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    1. The Click

      Come join me on twitch and say hi, would love to see you there

      1. DefaultFlame

        Fun fact: Tuvalo, the country with the .tv domain name, earned nearly 10% of the government revenue from royalties from the .tv domain in 2010. The population was estimated at 11 646 in 2019.

      2. Sansibit


      3. Tanner Klotz

        wait you cant fuel your dad joke powers untill you are a dad

      4. B bob gaming

        2:20 what every grown adults needs to hear "SHUT UP AND DONT EVER FUCKING SAY THAT AGAIN!"

      5. Society of the Spectacle

        Not everyone who needs a wheelchair is entirely unable to stand. Many its just painful. Imagine wanting tacos so badly you'd stand in harsh pain for a few min. That's more accurate

    2. Arianna Franklin

      15:44 that is a actual book because the book is in my school library it’s called pride and it’s based on a true story

    3. Francesca Patti

      Why did a bunch of children just show up in heaven? Josef Mengele: 👁️👁️👀

    4. Damm s0n

      Ladys lasses and lassos

    5. Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)

      If I could go back and save a celebrity from death it would definitely be Robin Williams.

    6. Major

      Speaking as a chronically ill woman, in the first image, he may have pain when walking or standing for any period of time, however long or short. He may not have a mobility scooter, buy does have a wheelchair, and it's not too taxing for him to wheel himself around. I use a motorized shopping cart whenever I go to the grocery store in order to conserve energy, as it is very limited, and I'll need the conserved energy to load the groceries into the car, drive home, get out of the car, load the groceries into my grocery cart, roll it to my porch steps, set down on the patio landing what's in my arms, *HEAVE* the grocery cart up 3 steps (which takes a lot of strength for me), roll the cart inside, put away the groceries, change clothes, and rest. Well, that was a lot! But when you're chronically ill, you have to calculate how much energy you'll need by _every little thing_ you need to do. Have back problems? Picking up and putting down bags of groceries is no longer a simple task. Having "fibro fog"? Doing something as second nature as driving your car takes much more brain power. Uh, anyway, thanks for coming to my long-winded TED Talk. 💚

    7. Softie Group

      Sorgen is the German word for worries👁👄👁

    8. Aden Wruckus

      Ok, well it wasn’t specified when in 2021 was set...

    9. TravellingStoryteller

      Involving going back to prevent one celebrity death, I'd pick Robin Williams.

    10. Iplayernojoke I joked

      If you think about it Satan has given earth more stuff than god has these past 20 years

    11. Itza Leaf

      Granted, for the first one, some people who are wheelchair bound *can* stand, just not well enough or for long enough to be able to not use a wheelchair/cane/walker.

    12. kobi games

      LOL i'm from Poland

    13. •cheesy Cheese•

      So my brother and I were hanging out Well He was hanging I tied the rope

    14. xxx Dre

      Why does click look like the basic latin lover but then poisons your coffee

    15. Bnha_{B*tch Potato}

      What's my life?

    16. Dan W

      That's not how God works

    17. the crusader of holy gaming

      nope. I'm cool now😎

    18. No Noo

      11:02 oooh~ I watched that

    19. Theodor Hugo

      Plot twist the parents were doing drugs!

    20. vermilionrubin

      "How we became the dominant species for this planet will forever be shrouded in mystery"

    21. Sara Hallberg-Penne

      Well you beeter. Blev it XD

    22. Gamer Guy69

      TFW the kid in the wheelchair stands up to get a taco

    23. Specter US ARMY

      That thumbnail

    24. Wally Fone

      hol' up... you didn't subscribe to The Click?

    25. long horse

      I'm late but: me:hears one thing about jojo also me: S U B S C R I B E S

      1. long horse

        Mine is josuke and the click

      2. • Elliana •

        "hey whos your favorite jobro?" "the click" "wha-" "DID I STUTTER"

    26. Anna Furmaniak

      2:30 I...haven't heard any of those.

    27. masterlol 2009

      Snabb fråga var gick du till skolan

    28. Human WormBaby

      Mayonnaise sploosh 💀

    29. N0rdlys_

      Just incase you didn't get the joke. The 1886 coke recipe had "cocaine". That's why it's Coca Cola, "Cocaine Cola"

    30. Rion Wilson

      0:38 hes taking the cocaine to snort it

    31. Cookie Devil 666

      14:22 that trip really went swimmingly. 😂

    32. Jakethesnake23

      4:21 still in high school we still do beyblade battles we die legends

    33. Melinda Roos

      Me, someone with an easily triggered gag reflex, gagged by just looking at the picture.

    34. AesirofGames

      0:50 **oh no** *Even BBC started doing the ancient gacha trends!*

    35. FoxFire95

      I am so glad to notice that there are a lack people thirsting over the Click in the comments

    36. Elvis Ficiu

      With that mustache u look like a dollar store version of the Devil!

    37. Wither123

      I had to dislike to make it 420. Do you forgive me?

    38. Xdlife 1200

      He came out of the closet hmm?

    39. Tiernan Durkee

      petition to create a bayblade faze?

    40. STAY away from me

      I tought you said "satan is bae, god is Gon" and was really confused what that has to do with hunterxhunter

    41. Gaamer B

      *clears throat* can I get a source for the anime meme

    42. Velociraptor

      the music at the end bit of the video : AHhHHhHHhhHHHhhHhHHHHHHHHHHH his voice : ah

    43. Undertale And More!!

      The puns are on peak

    44. Patricia Dumo

      13:26 Surgeon Sim VR 1847 S0EEDRUN FAILS!

    45. Anories Space

      Ok your german is bedder than i was thinkingin

    46. Sven shiza

      13:31 "Yes I would be sorrowful too if that happens to a surgeon." For all those who don't get, you won't it's only something germans understand. But maybe translate the Word "Sorgen" into your language

    47. Nathan Yang

      Around 4:38 I made mine too. I attached a small saw blade while not interfering with the holes on top. Literally shredded the competition.

    48. Keiko Klisiewecz

      The first one: ambulatory wheelchair users exist people

    49. Tobin from Fire Emblem

      The second one is perfectly funny.

    50. Çârdbøård

      Yes I am the ✨Lasso✨

    51. unknown flower

      Can i comment now

    52. Wub Bo

      So no buddy mentioned the fact that click has revealed that he is a omnipotent being and we just didn't question that

    53. Not_ Lancer


    54. ECW Plays

      I am so happy that The Click watches JoJo.

    55. brudda

      Hallowed bee thy name

    56. Zyanid Warfare

      So just some random thing, I paused the video and I can’t even describe the look on clicks face in the frame, one thing tho is one eye is looking straight and the other is looking at the wall

    57. Alex Korinth

      Why would you want to be run over by a bus on camps??

    58. Gameknight

      The duck one sparing the old man was actually kinda wholesome ngl

    59. Thor Clarke

      0:07 to be fair maybe they're not fully paralysed, but their legs are too weak to support them for very long. I've had cistomers like this at the deli. They can stand up to accept their food over the rather high counter, but that's about it. They're always so grateful when I can save them the effort by running around to their side so they dont have to get up, it's great

    60. Mason McCormack


    61. Mr Doggo

      Fun fact: Coke used to have cocaine in it in the 1900 to make it more addictive and make people buy it more

    62. Dutch Doggo

      5:47 my face was used in a climbing ad for some reason?

    63. Anna Furmaniak

      I would love to meet your cat children who talk!

    64. Anna Furmaniak

      9:99 That's still sorta wholesome- At least he didnt hit you-

    65. buble boy

      I love your content

    66. Fawad Butt

      Doctor robotnic is sonic dead yet?

    67. RottenApple__

      Dude no joke me and my friend are generals in the duck army y’all better believe we are gonna take over lmao 😂

    68. CzarnyWilkZP

      12:50 Poland you say? Good luck 🙃

    69. Demise Emerald Lazarus Taylor

      END RACISM what are you still here for? 🧔🏼🤜🏻🤛🏿🧔🏿

    70. That One guy

      Praise bees the lord

    71. Memez_R_ Life

      My elementary school had a bayblade phase. I got a pegasus bayblade and put on an attack base, so then I went to school with my pegasus and 4 other bayblades. I proceeded to decimate anyone who challenged me, and I might have been the reason that the phase didn't last too long because a couple days later very few were playing with the bayblade bursts and no one was playing with the original metal ones. (I played with the metal type, not the burst types)

    72. Usamiio

      Today I learned that im attracted to handlebar mustaches

    73. Himiko

      I love how it went from "you shouldn't force kids to be apart of something they dont understand" with the pic of the kid at a pride event and then it goes "a child should never have to wear crocs" lmao it kinda made me laugh

    74. My Username

      3:06 This is oddly wholesome

    75. Avisa Cordelia

      An interesting thing about the surgeon story Surgeries at the time had to be done as quickly as possible as painkillers, of course, didn't exist at the time, and as such the only way to keep a patient from dying of pain was to get it done as quickly as possible. So this was a very good surgery.. or it would have been if 3 people didn't die.

    76. San


    77. Mika BoMS

      8:29 Actually, no. God creates everyone and they decide if they are bad or not. And Satan tries to torture EVERYONE he can, but God only lets him take the bad people.

    78. I


    79. TheMasked Drummer2162

      I swear he has the voice of a narrator

    80. Ember Productions

      Have you ever tried to win best actor? Fucking roasted

    81. Surv Call

      Ay this is my universe stay away

    82. Fire Wolf66

      Your dad jokes aren't all that punny, in fact they're paper, ya know, they're terrible, jk tho, the jokes are n-ice

    83. DJ yellow

      I haven't watched the click in a while. so someone explain to me why you looks like a Mexican named Rico

      1. • Elliana •

        10/10 rare insults

      2. DJ yellow

        Or he looks like a man in a fragrance commercial with a rose in his mouth

    84. Void Of Bees

      Fun fact: A wheelchair doesn't necessarily mean they are unable to walk! I had a coworker who would use a wheelchair during work because he only had feeling waist-up, his knees, and the bottoms of his feet. He can stand and walk a bit, especially with help, but it was a lot easier on his body to just use a wheelchair for a shift. I also had a teacher who would use a scooter for getting around the school and shopping, because he has a disease that quickly wears away his cartilage. The more he walks, the quicker his kneecaps disappear.

    85. Abraxas Tyndall


    86. Patricia Weir

      "My prayer has come true... My child looks like my best friend!" Me: you sure "it's " yours?

    87. Omega

      It's time for a Bleyblade Battle

    88. Hedrox Ladimon

      My favorite one "end racism" 🙉

    89. Markus Strangl


    90. Allosaurus Maximus

      "Get schooled"

    91. • ᴇᴜᴘʜxʀɪᴀ •

      I’ve seen that thumbnail so many times and I only now get the joke. *help.*

    92. John B

      12:14 according to the SCP universe god should be scared.

    93. Rhonin Cogdill

      What's BLM

    94. Weebteckickedin

      7:35 we need to throw that joke under the bus

    95. ᅌωᅌCassidyDemomᅌωᅌ

      End racisim 👨🏿‍🦱👊🏿👊🏻👱🏻‍♂️ Also guess the book 🕷️🕸️🐷🐀👧🏻🧑🏻👨🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳👦🏻👩🏼🏡

    96. BlazeTheSteamDragon

      I actually read that comic with the giraffe. It's called Pride of Baghdad. The lions and giraffe were zoo animals that got caught in a bombing, it believed the gods were coming to free them before being killed by debris.

    97. wayfin sin

      Every jojo fan/me will remember your name........in hell

    98. Matthew Gomez

      Satan and Lucifer: *getting all the attention* The other 5 six sins: Are we a joke to you

    99. Paulo Henrique

      14:39 name?link?sause?

    100. Bruh Yagaku

      Here in brazil, BJ means beijos (kisses) :v