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    1. Random Drawker

      There should be a r/GarfieldMinusJon

    2. CaffeineClaw


    3. Jomichan

      In Norway, Garfield is called Pusur

    4. Liggliluff

      Gustaf minus Gustaf

    5. Harper Smith

      Well I tried to search for Captain Gustav and ended up finding Gustav schroeder on accident, so I guess that's a nice historical figure you accidentally taught me

    6. Kimch

      Garfield is really small

    7. NavakNavak

      Jon has schizophrenia

    8. {Alex The Adventurer}

      I want click to read me a bedtime story

    9. rein

      he’s gone, Jon...

    10. Trainmaster 446


    11. ECHO

      You have to let it go Jon it's been 5 years it's not your fault.

    12. SAVAGER

      Pfp is great, do you agree?

    13. •Sprxnkled_ Cupcake•


    14. fuckin breathing

      Who eats all the lasagna then

    15. saddd boi


    16. João Victor

      Is it only me who thinks that Click is a great fit for John's voice?

    17. Not-So Awkward Alex

      Me in the middle of telling a joke: *5:10*

    18. Cyberia15

      How bad is it when you have most of the Garfield comics and know exactly what he's doing, even though he's not even there?

    19. Wrath

      How does his mustache naturally look like that? That's insane

    20. SmartMars603

      7:45 This has the same energy as that Fourth Wall break in the newest episode of Helluva Boss.

    21. SmartMars603

      As for the "Robot Uprising", we gave a robot sentience... aaaand it drowned itself. I'm not worried.

    22. Brandon Bozeman

      I like to see this seried of events as garfield actually being dead but is still around. Garfield as a ghost just screws with john but since only John can see him he just gets progressively more and more insane.

    23. Shadow Wolf

      There was 666 comments before I commented, well that was neat.

    24. Loza

      jon finally took his damn schizophrenia medication

    25. Dr. Bread

      Why does the click look like young doctor robotnik

    26. Rebeka Flowers

      Now just take his irises for just white eyes to make these evan better.

    27. Post飛濺就是生命

      Take your damn schizophrenia pills, Jon!

    28. Dash McGhee

      One hundred percent sure this man is satan, but like in a google way

    29. BUP

      Why did you curl your mustache like a villain from old black and white movies

    30. the PH and F news

      Click i need help

    31. mark lynn


    32. the random show


    33. Koopicoolest Marshall

      The 6 stages of depression. Stage 5: Huffing Nitrous Oxide

    34. BlueLaserNeon

      Do another R/fluffy community

    35. R Thompson

      Hay when did the click a mustache?

    36. EriiaTheNeko

      Click looks like the evil third member of I Don't Know How But They Found Me

    37. Emerald VI

      Click gonna start looking like crayator

    38. Cobroberg 1

      I don’t need to ask what u do the rest of the week it’s obvious that your polish your trophies for best dad jokes , and u continue to do this for days and days until all you know is polish

    39. TheIronbuster

      Is it Bad i laught about the joks click made?

    40. jasper

      ily click!

    41. xerzo crimson noir

      can the stream of reading the garfield minus garfield book be uploaded as a vod on youtube

    42. Leoperd

      We joke that Jon is hallucinating, but evidence of supernatural activity has been spotted. My theory? Garfield is a ghost that only Jon can see.

    43. TonyTheCarrot

      When you realize that every comment starts with ‘when you realize’ by someone with an anime profile picture who fantasizes about the click when he says ‘uwu’ and compares him to the likes of the antichrist

    44. Brad Smoke

      garfield minus jon

    45. saphaar

      Your mustache looks very evil, it represents how you are when you decide to take us down the hellhole of cursed subreddits.

    46. unoriginal person

      1:55 was John solid snake thw whole time?

    47. A random Shiny Eevee

      And this is why we need pets or a pet rock

    48. Jeremy Umpleby

      Do they not have 3M Command Strips in Sweden?

    49. Riley D

      *falls in a hole* Ah the neighbour’s kids, it must have been a prank. At least it was a very *hole-some* prank AHA

    50. SilentButDeadly

      You should do a r/traaaaaaaaaannnss

    51. That CyanMonke


    52. Elieser Arce

      Garfield Minus Garfield story Garfield died with out Garfield John is left to go insane without is fat orange cat

    53. Micheal Afton

      Can u do more r/gachalifecringe -.-

    54. Denise Monti


    55. Nora Stjernbecker

      When you're Swedish so you allredy knew Garfield's name was Gustav in Sweden >:)

    56. Imma whoop your ass

      1:38 Jon just *imploded*

    57. 25 The 4-8-0 7D Class

      This, Me IRL, and Furry IRL are just the same subreddit

    58. Marcetti B.

      13:00 if the robots rise up just spray them with water

    59. Allison Hawkins

      Ive gotten really into photoshopping recently and now I just really want to edit some garfield

    60. Liam Cassidy

      Next time r/ImSorryJon

    61. qwexy XD

      Do more fluffy comunitie

    62. Blue Colibri

      12:42 i accidentaly pressed space and than a high guy starring me

    63. Flirty Cyclops

      5:59 oh my god I actually remember reading that in my Katten Gustaf pocket! Gosh the nostalgia attack

    64. The Manager

      It’s ok John, the accident wasn’t your fault

    65. Water

      I got reccomended a church video

    66. Plague_Doctor025

      i mean oompaville do a colabe with him and satan becomes obsolete

    67. Plague_Doctor025

      if u do a collaboration with oompavil your gonna make an 8th deadly sin

    68. Griffin Potter

      Could you cover the subreddit called r/niceguys it’s terrifying and hilarious at the same time

    69. Black Sheep

      You have my dream mustache, I don't know weather or not to be jealous af.

    70. Vixen Moon

      I love watching these be photo shopped on stream Also hi click i was the one who asked u to show your cat on stream right after you were talking about people asking to see your cat 🐈

    71. Ruben Arce

      The Click is so hot now with that mustache

    72. oɐɯl ʎʎɐ

      oml I haven’t watched you in a second-

    73. Bruhverly BRUH

      :< Fluffies?

    74. Round Ruby

      "No-no-space" made me LOL!

    75. Puppermint2005

      In my notifications, it says it was just posted but when I see comments, they are from 2 days ago??????

    76. Willy Wonka Is My Lord

      Ah yes I remember you had this book in your stream... also multiple uno cards

    77. Cork3y

      Is Jim Davis okay?

    78. TheChocolateLeaf

      I always blink 3 times with the 3 claps in the outro music

    79. Eyron Hiciano Ortega

      In 2 more videos he'll have 666 vids

    80. Broove


    81. Broove


    82. Broove


    83. Broove


    84. Moonchild uwu

      Can they just already pay the click to voice someone in a cartoon? Thank you

    85. Tealo Axolotl

      Oh noes what does click do during the rest of the week...

    86. • -

      Hes back bois girs and pals

    87. Fred K

      Most of these feel like Garfield isn't missing, but just slightly off screen.

    88. Jenaf 37

      What about r/Imsorryjohn?

    89. Charlotte Thomson

      Jon please. You need to take your pill. You never had a pet. Not as a child. Not as an adult. Mums worried. Dads worried. Were are you. You not in your house. JON WHERE ARE YOU. JON!

    90. JoyCon Elliot

      CONSPIRACY THEORY: if Garfield can talk and all the other animals in the comics and show can’t, he doesn’t exist so therefore Jon has undiagnosed schizophrenia and is seeing his dead cat and using the schizophrenia to cope with the trauma of loosing his beloved cat

    91. MrBn002 Brothersouls

      This pause in the beginning, like he wasn't sure is this The click or not.

    92. kashi

      wait guys uhm whats the cats name again?

    93. Reuben Leonard

      this comic proves that Jon has gone insane after the death of garfield 5:05

    94. KatyBeth

      Garfield minus Garfield is just evidence that Jon was schizophrenic all along.

    95. Michelle Swain

      Your channel Is a success ☺️ I was watching a video and I was like, surely this guy has at least 1million subs, and I was impressed when it was only K your deserve a lot more subs!🐈

    96. Frank Castle

      9:21 yeah well all my pictures and mirrors hang themselves.... R/kamikazebywords

    97. Jackson Puckett

      teacher: * starts going over wholesome things * you: * the expert *

    98. beans

      moustache fancy

    99. SargentKade327

      You need a top hat

    100. Luis-Raul Diaz-Rios

      Are there other minus BLANK comics out there?