the only similarity in letters between Santa and Satan

    74. Arclamp

      why does he sound like a cross of pewdiepie and thewarowl

    75. RedFox

      Me sitting in The Click's channel with my big icy cup and autoplay on: ^w^ ^v^

    76. WastedPotential

      I like how Garfield minus Garfield is just jon being sad and schizophrenic

    77. CCsnake 404

      9:48 is just Napstablook.

    78. Funworks 163

      At first its hilariously awkward and then you're slowly starting to relate to the sadness and depression Jon feels knowing he's going through the denial stages of grief for his 7 year dead cat.

    79. Gale Anderson

      Yeah Santa is also an anagram for Satan. Fun facts.

    80. Healey

      garfield never existed

    81. The Tiny Marz

      "you are what you eat" guess i'm a five year old then

    82. Black Rabbit

      Click looks like into the spider-verse Peter and I'm happy with that

    83. Jonathan Howells

      Was that thot supposed to be a sound effect because it looks like Jon got called a thot by a butterfly

    84. Yeet

      Bro its just Garfield from a different pov

    85. Leo Ritchie

      Hell yeah, more Garfield minus Garfield

    86. YEET Oi Oi Oi


    87. Sitka Doveen

      Doc Holiday???

    88. Kabir 101 Walia

      "He passed away 5 years ago jon..." " *YOU NEED TO LET GO* "

    89. Leo Bocock

      Jon Arbuckle is ill. He needs help.

    90. chesire mouse

      Why do you have a job

      1. • -

        He's the click

    91. Impulsive Possum

      Hi that jacket makes you look like Peter Parker from into the spiderverse. This is a compliment btw

    92. aliweyeh

      1:39 Tusk (2014)

    93. orange under the sea

      Can't wait for garfield minus everyone

    94. Oomi


    95. RamenAddict2

      Goddamn it, click.....I had just stopped facepalming after all the puns I hear on a daily basis, and now my face hurts again.

    96. Mark

      it’s just an insane virgin going through an existential crisis

    97. Dare Ethan

      I didn't see the moustache behind the microphone And I almost spat out my milk when I saw it

    98. Name

      Im not sure how I came here but I haven't laughed so good since a week so thank you very much and I'll come back to other videos

    99. Adrian Bolanos

      You should do a vid on r/unclejokes they get pretty cursed