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    1. Mare Star

      Anyone notice the one topic and the click fanart in the background-????

    2. Bill Kling

      7:01 Same

    3. Bill Kling

      6:24 What’s Wonder Woman’s fursona

    4. Federal Investigation FBI

      This is illegal.

    5. Faze Tv


    6. Syazwina Athilah

      people: talking about the furry me: nice mustache

    7. Xanman Skaggs

      David Tennant is scary especially when he's wide eye

    8. Marks_Gacha_Adventures 14

      you can just hear how he is loosing braincells

    9. Janet

      3:27 that drip tho

    10. Tracy Sanders

      I ain’t saying clicks a furry but he is way to good at the noises

    11. - __StarStruck__ -

      You're losing it, Click.

    12. solo king

      All furry memes must die die die die die die die die die doom eternal music entenafie

    13. Femboy Demon

      “They should call my socks STINKERS” I’m stealing this line

    14. Lojinha do Ketch

      -Fursona Me:persona...? -I am persona persona i am...!

    15. Amity Adkins

      Me watching:WTF this is disgusting Also me:*continues watching*

    16. lilac jones

      Fundy is gonna be pissed to see this- HE DOESN'T LIKE BEING CALLED A FURRY AT ALL-

    17. daman d.

      Plot twist , the possum is happy , because he was not eaten by wolf.

    18. the ultimate Shadowgun mercenary

      The Click is officially Fuse now

    19. Gamer555NL

      i see all these creative furries and such and then there’s me, a black wolf with a top hat

    20. Tre Pugh


    21. dylan napoli

      Water sports means pissing on someone or getting pissed on and getting off to it

    22. mercury spoon

      One time when I was in school we had a color coded assignment the teacher printed but it was in black and white 😐

    23. Peekaloo

      The snake comic honestly made me laugh. It was silly lol

    24. Mina Snodey

      2:22 It’s not click bit

    25. Farluciddreams

      *pumps shotgun* Me: welp,here I go killing again. :/

    26. {Black_Moon}


    27. NitterMidder

      these posts hurt me physically... and i'm a furry

    28. Softie Group

      Background.... theres a picture at Clicks Wall

    29. My Shin Hurts

      The intro always gets me

    30. Murder

      To be honest I couldn't tell if some of this he is reading is p*rn

    31. random things fandom

      Why was loona in this😂😂

    32. Blaze King

      Okay the first one was adorable

    33. Thunder Troop

      why were here.......just a *suffer*

    34. Miss _ Golden

      im sorry but i cant get over that mustache

    35. Za Pulpo

      4:55 Well. I hope you don't see the rest of the comic. It gets worse I can assure you that

    36. Sierra the wolf

      I'm a wolf

    37. Sierra the wolf

      Wow why my wolves

    38. Le Epic Scoop

      14:33 changed in a nutshell

    39. Kquentink33

      Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this is the weirdest thing I've heard in my life

    40. Kquentink33

      What the fudge is this flipping video

    41. Kquentink33


    42. ph0tò

      Ok I should stop playing dead.

    43. jim honker

      15:56 femboy detected moving in for the maid outfit

    44. _______wastaken

      17:08 oh, there’s my fav furry :)

    45. Scp-148-EL

      is that mustache real?

    46. ꧁ Springtronic ꧂

      I honestly can’t tell if he likes furries or not

    47. Unofficially Official

      16:16 I advise you to not try to find out It gave me PTSD

    48. Amanda Tavares


    49. Xaiven Daveraux

      I had the thought once. To use my art skills to make money with furry art... I drew a dragon with 3 dicks.. Ass up.. I realized there was no way I could do that again

    50. Kagancowa

      0:38 I'm having flashbacks after seeing the "Shapeshifters" episode from Love, Death and Robots...

    51. Not Nameless

      Watch his vids a year ago and watch this now and compare it

    52. NekoMilkie XCutie98

      rawr XD me while typing this: what have i done

    53. cody sanders

      I think click isnt telling us something

    54. Nicolas Beterbide

      Why do i click this?

    55. Kakashi Hatake


    56. bless clayborn

      0:48 The definition Of: *You wanna put your mouth on my mouth?....DAMN IT* 🤣

    57. xXGaming SoulsXx

      Every time I look, click's moustache becomes more french 🥖🥖🥖

    58. Emmanuel Menthos F AYUSTE

      You said *kids* back there like you know there are really kids inhere

    59. Agent Octo

      Click, one more furry irl video and you are officially a furry

    60. random spartan that uses gacha life sometimes

      1:44 I am obsessed with watching things burn and fire in general.

    61. Gabriel Vili

      "my fursona is fire" -click 2021

    62. gman 9900

      I hate how funny this is ngl

      1. gman 9900

        And I’m a furry

    63. Twisted Reaper

      i like how there are mostly furries in the comment section

    64. alief zidane

      Me : let's just watch one. What's the worst that can happen? Google a week later : HEY! HERE'S 29374 FURRY PORN VIDEOS, 125375 HENTAI IMAGES AND 9236 FURRY CONVENTION INVITATION

      1. PawskiePanzerFox

        @alief zidane your pfp is spleens the cat. I see you're a man of culture as well.

      2. alief zidane

        And then, literally, I got an amazon ad for a fursuit. I hate the fact that google gave your data to a lot of websites

    65. BRON

      The nom nom nose thing made me laugh for some reason

    66. Chihiro Fujisaki

      I come back and he gets a luscious mustache

    67. JesseIsAHoe

      pardon me while I make a fursona...

    68. Ellis Dixon

      I stg furies are a war crime

    69. Cystal_Link

      Such a fantastic mustache and you are here

    70. Filip Obrovac

      Superman has a man fursona :D

    71. Wolfy Uwu

      I dont know how you could get your non furry friend to be a furry seems impossible

    72. Valerie Contreras

      I prefer mine furry extra cook yum

    73. ToBJinxed

      In “The Medical Assistant” meme look at the heart beat of the guy

    74. Eric Baisden

      OT on the back wall.....Approve!

    75. Livy Hilares


    76. Oengus Fearghas

      15:23; I want both, can I have both?

      1. franky boy

        depends on what you can handle. uwu

    77. antfrost

      Im a furry

      1. franky boy

        @antfrost UwU

      2. antfrost

        NO U

      3. antfrost


      4. franky boy

        no u

    78. SockGoblinAmazingwtf

      Scheduling? The only way i can schedule is,use the multi alarm system on your phone

    79. Calendars Holsworth

      Why would I get to see

    80. GorillazZilla

      These memes were amazeballs.

    81. EggNachos

      1:36 that food needs another minute in the industrial furry microwave

    82. lilithpanda

      Its 4:55 am

    83. Silver Hawk

      "The trick is, in life kids, don't think!" Me, not following directions once again: _"I have thought every thought possible by humankind, there is no god anymore, only me"_

    84. KidKaster KK

      I want to die from Clorox overdose now.

    85. Sweet roll Cultists

      My soul hurts...why humanity

    86. Miss Milk

      I'm new nice mustache

    87. Yukari Akiyama

      I wanted to uh bleach my eyes

    88. Yukari Akiyama

      Yiff is shite mate

    89. Alias Direct

      I hated the mustang ... until he curled it 🥰🥰

    90. HenryAllan Mercado

      U make me think of a youtuber named Your Narrator

    91. bubblegum bitch

      is that fucking opossum yiff in the thumbnail

    92. ツ S T A R L I G H T G A C H A ツ

      Look we all know It's Ben would love to say this but he ain't here so I'll say it for him That is a fantastic mustache

    93. Juicy

      16:30 The piss drawer but it's your mouth owo

    94. Tsuyu Asui

      The squeal in the beginning tho-

    95. Whise Calif

      Well.. look at furry art. You're officially a furry in training.

    96. Morgan Burrows

      😂🤣 if you’re this funny in every video then you’re got yourself another subscriber

    97. Lil Speech

      Me: *A simple asexual* The sexual furry art: 👁👄👁 Me: 😊 Me appreciating all the time they took to make it. I wove the howl some stuff... Ahah dad jokes😎