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    1. Aconight


    2. Ty Morgan

      The thumbnail means "Gay Gas"

    3. Boiler One

      Good to know that dandelion seeds are analogous to babies with built in parachutes

    4. Boiler One

      I fucking hate that building so much like yeah it looks kinda neat but I'm not a fan of that completely uniform bubble glass exterior, as well as having so many floor gaps just to look like some giant inflatable topology piece

    5. Dark Serpent

      Btw the answer to the question at like 11:40 is 69. Pedro can buy sixty nine cupcakes with a human soul, but the cupcakes are moldy. Only IF wind resistance is a thing and a triangle has been yeeted from a speeding schoolbus.

    6. Keram

      Me: and again I will hear this cute kitty click "Yaaaaaa" Kitty click: *I-wanna-die noise*

    7. Natalie Kline

      I watched the intro like three times and laughed my ass off every time

    8. SilverFlight01

      That was a weird noise at the beginning

    9. Stardust Summoner

      "checkmate boomers, we made it gay" is just perfect

    10. Artuitous

      Why does the Click give me huge Remus Sanders vibes???

    11. fancy octopus

      Now I wanna be a star sailor (astronaut) just for the name also at 6:23 why did he say a tunlip in a cup?

    12. Thor Clarke

      12:11 it's pronounced "byoo-gle". It's a musical similar to a trumpet but with no keys, most famously used to herald cavalry charges

    13. AsweedishTiger95

      2:03 As a Swedish person, i can only agree that this is exactly how Brits sound to me

    14. CrazyMarvel Fan

      Best pre-intro EVER

    15. Duck Newton

      I love the mustache!

    16. Adam Volný

      I wanna slide in her DMs, like those Eels through sushi rolls

    17. demypeace

      in middle school i had a friend who had hearing aids. one day the gang of bully tried to harass her and she went "ok I'm turning these off. now I can't hear you!" this blew my fucking mind.

    18. Nathaniel Mickelson

      13:41... r/TiHi?

    19. Velvetstar Skyewing

      I was watching the ot x click pic in the background to figure out when the intro was made it was between specific shirt person and the one about the building

    20. River Stewart

      Totoro is my favourite place in Canada

    21. Autumn’s Edge

      I agree with that one lady, cutlery is now food weapons. UAHHH

    22. godwin972

      1:33 what the isomorphic f**k

    23. DemonPrince

      oh yeah jesus is a vampire i bit him

    24. SlyHikari03

      My Neighbor Toronto Castle in Disguise Sprinted Away Sailor Star Ghost in the Cell

    25. Baxa GD

      But, knork + spife is knife... And fork + spoon is spook, not spork.

    26. e t h e r e a l

      10:45 the thing is, in portuguese, it is also like that, like tetas, peitos (peitos is not funny, but weird) but the word "seios" sounds nice... but the word "seio" refered officially to the middle of the chest, so we use the wrong word to refer to women's breasts nicely and it haunts me till today.

    27. Gamer Cat

      9:24 baby shot gun

    28. Ella Dash

      4:49 Hell yeah we do

    29. Chloe Cecilliac

      10:45 I call them “natural, undetachable baby bottles”.

    30. Sephirong

      I love how he just noped out to “No way a shrimp fried that rice”

    31. DragonsREpic

      You don't want to be circumcised. That shit is beyond fucked in the head

    32. LeftyzAnimation

      10:06 : undertale nightmare sans in a nutshell 11:47 : I AM A STEGOSAURUS... ha ha tomska memes

    33. krusty gaming

      For one human soul, you can get 12 cupcakes, 3 extra of you bring a vessel.

    34. Tia

      2:48 It looks more like a finger to me

    35. Legendary assasin

      2:50 is just a cocktail

    36. CURSED _BOIE rawmen

      I'm gay

    37. Michael MacGoram

      Wtf was that at 12:12

    38. Diana Rubí Cárdenas Cantú

      12:28 *The Click starts talking about Ghibli movies* *Howl's Moving Castle references pop up* *My Neighbor Totoro reference appear* The Click: "Where's Toronto?!" Me: Well, he tried ┐(‘~`;)┌

    39. Narancs ember

      I'm making that shirt, Click I am doing it It's going to be a rainbow tie dye

    40. Narancs ember


    41. Nova The wolf

      The moment I saw the thumbnail I couldn’t stop laughing lmao That’s not how being gay works lol

    42. Shade Tea

      wait a sec did the click rlly call Totoro Toronto?

    43. Turk is a stalker

      11:30 A human soul ranges from $540,000 to $8.6 million, it mostly depends on the price of the cupcake.

    44. Darkfireice

      There was a guy who believed Jesus was a vampire, and acted like an American Craster

    45. FBI Horse

      "Where's Toronto!"

    46. Logan R.

      oh! i didn't know you watched the Moist Man(Charlie) himself ! That's pretty 'POGGERS' Bro!

    47. CoCo Dragon

      If anybody is going to makes a sub-Reddit on clicks mustache, please tell me if you do.

    48. IgnatianMystic

      9:19 ...Okay, NO. Shut up. Pollen IS pretty analogous to sperm. It's necessary for the plant to reproduce.

    49. IgnatianMystic

      Get rid of that "Jim Carrey as pre-psychotic Dr. Robotnik" lookin' ass mustache already, I want to see "Hot Swedish model" Click again.

    50. Josh Allen

      7:40 go to hell and tell the devil, I’m coming for him next

    51. ramen moon

      The Gay trump wedding cake would just be carrot cake

    52. zenitsu agatsuma


    53. Joachim Reyes

      If the click creates a fake video, would it be considered "click bait"?

    54. Old Sport

      to whoever made that post in the thumbnail, how come im still straight then



    56. The Jho

      While I was watching this, it got cut off asking me to use HUgets premium, I already have it

    57. epoc parody

      To be fair, the bakery got bricks thrown through the windows, bomb threats, kidnapping threats, and layered lawsuits by the side claiming they were good guys. So are they agreeing with the outrage or are they disagreeing?

    58. Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT

      Okay but he’s always sayin he’s makin the world a worse place every vid I time, *BUT IF THAT WERE TRUE EXPLAIN WHY UR VIDS MAKE MY LIFE A BETTER PLACE EVERY DAY HUH?! HUH CLICK?! EXPLAIN THAT!!*

    59. mohamed elsheikh

      Isn't pupper sweedish for boob or was that Norwegian

    60. krumplicka pipinková

      Star Sailor is the best thing ive heard today can we pls start using this

    61. Jared Porikos

      sooo gorgeous

    62. Paul Chaudoir

      They don't need the windmills to do that. That's what scented candles are for. lol

    63. mysterious coyote • 19 years ago

      Homosexual mist

    64. Number one Weirdo

      2:14 ya you weirdos

    65. Marcie Mae Walker

      "Squishy fun bags" is always a good go to

    66. ALEXXXA rawr

      "Heat on my back and meat in my crack" hits different every time you hear it

    67. nick terence

      13:46 them eyes

    68. Gina the Cookie

      Click: that's a really good name for your peepee. Me: **pls stop** 😭😂 Note: yes i know what both emojis means and only one is not laughing.

    69. Gina the Cookie

      Or a fingertail. Tbh it could go either way it LOOKS SO WEIRD. Edit: oh i accidently made a punny. Edit2: second pune intentional

    70. LucidPessimist

      Did he just call Totoro, Toronto?

    71. Morgan Siegfried

      if u eat a cake with trumps face on it, is it eating the rich?

    72. Bright's Kohai

      click my good sir you said pedo instead of pedro 😂

    73. Tyler Hartlep

      They call me... *BABY CANON*

    74. Cuda FX

      11:30 was a fat missed chance to answer: yes

    75. sugaryXsweet ._.

      Me: *Waiting for the “yahh” at the beginning* Click: *UWAHHHH*

    76. The Kitty Queen

      I love watching the clicks videos They make me feel welcomed in this cruel, dark, cold, self observed, back stabbing, heart breaking, world that wants every one to be just a like. Our differences make us unique, but some people need to settle down on their uniqueness. The click is my favorite HUgetsr, stay unique, and i hope everyone is having a great day. n///w///n 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

    77. Alexander Steel

      I will divide you by zero.

    78. ED

      In regular show Mordecai called them lady pecks

    79. Dawn farren


    80. Dervadveir Zundluni

      Near da end a human soul is worth about fifteen cupcakes.

    81. Henry C

      Is this Jesus Christ or vampires makes me think of a movie I saw: "Jesus Christ The Vampire Hunter"

    82. Saving for Hutao Please help

      He called Totoro Toronto

    83. raven blackwood

      I love the content, but the mustache is super uncomfortable. It has a predatory aura

    84. Mr. BlackyFish


    85. Craft

      the thumbnail is just *w h a t*

    86. Fiasco The 63rd

      "Making the world a worse place, one video at a time" should be the banner on your channel page

    87. Spooky Noodles


    88. Goatman Has Fallen

      I grew on power rangers Samurai, I have grown up on puns.

    89. Carrot Stick


    90. Jack Tanksley

      "if i throw a triangle out of the car and the car is going 20/kph and wind resistence is a thing that exists, how many cupcakes can pedro buy with one human soul" if this is all happening at once i am suprised and actually can caculate it, the triangle will fly behind the car at around 10kph, and one human soul is equivilent to 10 human bodies($45m per body if the people are still alive), this means one human souls costs around $450m, if cupcakes cost $2.00 on average, he would be able to buy 900 million cupcakes

    91. Jack Tanksley

      i hate this but i cant stop laughing

    92. Luna Stafford

      how you pronounce bugle i can't hzdfk,bdzjzdjkg

    93. Sikkersoq Jensen

      I'm so happy I found this channel. It makes me wheeze when I only got 4 hours of sleep 👌 12/10 would recommend.

    94. Tammie Stait

      I tried doing the *uaaah* but I had a.. pretty bad throat.. it's kinda just a *uaaaa*

    95. Dragon Denz

      I find the term “tiddies” preferable in that situation

    96. BeeHiveBuzz Z

      It’s Dave! He told

    97. KELIOS

      Ah yes, my neighbor toronto

    98. Pregnant Zhongli

      "Homosexual mist" 🐦im sorry, what

    99. Fionschken

      Why did the Click had put down the picture of him an ot on Valentines day? :T

    100. Youcrafter XD.Trader

      This video is purrfect