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  1. xX RainbowM00n Xx

    10:22 "I'm sorry, I- tried to breathe slime"

  2. esey michael

    humans are like watermelons because there very

  3. -b r ø k e n v i b e s-

    8:55 I used to watch gitu gacha, and I thought that her videos were good back then. Now I look back on them and just think: ' I snorted tea, no joke ' . I'm not hating, I just think that it's pretty unrealistic that every "alpha" is a p🍉rvert, I think they'd be protecting people with their "super-uwu-life-changing-demon-wolf-rawr-teleportation-assassiation-immunity-to-law" powers.

  4. MyLifeIsAFrickingMess s


  5. Waste of oxygen

    Since youtube insta deleted my post for too many bad words, I have to rephrase: I have to live with 2 "people" like that, both my parents, for 30 years now, 7 of that with clinical depression and 1 "self-goodbye" attempt. Now, because they were "smarter than anyone else" their entire life, their health has deteriorated to a point when I have to legally take care of them. Probably for the rest of their lives. I have no one else but me and every day I just want to let go and leave them rot but then I would go to prison. Life is fun and hopefully short.

  6. Creepblox5

    "GIRLS CANT LIKE GIRLS" the L from lgtbq disapears* Gtpq

  7. HantaSero Simp

    Ah yes the gacha strip club documentary I watched that actual video when I was 9 and I think the girl off stage was actually poor or something and she was good at dancing

  8. Ancsika

    Im a girl and I dont wear skirts. So now i am a boy? I hope not.. (dont get it too seriously)

  9. Hi Sisters

    When the imposter is sus! 😳

  10. Dragonriderabens

    4:15 surprised pikachu face Also, who is Simba in the context of this video?

  11. Milooo

    'if you're born in June you need to be gay' Me, who was born in June and is gay: :000

  12. Scyon Barker

    I'll name my first child Bubonic

  13. Chris Afton

    15:20 Just saying: The guy on the left is 15 and the other one 18, but the girl changed the name of series after becouse she got a lot of hate 'couse it sounded weird

  14. M Shaqed

    "If you do the same thing with Starbucks and Covid" Me, who lives in a country with Corona and without Starbucks: Are you sure about that?

  15. Ashley Kemnitz


  16. KIDchannel23

    My mother and I barely ever get along. Read this if you want, it’s pretty long.. To the point I wanna go back to Canada where my father’s family is. My father and I get along (we’ve had about 3 difficulties in my entire life that lasted about 2-3 minutes) but we barely talk to each other even though his room is juste down-stairs in the family house. My cousins are really toxic and treat me like shit, I dont know if it’s because they’re jealous that I’ve been To way more places then they have, if they’re just disgusted by me for God knows what or because I’m different. My aunt has a son and when something happens to him, and at least two people were watching him (with me included) it’s my fault because I was the one playing with him or just because it’s me. They won’t even listen to me. My uncle’s are great. Just amazing. And one of them is in a hard place with his family and he’s the one I call *bro.* I just want to be there for him even though he’s mostly in the town next to where we live, about 2 hours away. Yes, my mother still says she loves me, but when I say something she doesn’t agree with, for example when I said that what she told me was mean, she said; “No, S, it wasn’t” And I just told her: “Maybe not for you but it hurt my feelings-“ My mother: *NO S IT WASN’T MEAN NOW HANG THE LAUNDRY* I love my mother, she’s going through difficulties, but if I ever had to choose between my mother and my father, it’ll be Dad.

  17. Burrito Cat

    The fact that now anti maskers are KILLING people, these idiots are winning, DONT LET THEM WIN

  18. Tucker Chavez

    Clicky kitty:(gives regular click head pats) Click:(insert his response here)

  19. Tsukasa Yugi

    4:52 There's always room for Killing Stalking memes

  20. GGchips

    Click: the only more beautiful thing is you Me: thanks im on the toilet :)

  21. Hydraulic Press Boi Ouma

    I'm so happy that my mum listens to me no matter what-

  22. • T o f f i e •

    4:18 ... That's- *That's PopoCHI PoP-*

  23. Josh Herbert

    16:38 literal theft and extortion. She could legit have sent her mom for jail for this.

  24. Crawford Klinner

    I hate the thumbnail so f-ing much

  25. Thesmus

    I Amalone

  26. Cthulhuisgamer

    birth license is an amazing idea keeps unfit parents from having children and would semi solve overpopulation

  27. Gary Hamad

    West, Where Stupidity Exposed Easier

  28. • T o f f i e •

    4:35 WHAT WAS THAT LMAO-😭😂😭😂😭😂

  29. JJBA is cool ig

    I watched beastars when I was 11 i+

  30. quartz the trixabellian trixabelle

    the whinny the pooh one made me tear up 🥺

  31. Benjamin Davis

    Artists: 1. Coyote Club 2. Shreddy Fox 3.

  32. Damm s0n

    O N I O N I N T H E C O R N E R

  33. Mellohai

    gacha is weird --me, a furry, creeped out

    1. Mellohai

      i want to get shanked after watching this :)

  34. Artsy Enby

    I recently found out my parents are somewhat anti-vax and that may be why I got scarlet fever when I was 6

  35. One Topic At A Time

    “Don’t let [that energy] hurt anyone else.” That was a very nice message, Click.

    1. Three Wishes

      The Click is becoming more and more wholesome. *The process works!*

    2. Hazel _

      Funny seeing you here-

  36. epic brainiac

    26 dislikes to 10k likes wtf

  37. Asper pee

    What do you mean that's not how it works? I was straight but I lost a gacha life singing battle so I turned genderfluid

  38. Sarah Kahle

    This video hurts

  39. Mr. Pig

    I saw an ad recently on HUgets that had legit doggy style and a dude getting some.

  40. cudlebear64

    13:17 so for me it’s the exact opposite like I thought my mom was not a good mom and while I do still believe that to some extent I can see that it could be a hole lot worse

  41. Máximo Turczyk Scarpin

    bring back this section plz :(

  42. Rose Belle

    “If You support Gay You must be gay” Ever heard of a Term “Ally”

  43. benjimine franklin

    imagine telling someone to kill thems selves because you don't like their music yea your not like other girls ASHLEY your a fucking psychopath

  44. Fandom Buh

    "You ship the characters, you ship the voice actors!" **people who ship minecraft chest x furnace:** 😳😳😳

  45. Marks_Gacha_Adventures 14

    you can just hear how he is loosing braincells

  46. Šárka Vávrová

    My eyes they burn but I cannot stop watching this video LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😁😐😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. carlos quiroga

    doom in Minecraft

  48. •Hana-Okusama•

    Im a fandom gacha creator but 2:02 😂😭 I get i’m cringe but this is on a whole other level Edit: i watched more of this, how old are these ’heat’ creators I feel so sorry for Luni

  49. Janet

    3:27 that drip tho

  50. Hayden Russell Thomas *

    The OWO and UWU indicates he is a furry.

  51. Thomas linken

    Click you need a girlfriend and have a child and prove your not insane

  52. Dimanari Null

    "you shouldn't cut ties with your family" no can do chief, no can do.

  53. Soviet Rook

    Yo ugh, how'd he take the photo of the pilot though.

  54. Josh Gorosch

    Ah yes, the halcyon days of my father telling me to stop with my crippling OCD because "it's all your head". Good times.

  55. Jan Czarnecki

    Why nose for strings there is one better place to place strings

  56. Ahran

    Wait, I watched this video since it was released multiple times and just now I realized that the thumbnail is Makoto and Kyoko from Danganronpa???????

  57. CURSED _BOIE rawmen

    I want you to eat dorito vertically

  58. cudlebear64

    14:39 there’s a Logan Paul flat earth video I sorta want to watch it to see if he is agreeing or disagreeing it seems the former witch I wouldn’t be surprised I mean this is the guy who showed a dead body on a HUgets video but I also don’t want flat earth videos being in my recommended

  59. MyLifeIsAFrickingMess s

    Alot of ppl me included take family for granted and it just hurts to see that not everyone can take family for granted

  60. Lord_of_redstone

    Click, can you speak more german pls? greets from germany

  61. B-ZAR

    You look like a combination of Morgz and the monopoly man living in the 1800s.

  62. DeadlyDream

    Watching this video made me feel a lot better, mainly your words that cheered me up! (I’m going through life with abusive parents and I relate to those stories too much I cannot wait to move out and never contact my family ever again)

    1. DeadlyDream

      I actually teared up a bit when you talk about how life will get better someday as well

  63. LunaTuna

    I’m so scared of what people make-

  64. A Smol Collection Of Smol Knives

    i cannot express how much i love my mom

  65. Naqib Daik

    Gotta love Covid, Brayden. It's your cute little brother.

  66. Trüffeltroll 666

    Please do r/Hellsome with onetopic

  67. Round Ruby

    "Thomas had never seen such..." And now I got rick rolled by a meme, what a great day! Stay safe everyone!

  68. funnytime foxy lol

    14:16 R stands for rands which i know cause i was born in South Africa

  69. Yook Shan :P

    Why they did uraraka like that 😭

  70. Villain Aizawa Sensei

    I feel bad for the children of these adults (they don't really deserve the title parent). People can be controlling sometimes. Whether it's "You can't buy this because I said no even though you asked us to do jobs around the house to earn money for it and we said you could and saved up birthday money to get it. (Talking about devices and stuff not harmful substances or anything)." To "No you can't have vaccines or proper medicine because my beliefs are more important and no you can't be upset it's just a phase." People who are like this and might be reading this can I just say that believe what you want to but don't allow it to hurt other people. Hate this comment if you want, heck type a long paragraph on how I'm an insensitive B word, It's not any worse than what I have said to myself. I'm not going to say "Oh HeY lOoK iT's A cRaZy PaReNt." If you do as I don't like insulting people I don't know too well as I never know what they are going through. If you have reasons for believing what you believe then I can talk to you about them but you won't change my mind, sometimes it's just good to talk about what you believe in. But heads up to those who hate LGBTQ+ you will be talking to a bisexual girl who has a girlfriend so just a warning XD. I'm here to have fun and figure out why some people are like this. You can ask me why I believe other things as well if you want. Oh and to those who are in LGBTQ+ or are allies then thank you. Everyone is included in the Villain Aizawa Sensei family if you are kind to everyone and respect people. <3

  71. Damm s0n

    Ladys lasses and lassos

  72. Floofy Gargoyle

    12:46 ○////○ BEEP BOP BOOP

  73. ZackTheWolf

    My solution to toxic parents was just running away to a different city and blocking their numbers. Kinda helped

  74. Feral Art Student

    Click: I’m so olddd:/ Also click: **is literally in his 20s**

  75. Sushike

    things i want in the future a test or special lecture for new parents and honestly, parenting license isn't that bad

  76. Fulcrum -11

    Haven't watched this guy in a year because I forgot my former account password, and he's just as godforsaken as I remember. If not thrice.

  77. eggbur

    2:32 excuse me are they literally shipping tommy and tubbo? shipping minors is not fucking normal and what they’re doing is illegal,even if it’s in a game,ffs.

  78. Mason Starnes

    parents like these are why the words patricide and matricide are definable terms.