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    1. Flame

      Channel crossover One Click At A Time

    2. Random-eggo

      4:51 It’s iced coffee lmao

    3. Ernest Cole

      Dad points: Dad out of Dad. Very dad.

    4. Mr. Devil ???

      AAAAH my art is bad You can see that

    5. Metroplex

      0:51 basicly me

    6. WeeShmentalJo

      Fun fact: my brother got accused of sexual harassment for singing "it's getting hot in here so take of all your clothes" once, he wasn't directing it towards her he was just simply singing it for the sake of it

    7. Clara Grossman

      wait how u no they be red socks

    8. AbusiveWaffle Gaming

      That pokemon has two tails you say?

    9. Galactical Historian

      My recommended is always interesting after watching one of The Click’s videos

    10. Anna Lene Haase

      4:22 wait... is he joking or is he actually one of us? Is he a member of the alphabet mafia?

    11. Alif 1223895569

      His voice is so good that I think I'm a simp Is this good or bad?

    12. Xilanda

      Wait wait wait, I'm new to this channel, is Click actually color blind ??

    13. Klaus

      2:15 Just stop for a second, and imagine the posible destruction of a fusion of Click and GrayStillPlays

    14. Kinsey Koontz

      I can smell the fear

    15. Lillypad Dreemurr

      We need yaoi click comics.

    16. devils boba

      watching your videos gives me so much joy and anger at the same tie i dont know how to feel, but i know i must keep watching.

    17. Ranferi Hernandez Jr

      wait he couldn't see that meme very well either? i thought my screen was buggy. AM I COLOR BLIND???


      Click sometimes i can't tell if your a furry, gay, straight, or a goddess


        he is all


        Pls pin comment

    19. Shesary Cambronero Bolanos

      I am a girl and l sound like the click but in click girl version xD

    20. MONKE MAN

      He has the devil's facial hair you know with the mustache with the curled ends and the triangle goatee

    21. Legend 27

      11:32 I’ll take bad

    22. •2M2L•

      i am the 69th dislike... i didn't want to but...

    23. Bread

      10:47 Ah you see that first cycle never happened, I skipped right to the end

    24. No Thanks

      why am i crying

    25. 1234 Galaxy

      The click is a furry Theres nothing he can do

    26. enbyunus


    27. Nick Curran

      Click talking about how he likes irish culture Me: We have culture?

    28. Neel Auckbur

      I love his handlebar mustache and his multiple accents. How he can change the tone of his voive so well. Keep up the great work The Click

    29. Nadia Welch

      Click: *is that a future merch idea* me: **slaps him** *dont lose the little you have left of your god damn mind-*

    30. ciel !!

      Someone get this man a custom Click Furby

    31. Beep Boop

      how tall is click?

    32. Sassy Banana


    33. Gundham Tanaka

      If click is a love child of David Tennant, and David Tennant was the 10th doctor, that means click is half time lord confirmed

    34. katia almeida


    35. Shiny Jules

      im so confused man, you into one topic and im just sitting here like is he gay or nah?

    36. Toge Inumaki

      Click saying him being compared to Jim Carrey is an insult is an insult (to me)

    37. Alex S

      Unpopular opinion Topic is a loli Source 3:03

    38. Mozzie

      Click question are straight?

    39. Eden, the Misfortunate

      me: *sees vampire Click* owo senpai! ~

    40. BrynnGrinner

      I kinda think if we ever needed a replacement Johnny Depp, Click would be perfect

    41. Acer_best boi

      Rawr xD

    42. Count Julius

      Vampire click? Im down for that VAMPIRE PERSONAS RISE UP!!!!

    43. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ.ɪᴠʏ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs

      what if ur name was the snap instead of the click

    44. Çūrßęd Pęrßøñ

      “Pants are useless” - my cousin lol

    45. Ray Akuma

      1:37 Dont worry I dont identify you with your beard like you are "the mustache guy" you are just the nice person with kinda a cat Sona that watches memes and cheers my up doing that^w^/

    46. Ghost Writer

      I bet the Click gives the best Mustache rides.

    47. mohamed elsheikh

      The click has reached meta humor

    48. Surf The SeaWing

      Click Dio Click Dio Click Dio Click Dio Click Dio Click Dio Someone please... I need to see this

    49. Mister moss man


    50. Kathleen Nohrenberg

      5:44 Okay I Have One Word........... ✨Beautiful✨

    51. Nathaniel Shumpert

      Mustache is so big its amazing how full it is WE NEED A MUSTACHE SUBERTET

    52. Micktric_yt

      Love your vids

    53. Mr axle

      9:22 I thought it was a foxes ass

    54. someone

      Sanity is overrated

    55. Kirishima

      I'm just saying I kinda think that the click is actually really self conscious and when he gets hate comments he gets really sad so then he makes one of these videos to make him happier and so he can make others happy too.

    56. ?Caffinated • Sadness?

      I've come up with something Someone: *homophobic noises* Me: "yes Karen, thats because your IQ is that of the number of limbs you have. That would be zero, atleast when I'm done with you."

    57. 101 exploiters

      dat moustache doe...

    58. MelatoninHours

      hi- your voice reminds me of my cousin, dylan

    59. Lil' bean named S'

      Why do i feel like he's gentle criminal---🤧👁👄👁

    60. / Demon _heart /


    61. Angel Cloudz


    62. Sharpwave The decepticon

      As your Transformers selves, OT has the better set of weapons. And he’s taller.

    63. ꧁WelfJustWelf꧂ • 23 years ago

      the amount of pain in his voice when he said “I’m not desperate at all, shut up”-

    64. VN

      Just realised I really want the click to react to nyan neko sugar girls it's such a fever dream

    65. Imortal Vibes

      That mustache is *g r o w i n g*

    66. truck boi

      click what are your thought about carsexuality?

    67. Shawd Cummings

      Passcode sent, Im sorry everyone this cancer has to stop arm the onsite nuke

    68. Grace taylor

      the bases of a normal click meme on r/theclick click click click

    69. wolfien 1

      funny thing, I know both of you, one topic and the click, but I did not know that they umm, never mind, I really like the outro music


      doctor fuckin dolittle....I fuckin died

    71. Jason Italiano

      The mustache is not a good thing for me

    72. Darkfireice

      How dare you not know Dr Eggman

    73. Saga Anserum

      //touches// tag you're gay

    74. This Person is Existent

      10:53 A fellow lasso! Yay!

    75. Haruyoshiko

      Have he and one topic addressed their relationship? I don’t want fan girls to ship them and ruin it ,,,

    76. Nick L'Eplattenier

      The reason hell froze over is because of his mustache

    77. VancePants

      The Click and One Topic have two different kinds of dad energies, like chaos dad and wholesome dad. And we have two dads.

    78. Paige Rumley

      you look like the egg from sonic- (with the mustache)

    79. Dark Wolf

      1:18 hehehehehe ØWÓ

    80. CodeBreaker

      Adopt me please because my parents don’t accept me being non-binary :(

    81. Jay Barua

      The Click: Everyone will know me by my mustache Mumbo Jumbo: Am I a joke to you?

    82. GachaGalixi 263

      "Dr Dolitttle?" Me: *inhales* His name is Dr Eggman or Dr Ivo Robotnick the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. But, that's him from the latest movie. B!ch

    83. Comic Fox

      I know I am already a furry, but Cliccy is making me a furry.

    84. Jorick1102

      That mustache tho

    85. SyborgCat

      He looks satan from rick and morty

    86. MaXiMe PG

      Fun fact : Since in Latin, v is pronounced like w, ovo(egg) is said owo

    87. Clar1nettist

      11:33 ...socks and black sandals

    88. blackwing320

      Idea on how to market the "The Click" furby. Make just the fur portion and market as a "Furb skin replacement kit", that way the name dose not contain the word Furby and the name is cursed.

    89. Kate Hadraken

      I Don’t wand to go to heaven😈

    90. bruh mode active

      As a man, this is uncomfortable to watch.

    91. The Puzzle Queen

      "i'm not desperate at a l l shut up" hmmMMMm

    92. Yonael


    93. RedFox

      This guy is wholesomely insane! Lmao!

    94. Kailer

      Every time Click whispers I have to take my headphones off anyone else? Edit: Did I just hear Click call egg man Dr dolittle???

    95. Bot

      me:do you know click my friend:uumm me:you know the guy with the waluigi moustache my friend:yeah i know that guy

    96. Auburn Crescent

      10:00 That comment caused HUgets to crash on my phone lmaooooo

    97. Osphaar Official - Music

      I honestly thought the thumbnail "The Click" was the AJR album called The Click

    98. Max Magnus