Minecraft Hardcore - Click N̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ Dies.

The Click

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    1. qwerty uiop

      Wait wot how j miss this

    2. curlkat the kneecap theif

      Mm febreeze

    3. Cash Shadows

      Ah yes, I used a feature against youtube. I changed the title. (I'm pretty sure it's not for anyone else than me, also i'm not an hacker select the title and right click it then, you'll get some stuff :) )

    4. Jayton O'Brien


    5. Sir. Count Down

      It went from Techno to The Click.

    6. Lucia Berrios

      "Dark oak is the best tree change my mine"-the click Me: true birch and dark oak really go together

    7. julie Everdude

      I like ur mustache

    8. XEnderQueenX

      Oooo that muststash be looking fine 😌

    9. •H00manBeans•

      Did- Did he steal Technoblade’s catchphrase-

    10. Mister moss man

      Hey look its the mustache guy

    11. Sara Peterson

      The visuals of this Minecraft is really nice

    12. Fallout Pip

      Dog with the butter on em

    13. The Noob Games YT

      That mustache is the only reason I can sleep well at night

    14. Doggan Doggo

      LIKE I SAID DURING THE STREAM I HAVE MADE A SHRINE FOR NUGGIE! As well as a burning pit of hell for skeletons. ÒwÓ

    15. kaisachicken

      click can you upload these to a playlist? I missed the first episodes 🥺

    16. Jackson Harris

      I want to see him playing elder scrolls 4 oblivion

    17. Paridome !!

      Imagine click joining the dream smp and meeting quackity... scary

    18. Silver Soostar

      btw the question i need to know will amnesia come back?

    19. That One Duck At the Pond


    20. John Summoner

      Imagine Click Survived 6 Years on Hardcore

    21. pumpkin head

      Have anyone notice how deep the click voice is it's like walmart corpse voice or target

    22. Jackson Tyer

      20:53 - 21:46 FINALLY a youtuber I can relate to!

    23. 1Boola

      1:33 Singular

    24. G12-MENDOZA, Christina Angela D.

      i love that moustache so fuckin much pls keep it

    25. Super whatever gamin'

      Cliccy Wiccy streaming Minecraft. :D

    26. Jade Claessens

      What shader is he using? I love it so much, it looks awesome

    27. T J

      Please do r/ fluffy community

    28. Gonk Droid

      He didn’t memorize the crafting recipes what a non

    29. pokeyunicorn 222

      He noticed me

    30. Sir Soup

      How do I become a member?

    31. Adrian da sharky boi

      Join the cult of click.

    32. Dick McCoy

      Herb the fish yay

    33. asri iqbal

      He looks awesome with a mustache!

      1. adam best


    34. AlfaStrategist

      I enjoyed the streams more when I could engage with the stream, but with member only chats I can't assist with Minecraft knowledge anymore.

    35. Miss Lemon Pop

      Subscribe to TechoBlade.

    36. Pee pee poo poo check


    37. Nate

      Click and Fundy collab when?

    38. zonk eos100

      It's a me Mario

    39. Yandere Potato-Chan

      Legends NEVER die!

    40. Jadi

      thumbnail click looks like Sea Hawk from She-ra, u cant change my mind

    41. Elliot Irene

      Click is now everyone's therapies

    42. Anil Kumar

      Lol straem

    43. m

      Now you have to play with techno

    44. Jhonny Sins

      Definetly a classy furry

    45. Swiss Aviation

      you couldn't call it "Hardcowore"?

      1. Nikolai_is_Tired

        good morning to everyone, but this person /j

      2. Pamela Cadman


    46. Anglebish

      Technoblade never dies❌ The click never dies✅

      1. Annahir S.

        Everyone dies never click techno never dying everyone ✅✔❌✖

      2. FBI

        Technoblade=The click✔️✔️✔️✔️

      3. thediamondhoundoom

        both never die ✅

    47. supdograinbarff

      Guess who is commenting instead of sleep. Me. Guess who doesn't care. You.

      1. supdograinbarff

        @Friendly Neighborhood Plague Doctor I took a decent amount of naps during the day tho

      2. supdograinbarff

        @Friendly Neighborhood Plague Doctor oh, well then... I am still not asleep tho

      3. Friendly Neighborhood Plague Doctor

        Guess who disagrees with that second part. Me.

    48. A random Comment

      Is this just me or is Click’s stream a whole 3 hour an game play ASMR video?

    49. Étourdie

      SEUS, I assume?

    50. Microsoft Rover

      Day 14 of saying that the click and his moustache are hot

    51. Puro

      I love the r/furry_irl videos

    52. Jo Pe

      I just played mincradt and got bored was like lets see what click kitty is doing and buum

    53. Glashea Knight

      Guys have mustaches girls have whiskers

    54. john agresto

      1:12:20 you can see the second his heart breaks

    55. Derpie Owl

      *LOVE* the moustache my dude!

    56. a random guy

      I just realized I was the second dislike on the stream

    57. beenallaroundtheworld

      I'm happy

    58. Mr. Houdini

      i missed the stream bc i was at school. DAMN YOU HIGHSCHOOL! Also had tennis practice.

    59. ShinyDiamonds45

      *ohh yeahhhh*

    60. Martin Teece

      Yay click on youtube vidgameing yay. UwU NuZzels.

    61. Frances Millwood

      how can this man be so wholesome and his videos be so, not wholesome? this man is my rolemodle

    62. Micky Bubble

      What was he live on ?

    63. CrazyGuyEthan AkaIdiotman

      47th comment

    64. GothBoy UK

      This was wonderful live, even though it was stressful. I play on Bedrock Edition but tamed a baby Ocelot only the other day using fish. If you hold out cod (that's what I used) and don't move AT ALL it will slowly come up to you, feed it (it'll scamper away) and keep standing there with the fish out. It will come to you again and follow behind you if you walk away slowly, it behaves like a frightened animal. I took mine to my temporary base, fed it and kept it locked in. I then used a leash and named it once grown before unleashing it. It then started to behaving just like a tamed cat. It wanders around the base and sits on the bed. 🤓

    65. Jordan Turner

      god dammit i am late by 7 hours.

    66. River Amnell

      Starts at 6:53 Starts playing at 32:01

      1. kaleidoscopied

        adjusted now

      2. Nicholson Tedja Widjaja XI TKJ 2

        Thank youuuuuu

      3. Jo Pe


    67. PizlPixel

      I see dog. I click

    68. アキ

      Techniclick difficulties Clicknical difficulties

    69. Lovely Lynxie

      this is fine

    70. Doktor Durf items ruthe 4secret

      Click. Will you play the New Super Mario Game: Supermario 3D world Bowsers Furry

    71. Husky

      That moustache slowly growing UwU

    72. Andria A.

      I feel like Cliccy and Moist Man should collab. I want to see them play Animal Crossing and build a furry brothel empire.

    73. Suzuki Takahashi

      i missed most of the stream cause of school :(

    74. Daciana Trif

      Sooo Technoclick?

    75. 100tungamer

      Really awesome minecraft vid!!

    76. Romulus VanAsselberg

      the hot Cheeto burrito back at it again

    77. Pelle

      I missed the stream because I was doing school work, I saw the notification saying it was live but couldn't attend. Oh well, maybe next time.

    78. Galaxy Wolf

      What seed is he even using?

    79. The Golden Bucket Studios

      Minecraft, played by a furry. I enjoy and agree.

      1. curlkat the kneecap theif

        @The Golden Bucket Studios commotion

      2. Definitely a Human

        @kyle petit I honestly doubt that

      3. Blackberry Studios


      4. Phoenix

        Laughs in fundy

      5. Killer Queen

        is there a problem with furries that play minecraft?..

    80. Rusty

      Why did you do this on HUgets and not Twitch?

      1. Rusty

        @GothBoy UK yea at the time I wrote this i had not heard that

      2. GothBoy UK

        He wants to try and cultivate a following on both sites. HUgets has a very different vibe to Twitch when it comes to live streaming, plus he can control the chat by using the membership feature. He does explain it all in the video (I watched live) but I don't have a timestamp. I think he recapped near to the end of the stream.

    81. Aljoscha Federico

      Addition to the title: klicc fckunig dsie

    82. Webster111

      TECHN.. oh wait no... CLICK NEVER DIES

      1. Ava Merrill

        lol my first thought exactly

      2. Bird


      3. General Cheese


      4. Delphi

        Lmao yeah that's what I thought of too

    83. qwonturtle.85

      Bruh I slept through the stream thank God for notifications

    84. Kaida Graal

      Okay this is like my 5th comment on this video but I can’t help it. Just the click’s Minecraft playing is cursed..

      1. Kaida Graal

        @General Cheese Not you again D:::::

      2. General Cheese


      3. Natalie P

        I died with 5 diamonds cos the wanted to swim in lava

    85. Kaida Graal

      I heard lava to my right- *starts digging to the right* Do you want to die?!

    86. Kaida Graal

      The click playing by himself 😓

      1. Kaida Graal

        @TheSander No, it just reminded me of myself.

      2. TheSander

        Is there something wrong with playing alone?

    87. SuperNova999

      why did I expect him dying in the first 10 minutes?

    88. Kaida Graal

      There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the click play Minecraft.

      1. Kaida Graal

        @General Cheese You are scary. You found all my comments.

      2. General Cheese


    89. applebunny knight

      i missed the stream due to sleep cuz i was tired

    90. Lefty 389

      Someone blocked me on live chat and I don't know how I wasn't even talking on live chat

      1. Lefty 389

        I have a HUgets channel Lefty 389

      2. Ice Bane

        It was a members only chat

    91. Fabiana Diel

      Warning : this is where all the timestamps for where the clips I'd normally do are gonna go. As soon as i feel like doing that. All the love from your favourite clipper (?

      1. Sharon oddlyenough


      2. Thicc Kiwito

        @Fabiana Diel thx dude, or girl

      3. General Ascona

        @Fabiana Diel

      4. Fabiana Diel

        Here it is, the complete -not- clip list. Enjoy

      5. Fabiana Diel

        That's so sweet of yo u

    92. witchheart _


    93. RedSparkGames

      I missed half of the stream due to school but I'm glad I was able to catch it before it ended. It was great

      1. RedSparkGames

        @Boonana Boi It was streamed on HUgets but same. Though I do have Twitch I just don't use it since they moved mods to the Curse app

      2. Boonana Boi

        I’m watching this on yt bc I don’t have twitch

      3. Doggan Doggo

        Man I watched it the entire time during school

      4. Enby! At The Disco


    94. Diamond Voiceboi

      Confirmed by the man himself. The click has a box of nerds.

      1. Diamond Voiceboi

        @General Cheese I SHAAAALLL

      2. General Cheese


    95. El admin supremo

      dude you are great PD:your moustache is very cool

    96. Ender Flame


      1. Kaja Petersen

        S H U T

      2. Mayffel


      3. Steven Snell

        *s h u t*

      4. Diamond Voiceboi