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    1. Berdan Sarıgöl

      1:42 it's Miniscule Titan

    2. Trinity Gardener

      Mute people be like:.....

    3. Artist

      2:27 checkmate boomers, we made it gay

    4. Nordic Hope

      10:40 Fun fact: Since OP is counting dwarf planets, there's actually 14 planets. Besides Pluto there's four other dwarf planets they're named Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.

    5. Emma Farrell

      Can someone please explain the "map show" thing? Or do I even want to know what it is?

    6. the random show

      Blood is bone juice

    7. Kcaz The Gamer

      I'm sad that I imagined a person in a furry suit borking at a bear and the bear bring him a deer bone...

    8. OlafttheGreat1998

      This is the best thumbnail in the history of HUgets.

    9. LilThreat88

      How does this have 100 dislikes!?

    10. Jonathan Vance

      15:35 lol, what next a punk scientist getting thrown out of an Opera for attempting to start a mosh pit?

    11. Purple_Chalk

      When I first started watching the click I was just like “this guy is just off brand pewdiepie”

    12. Francesca Patti

      "There is no gender, only chaos" is 100% part of the Sith Code and you cannot change my mind.

    13. wolfdiabolique

      That meat suit tickles *me* in a weird way, oh yeeeeaaah.

    14. Toru the Red Fox

      2:48 translating that back into Polish doesn't make it have any more sense than it does in English

    15. Pearl Spaced Out

      10:17 DONT POP THE ROCKS!!

    16. Cyberreeper

      3:26 click we really need to talk do you really think you’ll be able to have children or grandchildren or any type of children? that’s right now, you and your mustache have a nice day

    17. F i r e H o s e

      Me at 10:17: *I h a v e b e e n s u m m o n e d .* *Socks, crocks, and Glocks are my thing!* >:3

    18. Quip Mip

      7:30 i can't be the only one who thought this was the other kind of furry son

    19. javiar camaro


    20. [Insert Name Here]

      Why did I get a Korean ad while watching this?

    21. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ.ɪᴠʏ_ᴇᴅɪᴛs

      what if ur name was the snap instead of the click

    22. masonicwolfvtf

      The species of tarantulas that keep frogs is Xenesthis immanis

    23. DiamondNose

      here's a new sentence for you: [my real name] just got laid.

    24. Guest

      if u learned something subscrobe and if u didn't subscrobe me: uhhhhHHHHhh okk???

    25. animator blueberry sans

      everything good starts with S including SHITE

    26. infernal 216

      I want to raw dog vision bit it gives me a headache

    27. ray shirogane


    28. Dumpster The Fire

      When it said “my furry son” (7:30) I thought it meant a boy that has a fursona, until I saw the picture of the dog

    29. The Great Lord Derptah

      8:36 "Crocodiles have been around longer than most animals" The sharks and jellyfish who have been around since evolution began: Am I a joke to you?

    30. Ass Hat

      What is the "map show" ?

    31. Leviathan The Serpent

      Please wear masks if you can :)

    32. P O G C H A M P

      3:17 "DEATHBLADE" when you said that i instantly thought of techonblade, and sounded like him too

    33. Not Lord Gols

      9:28 this is why we don't invade you

    34. DoctorNicolasGames

      So, about that Pluto thing: If Pluto qualifies as a planet, so do over 60 more trans-neptunian objects. BUT according to some astrophysicist, there has to be a 9th planet, because otherwise the ways the planets move are wrong

    35. Samantha Kittle

      Was very surprised by how many of these Ive already seen before

    36. Vargrol

      "All artists are guilty of the horny." Haven't drawn horny yet, so I guess that just means I eventually will.

    37. 私愛

      7:10 I lick my lips in pure delight as I view the package I so desired since birth, the "Human Meat" of my beloved One Topic was craving to be pulled out of its box. I chuckled once before ripping into it with my feminine, yet, strong hands. Oh how beautiful it looked laying there, waiting for me to grill and tear into the meat with my teeth, I drooled at the sight and carefully walked outside to my porch with the meat in my hands. "The snow sure looks dandy fine-a-licious today, doesn't it my beloved Click?~~" I sit on the chair in front of the grill and turn it on, slapping the artificial meat onto the grill with a loud *PLAP~*, a few of the birds began to croak in fear from the sudden slapping of meat. I licked my lips as it instantly began to grill "Soon my darling, veeeeeery soon~". I pull out a picture of the Clicks mustache and almost moan in delight before I smell something. "Oh goodness! I almost burnt you dear!" I flip him over and chuckle "Its almost time my love." soon, the meat was fully cooked, It was a wonderful sight, how the ketchup formed a heart on the Clicks meat, the decoration made it really pop, ooooh~ a wonderful sight indeed~. I dug into it instantly, the ketchup was all over my face and I felt amazing, I wanted more! MORE! Once I was finally finished I drooled in delight. "More, I want MORE!". I began to go onto my Ifruit and stared at the tracking app in pure lust and rage, I soon found the address and drove over in a panic, I broke the windows and hopped in, making sure not to cause a fuss, I crept into the room and viewed my beloved Click and took him as he slept soundly, but soon he woke up. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" he began to scream, luckily I had some chloroform in my passenger seat, I quickly shut him up and took him home to my kitchen as I stabbed him and began to gut him out, luckily it didn't hurt at all for him. (Part two soon sexys ;3)

    38. No U NOOB

      2:57 wait is this not normal I did this all the time elementary school

    39. Himiko Toga

      {to my fello MHA fans} 1:42 Mirio when Izuku took out the trash

    40. Super_Panda_ BS

      Prohibition: pro-huh-bish-on or pro-hih-bih-shun Thesaurus: thi-sore-us or thee-soar-us You’re welcome 😉

    41. Ketaminepizzaghost

      Why the grinch

    42. Rylan Bailie

      Everyone comment “slamdunking the buttfucking brains out of everything” lmaooo

    43. Dragonemperess

      ... Did anyone else get a Magic Sex Gun ad? HUgets? What?

    44. Josef Custer

      VIVA LA PLUTO!!!!!!

    45. Jeremy O

      So I'm not up on pop culture, what is the "map show" supposed to refer to?

    46. serenity Molina

      Who else loves the outro song

      1. cos im up right now


    47. Kacper Dadoś

      0:46 why use so many words to describe it just call it hot grinch sauce.

    48. DisQord Doge

      Disliked for C0VID propaganda.

    49. another kokichi ouma

      U HEARD him right. Sexy grinch hot sauce.

    50. Asher Lewis

      There are more than 9 planets in the universe you limp mushroom

    51. Leonardo Vigilato de Morais

      13:23 cet phroeg

    52. Kaiyotee

      8:12 can confirm

    53. Kaiyotee

      7:37 my parents when I find out what commission streams are

    54. Da Malec


    55. Han1


    56. Kathy Weaver

      Your eyes

    57. BoxofMadness

      There was one guy who commented.... one topic at a time

    58. Chaste Thompson

      11:03 you dip the fries in the shake. Its the forbidden condiment.

    59. F L

      there is a 9th planet. not pluto. and outside of our visible range. but scientists have found out through calculations of the orbits of the planets arround the sun that there is in fact an object with about 3 to 4 times the mass of the earth somewhere far behind neptune. alternative it could also be a black hole of the size of a hamburger. Fascinating, if you ask me. Its currently named planet 9

    60. Blueberry.plague.doctor


    61. Lucas Pullman

      4:55 Did I just hear... 😳

    62. KioGreen


    63. Free use things

      I've been to the concert hall in the last post!

    64. Captain Buzz

      Uh b

    65. Princess Kana

      Yoh-sem-it-ee UwU

    66. 【sleeping egg】

      I am... truly a corrupted product of this channel at this point. When that tweet said _"furry son"_ , until the pictures of the dog were revealed, I genuinely thought this father was commenting on how his _furry_ human son's job is to bark at bears. And that he accepts bribes from them. I lost my shit after I realized what he actually meant

    67. King Donut

      I swear the birds didn’t steal your Chevy it was Barrack Obama!

      1. King Donut

        You are welcome for this sentence

    68. Yellow Sponge Cake

      Psst disclaimer......

    69. help i'm stuck in whatever google service this is

      whole new meaning to sauce from that thumbnail

    70. Gangsta Penguin

      Pakos is a word I thought was real but turns out it wasn't. I used it as a substitute for shit every now and then. But only when shit is used in a sentence. Not just shit on its own

    71. Jesse Wiggins

      Sharks have actually existed longer than crocodiles. Sharks even predate Saturn's rings by almost 400 million years

    72. Pancake Misero

      13:31 Virgil and Patton

    73. Yonael

      FINALLY A HUgetsR THAT SAID WURST-KASE CORRECTLY! God bless the swedes!

    74. Jonas

      The beard is still strange to get used too

    75. Cookie Bookie

      Click looked so disturbed at the Texas butthole tickling bandit 9:24

    76. Rebekah Remy Rowan

      "All artists are guilty of the horny/naughty" Yea that's basically true. I'm also an artist btw

    77. Redtail Plays

      Jon is pronounced "John" not "Yawn"

    78. Dominik Stateczny [Diamentus]

      0:48 Again? AGAIN?

    79. Be3n

      The click probably hasn’t gone outside and heard his own name in ages. Doctor: “Hello *insert name*” *silence* Click: “oh wait that’s me.”

      1. anti simp

        Is brea liom ish bien

    80. Blue Headshot

      Thumbnail: *exists* Me: *stumbles back and falls down the stairs*

    81. Normal Me

      The Grinch. Is now trans! :D Click Im the only one that laughs at you're jokes. You're welcome

    82. Ciel Phantomhive

      “So if you devour them it’s vegenism” -the click

    83. Thomas Anderson

      only newbs call it a "meat suit" true masters pilot their "flesh mechs." No, I'm not sorry.

    84. Echo Dragon

      We all grow learned-er

    85. Echo Dragon

      Plaz soobscribe

    86. randomfangirl sio

      6:22 thank god I'm not the only one who struggles saying this

    87. Administrator SuperUser

      7:47 I immediately thought "Protogen? Is that what your talking about? :3"

    88. mad honeybee

      With meat without murder, you could eat your favorite Person or meat, they just need a cell donation then off to the grow labs... Easy~Peazy...=) peace ps so sorry, but Yosemite sounds like 'You-sim-a-tea' & not 'You-so-might". It is like the cartoon guy, "Yosemite Sam" with the big mustache & six-shooters going after Bugs Bunny? thanks, and again I am so sorry, but that is like fingernails on a chalkboard...

    89. ultimateninjaboi

      Ok, but to be fair, the Pilgrims were fucking hyper-Puritans. Most things with any degree of interest or excitement would kill them

    90. Wildwindmare

      Cool fact: crocodiles dye from diseases if there were no diseases crocodiles would live forever.

    91. Mariner The Managarmr

      Doctor Robotnik

    92. Sam I am

      7:31 my dumb ass really thought he was talking about his human child who was a furry. like glad you’re embracing his hobbies but god..

    93. Koopa Troopa

      every start be like: *YÆÆÆÆÆÆ*

    94. Arlo The Apple

      0:40 me: i-it’s all furrys Veteran fan: always has been

    95. Dreamer73

      ...me and my mom just watched the 1977 animated lord of the rings...I feel called out...

    96. Toby noname


    97. Cadence Underfield

      Just saw the first person get the vaccine in a video today! Rona free 2021? Here's hoping!

    98. NekoChanSenpai

      Me, imagining a kid in a fursuit bartering garbage for bones

    99. Minibotnicke


    100. Arstotzkan Plague Doctor

      `ˆ `