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    1. DefaultFlame

      14:09 Those were some pretty young Nazi scientists if they also worked on Playstation and Xbox. Not an impossible feat, but pretty damn young. Edit: *Puts on red tie to match the Click* Maybe Satan will mistake me for Clickey Wickey and put me in charge instead?

    2. Potato the Furry OwO

      Me who wants to meet these people irl to tell them there fucking idiots-


      lol i'm watching while playing tetris Also, I'm a proud Terrarist

    4. V2LI

      i downvoted every post at the subreddit

    5. kawaii Artist

      UwU owo OwO uwu Owu Uwo uWu oWo Owo oWO uWu uWU owO UWu

    6. Das YouTube Klohäuschen

      Is this satire? Please tell me it is. _please_ Edit: ok I think it is satire

    7. fuyuhiko kuzuryu


    8. Nellie Nunya-Bidness

      7:29 i felt that one down deep, too.

    9. Cl4p-tp

      6:45 fucking spawn killer

    10. Wither rose Leaf

      Did..did the mouse in the begging yeet itsself??

    11. TheEpicMini

      2:20 lemme just say all of Albert's thumbnails are priceless 😔👌

    12. Aren Tosko

      Terraria bosses singing intensifies

    13. Indranil Bose

      Minecraft more like Mein Kampf

    14. Amandog 44

      I hate the saying gamers are serial killer because I will not be compared to such low lifes gamers

    15. Coastal_ Breeze

      What does Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and The click have in common?............ They all have excellent acting/voice acting skills and weird personalities. 😜

    16. Lucan Dale

      I’m watching this while playing a video game

    17. Langit Anselmo C.

      my parents are not like the ppl from r/banvideogames, they said that video games were good for me

    18. Amy


    19. Amy

      Video gays

    20. Amy

      Im against gamers......... against gamers in bed LMAO jk im a virgin

    21. Wilderbeast

      r/InternetElves We are Anti-Troll, so we're Anti-BVG. Down with the *********.

    22. WeirdFlex

      I know this is a joke but I know these people actually exist and I want to cleanse the world of them

    23. Jason Italiano

      Is the word "game" is punished by the HUgets algorithm?

    24. Xamn

      2:18 You should see more of Flamingo's thumbnails, most of his thumbnails are just kinda cursed-

    25. Jack Steven

      138 dislikes are people who couldn't tell it's satire

    26. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ.ɪᴠʏ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs

      what if ur name was the snap instead of the click

    27. pupp the danger noodle

      As a terraria veteran[ish-] the plantera being the "devil" thing offends me by a ton.

    28. NhWd 10

      this entrie time i was playing minecraft

    29. Joseph Onorato

      I got slightly annoyed by the iron cross one, its not a symbol of the axis, its a medal that shoes valor and honor created in prussia and used by germany since a long time. if you make a meme, make it historically accurate. Edit 1: the plane was not called the full screen bomber. Its a Focke-Wulf FW 190 fighter plane. COmmonly referred to as the butcher bird. It was fast, agile, dirable. Armed with 4x20mm cannons and 2x7.92mm machine guns.

    30. Samantha O'Brien

      more videos... MORE BHWHAHAHAHAHA

    31. Draconic Films - GoneDragon

      I as a legal child am fine with adults buying a ps5. So long as you aren't buying 13 ps5s and then reselling them for triple the price

    32. ghostfunk1

      Markiplier asmr

    33. [coolkid]

      10:16 what is the roblox game called? I can't find it.

    34. CUBE WOLF


    35. United States of America

      5:51 _im a _*_what_*

    36. Oliver Raistrick

      guys I'm being followed the sub is satire I don't have much time tell my wife she doesn't exist

    37. KishMcGish

      they are the physical embodiment of the people infront of RWS on monday

    38. Wolvie

      The click: "cyan sus" Also click: *is looking at white* You poor colorblind bean You still the best tho

    39. Ocel

      Gamer is censored ? I will not watch this video, anoying.

      1. Totally a Human

        G@mer is a slur

    40. Zany Raccoon

      Why is the word 'game' censored? It made the video too obnoxious to continue watching after the first couple minutes.

    41. Lone Wolf

      2:56 . . . *Laughs in pegan*

    42. •WølfieGirl•

      Why are you censoring the word 'games'??

    43. Zephry Wilson

      Why is game censored

    44. Christian Den drijver

      G a m e r s

    45. Rayquaza

      If I ever get into this subreddit,I will spam the word gamer and I will never stop

    46. Reboot

      Hey click the one about helping or hurting the grandmother he is actually decently funny

    47. Chex The Royal Bastard

      “I came out of the closet just to get into a new one” *me coming out as bi then being confused about my gender and not explaining I might be non-binary* bro sammmeeee ;-;

    48. saurophaganax maximus

      hol up did that say MHW as in Monster Hunter World

    49. Samuel Bittner

      4:35 @4:35 he says a bad word

    50. LemonMoon

      3:47 is- finnster??

    51. Ecktor

      “Minecraft, more like _meine Kraft!”_ 😂

      1. Totally a Human


    52. Ecktor

      4:02 Demonetized

    53. Worst Jungler Na

      I can agree with League taking your sanity.

    54. fluffy wolf uwu uwu

      My life is made from gaming coming from a girl if it wasn't for gaming .............I would have a girlfriend and not stay up till 5am in the morning

    55. Mr.Redpanda

      killing ppl and skinning them = collecting gloves in csgo

    56. Purple Power

      2:23 Flamingo!!!!

    57. Kelly Spelar

      2:26 Omg, is that Flam-in-go? YES QUEEN!

    58. Spartan Goku

      Why can’t he say game? This is getting ridiculous.

    59. Pedro Carvalho da Rocha

      1:22 mein craft

    60. Forty e

      The words M*necraft and Hitler bother have letters. Coincidence I THINK NOT

      1. Totally a Human

        Convincing argument

    61. Just Some Guy Without a Life

      3:21 Gamers who have played Assassin's Creed 2:

    62. crinaizer

      2:23 flamingo im subscribed to him

    63. Bean Moose

      For the people who actually believe this, it’s a satire, it’s fake

    64. Ya Mexican Boy

      Didn't know the media had a subreddit of their own

    65. HatKidSoldTheirSoul

      Wait hold on. Did I miss something? Why is game censored?

    66. Boiler One

      Why is it divintendo and not Sintendo

    67. Boiler One

      I feel like supporting gamestop too much might actually legitimately crash the game market somewhere along the line

    68. Boiler One

      My absolute favorite part about this subreddit is how the satirical trolls took the name so it cant be used by any actual game haters

    69. Shadow Major 66

      How is LoL above Skyrim?

    70. GAmUr 69mLg nO HacX jSt gUd

      Why is game censored?

      1. Totally a Human

        Because it's one of the subreddits Jokes

    71. Andy gray

      "Read your bible!" Non-christian redditors: **visible confusion**

    72. Jonttuz TV

      9:18 it is disgüstäng

    73. Combat Engeeneir

      10:44 not a nazi symbol just a general german militart symbol before ww2. It apperentally begun with Prussia. also at 11:52 that is the Balkenkreuz which was introduced during the first world war.

    74. Cammy Quinn

      The hell is games/gamers/gaming censored-

    75. •tristam bec•


    76. James Rodriguez

      I mean..hes not wrong. Except Ed Gein collected real life skins

    77. Sammie Bonbon

      Poor Flamingo XD

    78. Von Flooferton

      do people who fall for r/banvideogames count as submissions for r/atetheonion or nah

    79. Vaultboy 111

      Why is game centered?

      1. Totally a Human

        It's a slur

      2. Trixxy* Raven-

        G*me* Gotta protect the children

    80. soup can

      Pls Ban r/BanVideoGames

      1. Totally a Human

        go to r/banbanvideogames or r/banvideogameshate

      2. Trixxy* Raven-

        Wait do you think we’re actually being serious?

    81. Glaive B

      3:08 idk, i just got excited when i saw monster hunter world here.

    82. Idiot Gaming

      I'm already scared

    83. ꧁Nekochu Gaming꧂

      Hey moms 😊 i recently found out that my daughter hacked into my phone and changed my username to G*MING! 🤬 She also says she’s Bye-sexual which sounds like a weird cult. 😣 We should pray for her and vote trump because he will get rid of bye-sexuals🤣🤣🤣 Update: My daughter got measles😭😭😭😭 Those videog*mes and v*ccines must have CORRUPTED HER! 😰😓 Make sure to send me inspirational minion quotes and pray for her🙏 Made with love, Karen😇

      1. Trixxy* Raven-

        I’ll pray for you and your daughter. I hope she realizes what she’s done and apologizes for all her mistakes 😔

    84. Jonathan Kruger

      Uncel Clicky is back in the closet UwU

    85. •Mouse •

      N i c e

    86. Amelie Warneck

      I feel like he should make a video where he burns a bible for fun. I mean, I want to burn one for fun lol Also this is literally a joke don't get offended.

      1. Amelie Warneck

        @Tai Bannister whatever literally everyone on the earth is cringy in some way

      2. Tai Bannister

        @Amelie Warneck cringe

      3. Amelie Warneck

        @Tai Bannister lol hey wait I am edgy- huh. okay but really I thought that was funny (your reply btw)

      4. Tai Bannister

        edgy atheism

    87. shaggy doo

      Half of these are not serious but I found the serious ones so sad because how can you have iq in the negatives

      1. shaggy doo

        @Totally a Human its a combination of "Haha how can someone be so dumb. Its hilarious." and "wow there are people this dumb. We are all going to die from stupidity."

      2. Totally a Human

        No the "serious" ones are just the funnier ones

    88. l1ttle_Optic

      Lets bring The click to 80mil subs and then make him a politican, he is gonna be the president of the world lmao NYAAAAAA

    89. Parzival Plays

      I heard smash Bros was a smash hit. It really hits you outta nowhere. Total surprise.

    90. Samantha Messerer

      Me: *Enjoying some good ol' cursed click* Video: *shows flamingo* Me: *confused wheezing*

    91. Mouse Brown

      video g*mes murdered my family and burned down my crops

    92. Andrew BoIkO

      They way he said "mInEcRaFt" 😩🥵

    93. analog horror reviews

      Anti gamers are stupid because when films were made people didn’t understand it so the protested it

      1. Trixxy* Raven-

        G*mers* No cursing here Smh

    94. CringeRobloxPlayer


    95. CringeRobloxPlayer

      karen lol

    96. 7.62x54mmR Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova

      4:48 *laughs in britain*

    97. オーエン·ピーターPeter

      "New closet", Just another toilet.

    98. Hendrik Enno

      In case you didn't know the subreddit is a joke

    99. AndrewMp4

      this is one of my favorite subs lol

    100. Toast Toast

      If minecraft was like hitler then it would be OURcraft