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    1. Ryan Rohlfs

      And we got the thumbnail thing in the beginning instantly

    2. Ezra‘s gaming room

      I’m jotaro kujo

    3. LiamLikePotatoes

      It should be required to start every single HUgets video like screaming.

    4. pixle night50

      Don't worry Click I don't do crime, I only do furry uwu

    5. TransPlant 161


    6. Neo Politan

      1:56 is this Phil? It could be him.

    7. ThornBrier

      Oddly enough, Shakespear's English actually sounded a lot closer to modern American English than to modern British English.

    8. Chill Out Davey

      I didn't get thw furry joke until about four minutes in. Am I a furry?

    9. the random show


    10. Zane Laker

      5:18 WTF

    11. ConrailFan76

      I'm glad the Click doesn;t know what a "Rabbid" is

    12. Doge R.

      "Don't do crime!" *Breaking news, Crime rate drops to 0% in return of crime rate.*

    13. Princess Zelda of Hyrule

      That thumbnail... *My god..It gives me nightmares...*

    14. Sapphire Lily

      I just subscribed and I don’t know what madness I have gotten myself into

    15. waterzila

      Im so happy I have headphones on

    16. derpy quagsire

      2:33 plot twist he works at a funeral home

    17. LeRohlik

      Ur Handsome (No Homo)

    18. Marquis Becks

      we need to gather as a group to STOP THE CLICKS PUNS NOWWWW! im joking i really like his puns even if they are cringe........LOVE YOU CLICK UWU.

    19. Demonic Angel

      Weed, vodka and retarted memes what a combo

    20. cash bland

      d-did he call zelda, link?

    21. Furry love ❤️ 🐺

      I’m already subskrubed :3

    22. SAM YES

      Saw the video thumbnail and immediately thought “you can’t eat plastic”

    23. Why Am I Here

      he called pop rocks pop tarts-

    24. Void Gaming

      1:52 ok the words mean something but THATS A 4 YEAR OLD AND KNOWS THOSE WORDS

    25. Liggliluff

      (0:34) Ja, I will subkräb to you, Klicket!

    26. Wolfie_demons _

      As im watching this at 1 in the morning and the only one up not even my cat is up

    27. Spectral Eevee

      5:24 Click: " *9* Months later "

    28. Shane Del Castilho


    29. JuniGear X

      Fun fact: Bees don't die when they sting other animals

    30. luke lawrence

      it said pop rocks not pop tarts

    31. Boiler One

      Its because bee stingers are meant to sting other insects, which have hard brittle exoskeletons that the stingers can easily be pulled back out of. Humans, as well as many other mammals, have soft and elastic skin that traps the stinger a bit like a paper finger trap. The only way a bee can escape is by either taking the time to work itself back out, which most humans dont give them the chance to do, or fly away, which forcefully rips the bee body away from the stinger, killing it

    32. Ryan Orusio

      The thing about English is actually true! The cockney accent only became fashionable in the 1800s, and likely became engrained to the point of being natural over the course of 200 years

    33. Sven Krisenberg

      The thing about bees is that their stingers evolved to stab through the hard exoskeletons of insects. That way it slips out with ease. It wasn’t meant to pierce the thick skins of mammals, which is why their stingers get ripped out.

    34. Sven Krisenberg

      I have never seen a tang, yet pop rocks becomes pop tart

    35. bubby

      American English isn’t simplified it’s complexified

    36. Bob Walsh

      A friend of mine actually has a great recipe for vinegar brine marinade for venison (deer) steaks.

    37. Alio1300A

      9:31 He admits it!

    38. D Lane

      12:58 ghost squared

    39. Yoonbums Stronk ankles

      Not exactly related to the video but it kinda is a Hol’ up moment. In 3rd grade my class was assigned to create something that would solve a world problem. I didn’t tell anyone what mine was, so, when we all had to show and explain I went last and said it all in high detail, it was my first year in a public school. My project was originally how to make humanity no longer afraid of dying from a black hole/dying from something in space that we will know about by all living in a space capsule, it quickly turned into overthrowing the government, eating the rich and vegans, and that only the strongest survive. I was eight when I made that and people still try making me get help, I’m fine, I just watch too much horror, I’m into that stuff because I know I’d probably be either one of the first or around middle part of people that got eaten.

    40. CC 2224

      How can you eat deer? Well, here in Britain deer have sprung to be invasive native creatures since the wolves are gone, the deer are killing trees by ripping their bark to eat it. Stags (male deer) are killing lambs thinking that they're rival stags offspring. Eating them is the only way to save our forests.

    41. bunnibites

      "TANG is actually pretty good" EXCUSE ME, DO YOU LIKE PURE SUGAR????????? (in brazil, at least, tang is SUPER filled with sugar and it is horrible to drink it)

    42. Anil Kumar

      5:26 did he just say 9 momths or 6 months reply

    43. IgnatianMystic

      You look like a hipster Wild West Sherriff who wants to share his "killer" avocado toast recipe.

    44. UnoDos Pag

      1:11 Wait a minute... MR.PEASE IS THAT YOU!?

    45. Dr. Eggs

      The clicks mustache looks like 2 slugs meeting on a bridge

    46. Charbomber

      Fun Fact: the reason Bees kill themselves when they sting anything is because they actually DON'T die when they sting anything, it's because human skin is so thicc that their stinger breaks off in our skin, thus killing them, most other things are fair-game and non-lethal to them.

    47. breanna smith

      When Click says "You look dandy finalicious today" mmmm serotonin but wait it's cursed serotonin

    48. John Marcrander


    49. ICTOAGN

      tang is pronounced like hang but you replace the h with a t.

    50. enbyunus

      My mom has officially declared that click needs a therapist. My mom has a psychologist. My mother, who needs a psychiatrist, has multiple mental issues, says that click needs a therapist. Click you officially need help. Please.

    51. Rouge Mochi42

      its Oh- Dis- E- us. odysseus. odd-es-E odyssey. im s o r r y it just made me w e ir d l y a n g r y

    52. The Bag

      It’s pronounced ( oh dees e us

    53. Anthony Rausch

      13:27 - 13:35 = You Tube, we don't give a dam about your choking grandma.... but we do want you to go to red lobster and eat some SHRIMP SCAMPI please: WE ARE HEMORAGING MONEY!!!!!

    54. Anthony Rausch

      12:18 - 12:23 = Sometimes I think that an ANTI-VAX parent wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face and she goes to bed WITH THE SAME DAM SMILE SHE WOKE UP WITH STILL ON HER FACE!!!!

    55. Anthony Rausch

      8:29 = holy shit that made me laugh....

    56. Anthony Rausch

      7:48 = One of my grandmothers cats used to sit at the dinner table..... EVERY OTHER NIGHT!!!!!

    57. Anthony Rausch

      5:45 = That is a nice jester but did it have to be: THE SAVED PIGS YOU DUMBASS FARMER!!!!!

    58. Anthony Rausch

      4:07 - 4:20 = I am sorry humans but: NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!!

    59. Anthony Rausch

      2:04 - 2:20 = Click, we are not even 5 minutes in and I am like PRIORITES, YAY!!!!!

    60. Anthony Rausch

      0:49 = Welp, everyone in the comment section, CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!

    61. Rarazal Productions

      04:03 What I heard: "My GF introduced my to the world of tongue..." Well, aren't you a lucky guy.

    62. Camdan Ebbett-urquhart

      Fun fact bees only lose there stinger and die if they sting humans

    63. MrZombieUK

      6 6 months 6 i am sorry click, i am...

    64. Matilda Arena

      uwu naughty clicky wicky

    65. Lolo 44

      2:20 plot twist the ribs were his wife

    66. caelan ross

      Bees can survive stinging the things that they usually sting but when it comes to humans we quite literally have thick skin and that basically holds the bees stinger in but most of the time bees don't actually die from stinging something it only happens with us also stinging isn't the bees first line of defense that's only what they use on Baker animals but typically what they're fighting against are other bugs and with that they just flap their wings to the point where they're more or less frying whatever bugs underneath them don't ask me how but somehow the bees survive becoming an Easy-Bake oven while the bugs don't

    67. mason beauvais

      I havent been here in a while, and OH MY GOD THE MONOPOLY MUSTACHE!!!

    68. the destroyer

      5:30.. 9 months? its 6 😅

    69. king ciel phantomhive

      I'm a furry too

    70. Killer Queen

      1:28 Lifeless on's

    71. •no name•

      My legs hurt

    72. anurag neelam

      This is the end of your journey This is the closest to hell There is no redemption Only suffering evermore You came here for a reason we know it to be true It’s too late to click off It’s time to suffer Evermore

    73. Reanimated Sauce

      The click looks like jim carrey and YuB if they did an anime fusion scene

    74. Anarcho Pacifica

      3:35 a rule for both sides to remember

    75. Thunderbolt 44

      Regarding you failed life lessons joke, I got you covered. Instead of life lessons, how about death notes? Boom. Got it. You're welcome.

    76. Megan

      5:15 WhO sAiD iT wAs A wOmAn'S dOg 😳

    77. TheDemolitionMuniciple

      9:40 "Robin Hood was such a bae. I'm.. one of them...….. crap." *laughs* That's about the best reaction to becoming a part of the fandom we could want out of you, Click. We hope to see you whenever conventions safely reopen!

    78. Black Void

      me when i see a add 5:51

    79. KingCed

      Remember Link can eat fucking rocks What a Lad

    80. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ.ɪᴠʏ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs

      what if ur name was the snap instead of the click

    81. Mrchatterbox09


    82. Mrchatterbox09


    83. Mrchatterbox09


    84. BredRed25

      The Click= Best youtuber that should get 1M

    85. azure_karma

      0:08 *Link don't eat that*

    86. Traeton Hayes

      Can you do insane parents again I like seeing idiots teach their kids wrong

    87. Vincet Smith

      4:32 i need more of that for... Homework research...

    88. Gundham Tanaka

      Ah, I see Click is a person of Zelda aswell

    89. Gundham Tanaka

      Do not touch Link He has been through calamity and much more

    90. Name Surname

      Bees don't loose their stinger (and half their internal organs) when defending the colony against natural predators (like fuckin wasps). They die because mammals have thick skin and their stinger is not smooth (like fuckin wasps) but barbed so it gets stuck after the attack.

    91. SeriousNorbo

      5:24 The text: 6 months The Click: "9 months"

    92. Suriko Azimaet

      You are supposed to say "Blegh" when it comes to seals, Click.

    93. Name Pending

      I miss the days when the most controversial was tree huggers

    94. Alexander Barnett

      4:55, you say that like this isn't already a crime bi- (basedrop)

    95. Starman2001

      I've seen the Zelda one before, and someone said it was ok because link and Zelda were both technically over 100... problem is... the scene is from the memory of 100 years ago... and calamity ganon awakened on Zelda's 17th birthday... so in that scene Zelda was only 16... FBI OPEN UP

    96. darknova997

      I'm confused that only one other person mentioned how he pronounced odysseys

    97. Puppyface 52100

      E a t.

    98. Cheesus Rice

      His voice tho. I am bisexual for him

    99. Aliza sampson