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    1. Looth Hussein Fazeel

      Good mobile games nowadays take up so much space

    2. Moonlit_Sky2712

      2:56 oh god I’m having flashbacks *h e y g i r l i e*

    3. Jack Schatzle

      I have seen a add for a beanie and it was AND THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID “ GuyS yOu nEEd to BuY ThIS BEanIe RiGHt NoW bEcAusE iT pROtEcTs aGEnST 5G aNd 4G radiation” like what the f

    4. Your WallFlower

      3:32 hold up wait a minute, wat is dat?

    5. Schnee Queen

      Know what? Summoners Greed just earned my download and $10 with that

    6. Swoofix

      why did episode sexualise the bible jut whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    7. A Very Disappointed Red Engineer

      in my opinion the worst ones are the one where it's like medieval times, your character walks past a woman and you get options of "force her into marriage" and "lock her in your sex dungeon".

    8. somebody

      ad: What animal are yo- The Click: Your momma ooooooooooooooooooooooo

    9. Shovel

      I miss the old ads... because they were actually good

    10. Danieldrivers 60

      Did you ever play dark nebula it was the best iOS game

    11. Star星

      13:41 hey it’s 🎷guy!

    12. History Lessons

      Best way to see if a game is like the ad look on Google play they can't lie in the little showcase pictures.

    13. Aaron Mac

      You've heard of Noah get the boat and Noah get the nuke but now it's Noah get the eye bleach

    14. king Leonidas

      Click looks like a person that thinks being a pedophile a sexual orientation

    15. Martin Havlíček

      14:38 as soon as I saw "SKIP AD" I went to click on it XD

    16. Kryštof Karda

      9:35 the video they want to watch Is a masterpiece

    17. Xx Grey the Fluff xX

      who would even believe those stupid "win REAL money!" ads like you see the first one and you obviously know it is a scam

    18. Totally Random Things

      Just play Fruit Ninja like me I'm still pissed about Lego City My City 😔

    19. PumpkinFloats

      There used to be a good mobile game before it was deleted

    20. Crazy Arceus

      i got a shitty game ad while waiting for this video

    21. Dr. Heinz doofenshmirtz

      the 3 worse types of mobile game ads 1. literaly fake ads (common) 2. he**ai ads (extremely common) 3. the "I cant reach " (somewhat common)

    22. Anya Brattley

      I used to do the flightmode trick on some mobile games but they've started to become wise to it, some have the ads d o w n l o a d e d inside.

    23. Anthony Tisol

      2:42 my favorite line in the entire vid

    24. _Russia_

      3:32 is when I noticed what is in the background 😳👌

    25. Mr. Fluffles

      6:29 Tf you talking about battle cats is a actual good energy to play game

    26. Austin Murray

      "Zzzwooooossshh" is my new favorite word

    27. Anne Turner

      This guy: We're going to have dinner tonight. You're going to be the dish Add: mMmM ChUnKy sOuP Me: nO

    28. Alex Piatt

      Imagine making a game so bad you cant even advertise the game and instead have to lie about gameplay

    29. -insert random name here -

      Before I watched this I got an ad for “bad bad baddies”. A mix of opposite and contradictory emotions overwhelm me.

    30. Fr_g

      This video is sponsored by *RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*

      1. Fr_g

        Edit I hate that game I'm never playing it

    31. f bell

      ah yes, retard is a slur now smh

    32. No

      Literally anyone: What gender are you? Mobile game ad: L E S B I A N

    33. oofplays oof

      For the ad in the thumbnail it leads to questionable adult stuff

    34. DiversityProductions

      kiss the click?

    35. lilcheeto

      Genshin Inpact and Epic Seven watching all the mobile games and ads: *pathetic*

    36. Warwright

      I got a terrible fort it’s add at the end

    37. Ninte Heinen

      'Go into flight mode' actually sounds like The Click went going on a flight and going up XD

    38. LoudSonicBug

      when you see bad mobile ads while watching this video

    39. Bill Izcool

      Play worldbox it will restore your faith in mobile games.

    40. Microwave cucumber

      That ad in the thumbnail I get constantly! I keep reporting it and wish to stop seeing it because it makes me feel uncomfortable, IT STILL APPEARS!

    41. Johan Liebert

      I hate the softcore degradation porn ads

    42. TheSpaceDragon

      Turkey people coming to raid the company who made Clash of Civilations ad

    43. ptb1ptb2

      Plot twist: He has kidnapped your baby from their mother, and just happens to have an enormous beergut.

    44. Nekozama

      12:11 i kinda feel bad for that game...

    45. Redux Omega

      the click more like the moustache 😳

    46. Sir Shark


    47. • Høney Milk •

      Fr tho the amount of fake adds I believed when I was little is sad-

    48. Doio


    49. Bill Cipher

      Your Swedish voice is so asmr-like.

    50. light night


    51. Astral Gaming

      9:22 i see whoever got this ad is a *man of culture*

    52. Conlon

      I can't believe that last ad... so ridiculously and hilariously inaccurate and confusing.... like what?

    53. Conlon

      7:49 Particles? Ok sure... that works too I guess………..?

    54. PurpleAmharicCoffee

      0:37 I live in the hidden ultra-secret level of New Zealand. Also secret are Madagascar and the Mediterranean Sea.

    55. Godmode Extreme

      These ads be like: PINK design is my passion.

    56. TheAnimeNewb YT

      Clash of Civilization Ads... Except America has all the oil-wealthy nations... Canada is Canada... And Germany has the area of the nations occupied by the Axis powers.

    57. Luna Cat

      Hello I'm pansexual gender!

    58. Minecrafter_Vizu UwU

      Monument Valley: I've never done that before. Dancing line: I bet I have--

    59. TigerRod

      The person who saw the secret site ad was waiting to see Texas Golden Wind. A person of culture.

    60. TigerRod

      I got a shitty mobile game ad in the middle of the vid and got confused as to why Click suddenly stopped narrating.

    61. Shu'ulathoi

      Ah yes Turkey, Yemen, Albania, Greece, Italy, Germany etc.. are in America (the Continent i mean) 13:04

    62. Depressiobox

      Am i the only one who closes ads on the first try by sniping the x?

    63. Price Tag

      I love sumooner's greed its such a cute little tower defense

    64. Lily Hendrix

      Did anyone else think of leorio at 3:23.. cuz I sure did lmao

    65. The room where it happened


    66. 【twilight time】

      fun fact bout the survival ad. brown coconut milk acts as a natural laxative...

    67. Hiyoko_Drawings

      what you said at 9:07 reminded me at "case 00: the cannibal boy" and I was like holy frick Grete, Hans, mc pLEASE NO

    68. Catra Applesauce Meowmeow

      Once I saw an ad that said “Only 1% can score 50 points” So, I downloaded the app, and got 50 points on my first try. *am I the 1%?*

    69. Nex! Sonic

      Did anyone else get terrible mobile game ad on this video?

    70. UselessShrub

      *T H E 😩*

    71. Mrcognito

      1:26 I already had a headache 3 hours ago, now it's worse.

    72. Fawnlingplays

      Thank god those gardenscapes ads are gone. They were all "Pull the pin!" and "Make the right choice!" when it's a match-three pay-to-win puzzle game about making a garden.

    73. Gid the hedgehog

      I keep getting the ad in the thumbnail, even though 0% of the content I watch is anywhere close to adult like

    74. Lovelyzz

      While watching this I got an ad for "future baby generator"

    75. Young Bob

      GUYS infinity games makes some good mobile games Some you have to pay for by there like £1 There very cheap I recommend Not spon there just good Search them on Google play store

    76. Young Bob

      I believe this is the reason I'm gay

    77. dimandqueen

      we need the click to do an episode in a fur suit

    78. starshinee10

      When you can’t get past pink colour 😔😔😔😔

    79. StarchBoi

      I get it but I read the thumbnail and it's actually good now STFU before I snap your knees

    80. Damo Anani

      Did anyone say lebanon :)))))

    81. Grimsanity

      I love his "I'm going to tie your damsel to the train track at noon" stache.

    82. TemzFlakes

      The misleading adds are back :u:

    83. B-17E Flying Fortress

      why do i recognize all of these ads?

    84. Understeel 227

      If you’re struggling to find some good mobile games try KingdomRush, bloons td6, Brawl stars, PvZ 1, stick war , the battle cats, Minecraft, and Roblox. I hope this is useful. 👁👄👁

    85. Patti Baldassarre

      * Color bilnd memes * The Click : ?- His fans who aren't color blind : H A H A H A H A A H A H A H A H H A H A H A H A A H A H A H A H A A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A H A A H A H A H A H H A H A H A H A That was so hard to make- ;u;

    86. Christopher Micheal Yates


    87. Kippz The Mudkip

      has anybody got the 3-D VR hayday ad

    88. Le Roi Des Doux

      9:36 The vidéo displayed on bottom right corner is a pure masterpiece

    89. The Mangle

      Ah, yea. The genders. Male, female, non-binary, and lesbian.

    90. 陳冠維

      I kinda see what the real break down would be like

    91. SpookyJelly

      To all the germans in the comment section, do you also hear "woah Digga I'm ripped!" at 2:34 ?

    92. Renai Circular Motion

      Game: has so many ads Me: *turns off wifi* Game: You cant play this game without wifi.

    93. jesse robertson


    94. SomeAxolotlPerson

      👌 Hey 🐨 girlie 🔕 hold 😦 still 🚑

    95. ERICBOOM


    96. Megan Spoon

      7:32 I did this with with a game called “Fill” (which definitely doesn’t need wifi cus it’s a puzzle game) and it won’t allow u to play without a connection 😤

    97. Luna Wolfheart

      Ah yes my gender is lesbian

    98. Your Friend Ollie

      3:00 I've been watching the click for so long I forgot that men couldn't get pregnant... NO JOKE

    99. Carryn Welde

      I will be the dish. 0 w 0

    100. Lily

      5:39 I swore I just saw Matpat Are my eyes trying to destroy my intelligence?