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    1. The Crow of Judgment

      Tea gang

    2. [] • Starrÿ Mintlø [] •

      9:39 saw the same picture, it said: *kid games play online now*

    3. Siisi

      Female hyenas have penises and they give birth through it

    4. That_One _Anime_Fan

      What if I told you I read the whole manga that is advertised in the second ad-?

    5. Simon Fraser


    6. exterior-spam 2

      I’m stupid I literally keep clicking the skip button on the ads he’s looking at

    7. DrRocketman 779

      Trinity and Beyond is a documentary about atomic bombs...

    8. Yaboitom10

      I watched one of Hotline Sehwani's Sonic LoFi videos, and they're actually good.

    9. TransPlant 161

      The cucumber is her baby 😳

    10. Did Somebody Say Gacha?

      how does this man not have 1 mil yet

    11. F e l i x

      My step dad was checking if my volume was working and clicked on this video- and he connected my phone to the speaker in the car and all you could hear was "get man prego" 😃✋

    12. BluePuppyStudios

      I love your mustache, so classy.

    13. Licie The Skeleton

      0:58 "I'm not gonna make you picture that! But I already did that soooooo.." JOKES ON YOU CLICK I CANT PICTURE STUFF!!!

    14. Sophia Cozzo

      1:18 so I played this game (never saw one of their adds until now), I am like "WTF, did the person that did this add even boder to open the game?"

    15. Charles Watson

      2:50 uh click, dora is nickelodeon

    16. Nevaeh Vineyard

      3:21 I think they stole Aphmau's video she was play among us in minecraft, not the imposter killer (could be a different youtuber, idk, the last time I got a ad like that I heard Aphmau's voice)

    17. Cool Cat

      Time to expose myself :'D The gacha video with a girl and a blue haired dude pointing a gun at her saying "any last words?" Well I watched it and enjoyed it (don't judge me until I finish lol) It's characters from the show My Hero Academia and they were basically getting characters to act out the song Hayloft by Mother Mother. The part that says "my daddy's got a gun. X3 you better run" and it repeats. This is probably just my ADHD but I have a hyperfixation on MHA aka a special interest and for a while I was obsessed with that song. Like listening to the 1 hour version on yt and once it finished just rewinding it. So yeah, I may not be mentally healthy lmao. But fr, it isn't as bad as it seems, it's just a small skit

    18. M Shaqed

      "I'm swedish friend" Oh, so you are one of those "Canadians"?

    19. gfox 1312


    20. gfox 1312

      W H A T

    21. Liggliluff

      (0:10) Dude, in some videos you're talking like you're living in USA. Just saying.

    22. Piffle Emo

      Click: speaking of hot things how are you? Me:*looking around* what- oh you mean the demon in my window :)

    23. Dr. Heinz doofenshmirtz

      I have gotten most of these ads except the among us ads

    24. Not Applicable

      "This is not the Rock, this is the Walmart version: the Pebble" Dont disrespect the Pebble. The Pebble is a failed clone of the Rock created by Justin and Griffin McElroy and he is perfect

    25. André Ribeiro

      0:15 pause the video

    26. Jhameel

      14:41 That moment when you want to feel less guilt but the guilt cames to you The game's name is Dangerous Fellows, that shit hurts

    27. andrew Afton the hedgehog is funtime golden sonic

      i played a appstore pokemon game it was pixelmon town its bassicly pokemon but ya its just pokemon but its hard to find the right pokemon becuse day and night

    28. Who Shockyy

      i’ve read the thumbnail, it’s actually pretty good

    29. This Person Does Not Exist

      5:35 I read the free trial version of that comic. She does EXACTLY what you'd think she would do with that zucchini.

    30. Izuku Midoriya

      I saw the title as ba dads

    31. Jessica Smith

      Awesome video like always, but... 2:09 but why do youtuber's need to censor g*ns when it's freaking ads have g*ns? wtf youtube.

    32. Eli and Quinn's Everything Show

      5:29 ive seen that add BOY ITS WEIRD

    33. Tsukasa Yugi

      Not the mha gacha-

    34. Pikachu

      If you enjoy the video Channel channel channel Croub croub croub Wouuhhh

    35. Yorg mcsmorglehorfen

      He's Swedish fam

    36. Cold Spicy

      Clicky Wicky looks fabulous in black and red 😌 absolute stunner

    37. vaporeon 3

      r/ba dads

    38. catzu

      dude shave your mustache

    39. ?Caffinated • Sadness?

      Click when recording at the start: I go left, I go right, ad is bad, I go left.

    40. phobic

      YOOOOOOO I KNOW THE GUY'S HUgets CHANNEL WHO MADE THE RICKROLL AD He's also the current record holder for "Most Celebrities Rickrolled", and he made a video about it

    41. Star Cross357

      Actually click arceus is a name of a official pokemon that in the lore is the god of all pokemon After reading this I sound like those kid like actually

    42. Shelby Brown


    43. L B

      1:35 Pebble😂

    44. L B

      Here's a fun one I got recently: "Fun Quiz. Order At Dairy Quee, Then We'll Guess Your Boob Size." And yes, that typo WAS in the ad. Only ad that was stupid enough (and I've seen MANY stupid ads) for me to take a screenshot to remember that yes, these ads exist.

    45. Osta Withdapasta

      Why do people do my hero like that😭

    46. jaritita1

      I’m fucking saying it HUgets ads are the wild fucking west I’m just gonna say it I’m gonna be eating popcorn while HUgets is posting pron

    47. EmotionalAgliophilic

      I cannot describe in words just how much joy I received at being referred to as a “beautiful rascal”

    48. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Among Us 2 was created by the creator of, "Among Us"

    49. Dragonic Dragon

      My brain hurts

    50. Midnight Moon

      15:41 Ah yes those "cute little hexagon holes" Are triggering one of phobias Thank you ads...

    51. YUP ITS ANDY

      I read the step mom webcomic and it was... well... you know.... cool?

    52. Alexus Bristol

      I saw "skip ad" and tried to press it. I got bamboozled.

    53. Skyler Lee McCartney

      Add: *Uses a Gacha version of MHA villains.* Viewers: My Hero Academia?!

    54. lord Tachanka

      10:57 I saw that ad like an hour ago

    55. Coldfusionstorm Gaming

      Don't read the Stepmom one. It's really just sad not really even in the incel way.

    56. khaled sampaio

      I think i should work at subway now

    57. ♔︎The_queen_of_the_Netherlands♔︎

      "Are these like frozen poop cubes?" 🤧😂

    58. -mochadreams-

      Nobody: Click when he sees Sonic: gOTtA g0 fAsT

    59. Tyler Smart

      Right, so, that zucchini... Naughties. With the guy in the background.

    60. Vanessa Reniers

      What's Eddy Wally (rip) doing in a mouse add? :D

    61. Adie Ricardo

      I actually got the 'why is my mom so obsessed with that zucchini"add it's so confusing 😭✋

    62. Class 1-A

      I'm so glad I found this channel while it was underground. But now its even better because I found people to talk about this channel with!

    63. Withered Lights

      I mean technically- Shigaraki would probably kill eri especially after knowing thats Aizawa's child. Aizawa could never let her go, so -/\-

    64. Ahmed malaki

      Wait where is my comment

    65. Fnnsirnifkgjdnkskxkf Dhngudnjfufnffke

      This was episode 666

    66. Cereal Memes

      I saw that comic on the thumbnail, it was quite- interesting...

    67. Chaotic Psycho

      But where is the free vbucks ads?

    68. Cat n' Cheese

      Why is zucchini such a funny word

    69. SinäLennätKuuhunEnsiViikollaApinoidenRaketillaJokaToimiiIhmisLihalla

      I like it that there are porn ads on youtube, but if I want to watch history documentaries here I have to show my ID

    70. Thanga Meenakshi

      I've read the webnovel in the thumbnail. The dude eats a zuchinni later on. Did she do the do with the zuchinni? Who knows!

    71. CharlieRobloxKerbal

      Did he pronounce roblox shortened to rblx as rblx And robux as rbx

    72. Sylvain Massicotte

      You know what, the internet is turning into a mistake to my opinion, what about you guys

    73. OmegaDMM

      "Minimalist Consultant" I love this!

    74. Myesha Nafeeza Alaika

      3:06 its not a gacha cringe adds. That girl was awesome to add her videos on adds. Like its the first time gacha tuber do it.

    75. Puli-Dreads

      Was that ads telling us that dinosaur had a bussy

    76. Narlotl

      The one with the mom and the zucchini is called “My Stepmom” long story short, there’s much “tension” between the stepson and stepmom, and let’s just say the stepmom does some very “questionable” things with that zucchini.

    77. SpiceySunflower

      Why did I try to skip the fortnight ad 😭

    78. Gabriella with Covers and Stuff

      Haha birthday vid teehee thx for posting on my birthday!!!! Sry im late! I was here just forgot to comment!!

    79. Mix It Up!

      15:10 I've gotten that ad and I watched it and it was like a weird PowerPoint presentation. The Coments were all hilarious.

    80. Stel Why

      Click gives off similar vibes to GreyStillPlays

    81. GACHA Fam

      Anyone else look at the skip ad button and click it? No? Just me? Ok

    82. Lovely x Skies

      I paused at 2:19 and now I’m scared-

    83. sketch guy1248

      I got that zucchini ad like a week ago

    84. Katsumi Kurami

      3:52 Oh shiz its akira

    85. Katsumi Kurami

      3:07 First of of all hOw dId tHaT bEcOmE a aD Second BNHA

    86. Katsumi Kurami

      I read it as bad dads

    87. Spartan V0

      8:15 I think that goes with the zucchini lady.

    88. zimmygirl777

      "Stories for kids 0+." How would you be age zero? Are these stories meant for fetuses?😹👻

    89. MettaFTW

      i got an ad for a fall guys ripoff on tumblr, so i went to look at it, just to see, and like... it had 1 5 star review. the review was their rating bot talking about how great it was at getting views.

    90. Frankie Porter

      1:37 I'm gonna draw this as a picture.

    91. Phillip Doan

      I actually got the ad that's in the thumbnail today.

    92. Baryonyx33 WM


    93. Lisa Giffen

      on the pic for imposter killer the pic was stolen from aphmau from her minecraft among us video

    94. TavTnt700 Official

      yesterday, i got that same ad on the thumbail

    95. DeepFriedSalt

      The second one broke him. Either clicky wicky is getting soft or we are getting close to cursed Internet bedrock.

    96. Odo the Doll

      I got the grubhub ad before this and sat through it to give you money.

    97. Hmm yes A cat

      Fun fact the thumbnail is a hentai comic between a stepmom and stepson and the zucchini has some certain no no juices on it that only females produce I know this bc well I’m retarded kill me please

    98. Lexy Fish

      i got the zucchini one the other day

    99. Konst E

      11:40 Not for Fetuses!

    100. Taja Kohlbrenner

      Ads dont work on me because Im poor